Trish Walker
Trish Walker
Portrayed by Rachael Taylor
Full Name Patricia Walker
Age 31
Height 5' 7"
Build Slim
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions [Forthcoming]


"It's Patsy!" Trish is famous for her childhood role as Patsy; a role for which she receives more recognition than her more recent endevours.


The Host of Trish Talk, a popular NYC radio show


Trish grew up in the public eye, with all the good and bad that comes from that. Her status hungry mom drove her to be the star of her own television show, using mental and physical abuse to get Trish to fall in line. As a coping mechanism, the young girl turned to drugs, partying, and breaking the law. Until the publicity stunt of adopting one of Trish's school mates changed Trish's life drastically. Jessica Jones ended up being far more than just an adoptive sister. She became a friend and protector, which allowed Trish to break free of her mother's hold and addictions.

Character Details

Trish is spoiled but not bratty about it. She's kind, generous, intelligent, and passionate. She's so intent on proving how brave she is that she has little regard for danger. She's ambitious but not cut throat, always trying to be better than she was the day before without forgetting who she was.


mjj33333.jpeg Jessica Jones Adopted Sister and Best Friend One of the few times Trish didn't get her way turned out to be one of the better things that happened in the young starlets life. Adopting Jessica Jones into the family not only made an awkward night club fire go away, it gave Trish an ally against her controlling and abusive mother. Now she just has to convince Jessica to quit shutting her out. Things haven't exactly been easy for the two sisters lately and it doesn't appear to be getting any better any time soon. At least they have reconnected and know that they have each other's backs no matter what.
DarkDevil.png Azalea Kingston Greatest Enabler, More than 'Just Friends' but hard to define On an unplanned visit to meet up with Jessica, Trish met the newest member to the Alias Investigations household. Wanting to be included in all parts of Jessica's life, Trish decided to become friends with The Dark Devil. The benefit of being closer to someone else trying to be the Hero Trish so desperately wants to be far outweighs any dangers that come with getting close to Azalea.
joker_copy_4176.jpg The Joker First Supervillian encounter A last minute guest cancellation left Trish wishing for a show that wasn’t going to be boring call-ins. Unfortunately, excitement showed up in the form of the notorious Joker, complete with her mom on a leash. Which might actually be kind of funny, given the strained relationship between them, except The Joker took the punch line a bit too far.
Kinz.jpg Kinsey Sheridan Jessica's Friend, decent Poker player One of Jessica's many new friends, also from Gotham, who was introduced to Trish at Oreo Poker Night. Knowing that Kinsey is a mechanic, who just happens to know how to make Rocket Boots, has put her on the list of people Trish wants to get to know better!
silkicon.png Cindy Moon One of Jessica's "kids" One of two very special girls taken in by Jessica. Cindy sticks to the wall and is very sweet, if a little strange, but then who isn't in this little group? Since Jess has sort of assumed a maternal sort of role, it leaves Trish feeling like the cool aunt or cousin who breezes in and out for some fun now and again.
latest?cb=20141027052351 Daredevil Another Hero who's saved Trish's behind Hell's Kitchen's very own vigilante who just happened to show up in the nick of time to help Trish fight off a biker gang. Afterwards, Trish was able to ask a few questions and cement her status as "World's Biggest Hero Geek" with a little bit of fan-girl babbling. One of the few who know about Trish's new abilities and newest addition to her contact list, which resulted in many dances of joy afterwards.
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQKPaqzbCFMpYGhgHzArUmXNkKUiifONIsvVcUt7gSW_b5YXwlWLQ Tony Stark Interviewee and Jessica's boss, kinda Thanks to some quick thinking by Jessica Jones, Tony Stark ended up on 'Trish Talks'. Trish managed to keep her fan-girling to a minimum, reducing embarrassment levels and upping the cool factor of the show.

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