Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth
Full Name Thor Odinson
Age 28 (Immortal)
Height 6'6"
Build Tall, Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Asgardians

Claim to Fame

The God of Thunder


Heir to the throne of Asgard, Thor is known throughout the Nine Realms as a legend for his sheer fighting prowess, unending courage, and uncanny drinking ability.


Born from a union for the express purpose of creating an heir stronger than what Asgard could alone produce, the future God of Thunder's early years were for the most part idyllic. Days of playing with his equally young friends, and nights of feasts and stories of daring-do. Life was good. Yet being the son of Odin and heir to the throne came with a unique set of lessons. Raised amongst the warriors of Asgard, tutored by his father on how to be just and fair, he was instilled with a need to uphold simple virtues that seem a relic in today's age.

Honor. Courage. Loyalty. Simple virtues, yet the very core around which Thor was raised, guiding him as he grew. His brother Loki was a constant companion as they embarked into adolescence and adventure together, with substantial jealousy as Thor's shadow grew.

While still young, the hammer Mjolnir was created on the orders of the All-Father specifically for Thor, to be gifted on the day he proved himself a warrior worthy of wielding the weapon. Galvanized to join the warriors he had been raised upon, the young Prince threw himself into his training, pursuing the heroic deeds that would, years later, earn him the weapon.

And thus began the legend of Thor, God of Thunder, who would go on to fight countless battles for honor, always where the fighting was the thickest, and almost always joined by his friends. His adventuring party crafted their legend together across the Nine Realms with every battle waged, every friend they lost and found anew, and every meal they broke, in victory or defeat.

His honor as large as his body was strong, he led his friends with a sureness that would grow to arrogance, always speaking — and striking — out against those who would go against his ideals of honor and courage. No one, not even his brother, would be exempt.

Thor's shadow grew ever longer with every successful adventure, gradually plunging Loki into darkness. His relations would turn rocky at times, yet never severed — too much history existed within the group for them to ever truly split.

Or so Thor thought. After a bold attack on Asgard during what was to be Thor's coronation as King, his rage sparked and an assault against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim nearly led them to ruin if not for the timely intervention of the All-Father. Deemed a breaking of the peace that the Nine Realms had long held, Thor's reckless arrogance led Odin to the only decision he thought possible; he banished his prized son, deeming him unworthy.

Cast down to Earth, New Mexico to be precise, Thor found himself powerless, stripped of Mjolnir, and on the cusp of a new adventure with generous mortals. He would meet the mortals Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig, and journey to first cope with his loss, and then to better himself.

He would learn of his brother's betrayal, the loyalty broken. By sacrificing himself to save the lives of the innocent he learned the lesson that Odin had hoped for him to. Mjolnir and his godhood returned to him, and he ventured forth to remove his brother from the throne of Asgard.

His brother lost to the void, Thor's time back on Asgard would be short-lived - he was, a year later, sent back by Odin, in search of relics that had over time been taken from the Vault, and for a means by which to regenerate the Bifrost.

Since then, Thor has returned to Midgard to procure items lost from Odin's Vault. He has most recently become the roommate of Peggy Carter.

Character Details

Raised to rule, Thor has spent thousands of years as a warrior, fighting the good fight, defending the weak, and keeping the peace. He has had great success, and has been shaped by it, his mighty frame equally capable of strength as it is a casual arrogance, a bullheaded stubbornness with courage so endless that it borders on the reckless.

Yet his heart is pure. The God of Thunder strives to do no wrong but to right them instead. He will tell no lie, on his honor and his name. And it is a name he constantly seeks to live up to, to make the All-Father proud, to be the God that those around him expect him to be.

In many ways, he is still learning. If he is ever to be more than half the King that Odin is, he must temper his impulsiveness, his reckless and foolish tactics, and rely less on instinct and more on tact and care.


Image Name Would Thor Hit That Information
ybjh8kU.png Jane 4/5 Hammers The mortal through which Thor found himself Worthy. Recently reunited, and a treasured friend. Just a friend.
RE6iiel.png Peggy Carter 4/5 Hammers A spymaster. A distasteful profession, but necessary. The lady herself is quite sweet and made an offer Thor couldn't refuse. They now live together.
jrQA4ob.png Peter Quill 3/5 Hammers A decent drinker. Quill has within him many of the qualities of the Warriors Three, but Thor will never tell him that. Currently the parolee to Thor's parole officer.
Xd8Rcky.png Bucky Barnes 3/5 Hammers Jane's boyfriend. Thor's not sure about him yet, but he makes Jane smile. And cry. That's not great. Always shake with the left.
kBA6vCl.png Zatanna Zatara 2/5 Hammers A sorceress, drawing in people who have no part in such games. Most definitely need to have a heart-to-heart with her about that.
xRaQaxS.png Loki 5/5 Hammers Brother! How dare you set this to 1/5! I, Loki, demand nothing but a 5/5 score! I'll see you soon, brother!
8rTDmRN.png Steve Rogers 4/5 Hammers A real stand-up bloke. Perhaps this mortal has courage to match Thor's own.
GOQtDTp.png Darcy 4/5 Hammers A close friend, and a valued one. Responsible for Thor having a phone. And then a second phone when the first broke.


  • New player as of Dec '16.
  • I've taken a bit of a soft reboot on Thor as of the January offer to players. Thor had a living arrangement via SHIELD, but sniffed out their spying devices. He has since moved in with Agent Carter.
  • Thor has two goats that can run through space. They are the Goat Lords, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. As long as their bones are left alone, they can be safely eaten and return the next day. Take that, science!
  • He's also got a really neat axe somewhere that's been adorned in his blood. It can cut through anything as a result. Magical ginsu axe, indeed.
  • How has Thor not been arrested for open carry?

RP Logs & Journals

June 05, 2017: Prologue to Oblivion

The end of Stark Revelations, Chapter 1. Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Obadiah Stane, Thor, and Jessica Jones come together to apprehend the killer nestled in the very heart of Stark Towers. But the agenda of Agent Holmes, AKA Sieve, isn't anything anybody expected…and the threat is larger than they could have imagined.

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May 25, 2017: @RooftopGoats

Jessica Jones drops by Peggy and Thor's apartment to ask questions about the mysterious red gem that seems to have attracted the Agency's attention. The visit produces more questions than answers.

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April 14, 2017: Catching Up With An Old Friend

Darcy catches up with Thor. Both their lives have changed lately.

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April 03, 2017: Sons of Coul and Odin

Phil happens upon Thor, holding a big turkey leg. Phil has some questions.

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March 28, 2017: Roommate Discourse

Peggy and Thor discuss some recent events.

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March 14, 2017: The Seagull

After two long years, the Princes of Asgard reunite over mead and meat.

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February 27, 2017: Hammer and Peg

Bucky visits Peggy at her apartment to try to discuss serious matters. What he gets instead is a startling introduction to Peggy's newest roommate: THOR, GOD OF THUNDER.

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February 20, 2017: All Jarnbjorndled Up

Continuing to walk his goats, Thor runs into a person from the future!

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February 20, 2017: Yes. These are Goats.

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February 15, 2017: Living Situation

Thor visits Peggy in the Triskelion. They discuss the raid and Thor's current living situation. Peggy makes him an offer.

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January 28, 2017: Moksha, Pt 1

Nadryv finale scene, part 1. A team finally descends into the heart of a Hydra(?) base to free James Buchanan Barnes and Jane Foster from their captivity, and to prevent a terrible idealized reality from overtaking the world.

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January 25, 2017: Of Meat Tornadoes and Men

There's a particular food truck that THOR hits up like clockwork. Knowing this, CAPTAIN AMERICA and HAWKEYE set up a devious trap to deliver the Odinson some news most dire!

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