White Queen
White Queen
Portrayed by
Full Name Emma Grace Frost
Age 30
Height 5'10"
Build Voluptuous
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Hellfire Club, X-Men



Emma Frost is often featured in magazines such as Forbes. She's known as a cut-throat business woman who took a small company and turned it into an International powerhouse. She runs her boardroom with an iron fist and makes no apologies for it.<br><br>In High Society, she was the daughter of the Frosts and thus she has a place at their table by breeding alone. She always carries herself well and keeps herself in the public eye (though she is not untouched by scandal from time to time).<br><Br>To some heroes, she's a villain who has worked with the Hellfire Club in the past. She has done things that have made enemies.<br><br>To the Hellfire Club, she is one to be watched since she has crossed lines by taking a teaching position at Xavier's School, though she retains her spot as White Queen of the Inner Circle. For now.


Emma Frost was born into a life of old money wealth and privilege in Boston, Massachusetts . Her parents were Winston and Hazel Frost. She had siblings, a brother and two sisters. She was only really close to her brother, Christian but lost him at a young age. Even at a young age, she was exposed to a world of use or be used, thanks to her parents. Thus, she was in high school when she first tried to blackmail her father. It ended poorly. She turned her back on the family and went to make her own way in life, despite her youth.

Her powers helped, keeping her alive, helping her get what she wanted. She concentrated on using them and learning everything there was to know, taking advantage so she had food, material goods, a place to sleep where she was safe. Through the use of her gifts, she even went to college where she earned a Master's in Business and another in Psychology. She took these and forged ahead again by creating her own company, Frost Enterprises. In time, it would become Frost International. When her parents died, she was their heir and she used that money to continue securing her place in the world.

She was a member of the Hellfire Club by birthright and she used the place to her advantage. There she would gain information she needed to help her business grow, through social interaction and outright telepathic theft. In time, the Inner Circle became aware of her gifts and she was invited into their fold to teach the next generation of mutants to better serve the Inner Circle. She did, becoming a mentor to the Hellions. Unfortunately, this also put her in a place where she was at odds with some heroes, specifically the X-Men.

Times change though. Many adventures later, tragedy struck. Emma found herself with her students facing an invasion. Her students fell. Emma was left in a coma. When she awoke, her precious students were gone and she was left questioning her place. Though her body was trapped, her mind was able to wander to the astral plane. She could take a place in the bodies of others to allow her a semblance of life. This is when she came to the attention of Charles Xavier once more and he helped her to return to her body where she woke. Then, through his envoy, she was made an offer. Join Xavier's School and continue to teach as she had done, despite their past.

She was reluctant at first but has agreed to give it a try, despite the trepidations some of the other staff members have. She intends to start this semester. Sometimes old wounds take a long time to close though, so it may be a bumpy ride.

Character Details

Emma Frost has very specific faces she presents to the world. She is a strong, powerful, charismatic woman who is able to float through the social scenes with the best of them. She can manipulate and ply others to get what she wants from them. In the business world, she is known to be cutthroat and ruthless, not worried about who she has to walk over to get what she wants. She is a formidable presence in the boardroom and not one to be underestimated with her high intelligence. For those who would pursue her romantically, she is an Ice Queen, one who can be viewed or pursued but never conquered. To try often leads to pain.

Behind all this is a woman who has doubts and fears. She doesn't trust. It is hard to trust when she has seen into the minds of some of the most greedy and selfish in the world. When she has trusted, she's been hurt, physically and emotionally. She isn't going to let herself be hurt anymore an that leads to her being a complete control freak about everything in her life. She won't let others behind her emotional barriers and thus comes off as aloof and standoffish. She doesn't care if they think that. Well, she does. She just won't let them know that.

Her whole life, she has sought acceptance and not found it. She has a desire-truly a need-to protect others from that pain she has gone through. She uses that need to help teach younger mutants, so they have that guiding hand she didn't when she developed her powers. So they have someone to tell them it will be okay and they will make it despite being in a world that hates and fears them.


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