White Tiger
White Tiger
Portrayed by
Full Name White Tiger
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian



White Tiger is new in the world of heroes and villains. She's seems to be a martial artist who fights on the side of the heroes but there is really nothing concrete known about her. Yet.


The High Evolutionary was skilled at evolving animals into the humanoid version of themselves, elevating their intelligence and skills in the process. Unfortunately, he also sometimes made mistakes. One of those mistakes was the Man-Beast, with telepathic abilities and a penchant for destruction. He got away before the High Evolutionary could deal with him. Needing to remain with his work, he chose to create a hunter to find the Man-Beast for him. A white Bengal tiger was chosen for her strength, cunning and hunting prowess.

She was transformed, giving her the ability to shift between the two forms as well as taking partial forms such as a were-tiger. She was given the ability to resist all forms of telepathy and mind control, a perfect match for her prey. Her education followed, deeply entrenched in martial arts and combat. Then she was sent forth into the world.

White Tiger was ill prepared for the world despite her extensive education and knowledge. While she was an elite predator, things such as pop culture and proper decorum were often lost on her. The difficulties of human emotions within her animalistic instincts created more problems. Yet, she never strayed from her purpose. She has hunted for several months across many cities, her creator there to help when she needed funds to move from place to place. Now she has come to New York City where she follows a cold trail and seeks allies to help with her task.

Character Details

White Tiger is a rather no nonsense person who is trying to do the right thing. Since she isn't a human originally, her personality is more like the animal she is underneath that human form. She is straight forward and often tends to instinct more than thought. Yet, was changed so she has human emotions that confuse her a bit. She will try to do good, as being a person demands and she was taught, but she also has the beast right beneath the surface. She was also taught concepts such as honor while learning martial arts so she follows that path.


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