Valkyrie, Scrapper 142
Portrayed by Tessa Thompson
Full Name Brunnhilde
Age 27 (Immortal)
Height 5'3"
Build Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Warm


Once-leader of the Valkyrior, now a drunk and a kidnapper.


*belch* *smash*


The woman known most recently as Scrapper 142 obscures her identity and runs from her past. She doesn't talk about how she ended up on Sakaar, in a corner run by someone calling himself the Grandmaster, or why she drinks. Or why, in the times she's cared enough to take up arms, she can fight with the ferocity and skill to rival anyone the Grandmaster has in his arena.
The truth is, she is Brunnhilde, leader of the Valkyrior - an elite fighting force of female warriors from Asgard. In the days of glory, Brunnhilde traveled the Nine Realms to judge and guide the worthiest of the fallen in the rituals that would bring them to Valhalla. She also led her fighters in Odin's wars whenever they were called.

Brunnhilde acted in this capacity for centuries, until the day that Hela, goddess of death, attacked Asgard. The Valkyrior charged into battle to defend Asgard. It was a brutal and bloody battle. Brunnhilde's entire flank was slain by Hela, and she saw chaos and blood from the positions of the other flanks. As she stood on the battlefield, the bodies of her sisters and their winged horses around her, she thought she was alone. She thought the Valkyrior had become singular.

Although Hela was defeated, Valkyrie had lost everything. The Valkyrior were more than her comrades in arms, they were her family. So many were killed right in front of her. Her nearest and dearest had even flung herself in front of Hela's blade to save her life. It was a crushing burden. So under the cover of night as Asgard cleaned up the battlefield, the supposed last of the Valkyrior slipped away. She did not stay to see an entire flank that was found injured, but alive.

She spent years roaming the galaxy in a self-destructive haze, drenched in all the flavours of alcohol the alien races she encountered had to offer.

She was coming down off a particularly bad drunken bender when she fell through a tear in spacetime and ended up inside a massive green tire on the littered landscape of the planet known as Sakaar. It was that drunken lack of coordination that probably saved her life. A man who called himself the Grandmaster saw someone useful in her, but he didn't peg her as a fighter. Instead, she became an 'acquisition specialist' - someone with an eye for talented fighters.

She distinguished herself in this rather scummy task, even though she was drunk or hung over most of the time. She roamed the planet over, combing trash heaps for refugees who could fight, then capturing them to be forced into combat. It was dirty work, but it allowed her to be self-destructive while also eeking out something like a life.

One day, a dry spell started. The portals had been reliably kicking out people for as long as anyone remembered suddenly stopped. The Grandmaster ordered his scrappers to leave the planet to scout for fighters and bring them back. It was a task that didn't sit well with the once-heroic Asgardian. People who ended up on Sakaar were usually not good people. But kidnapping? That was something else entirely.

Still, she had grown comfortable in the Grandmaster's pocket. So she set out to a nearby crime-ridden planet, selecting and kidnapping the worst and most intimidating-looking thugs she could find. On the way back to Sakaar, the portals suddenly kicked back to full strength, catching her ship and its passengers, tossing it through spacetime.

Her ship and its cargo crashed in an industrial park in New Jersey. By the time she came to, all of her surviving prisoners had disappeared. Her ship was beyond repair, and she found herself now stranded in Midgard with its completely ineffective supply of alcohol.

Character Details

Valkyrie is a woman who used to be an honourable warrior, but tragedy stripped a lot of that away. She thinks she lost everyone she ever cared about and it sent her into a spiral of shame. She's snarky, selfish, self-destructive and seemingly doesn't care what happens to her. Beneath all of that, there's still the heart of a warrior. She used to fight for her people and she believed in honour, valor and justice. She needs to find herself again.


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