Morgana le Fay
The Witch Queen
Portrayed by Katie McGrath
Full Name Morgana le Fay
Age 25 (Immortal)
Height 5'10"
Build Slender/Petite
Eyes Emerald Green
Hair Amethyst Purple
Skin Fair
Factions Occult


"Your time on Earth has run out. Now Morgan le Fey rules supreme!"


Morgana’s reputation is based solely upon where she is. She is far different in Avalon than she is on Earth where she is known to be cold, manipulative and dark. A woman who uses her power to get whatever she wants.


Long long ago, in Britain, a child was born. Half human and half far, or ‘Elder Folk’ from Otherworld, close relative to the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. A hybrid girl who was named Morgana. She was raised by her mother Ingrain and the man thought to be her father, Gorlois, Duke of Tintagil.

Morgana would be raised in a nunnery, having shown great magic prowess from a very young age. She would grow to be a lovely girl. Warm, sweet, loving, soft spoken and with a heart of gold. As she grew, so did her magic and her power. Eventually, after promising to become his lover, Morgana was trained in magic by the legendary Merlin. However, when he no longer had anything to teach… When her power reached then surpassed his, she reneged on the deal and moved on. While she would eventually teach her sister, Nimue, magic, she never gave away all her secrets.

Once she got old enough, Morgana went through the process of being a priestess, quickly rising to the status of High Priestess. She learned the true name of Gaea, which allows her to invoke the Earth Goddess and not be ignored. Throughout the years, after marrying King Uriens to become Queen of Gorre, she would take part in many wars. Most of which were waged against her half-brother King Arthur. Not only was she attempting to take over Britain for herself, but she was seeking to stop the spread of Christianity and the slaughter of those she felt were her people. Magical beings and creatures of every shape and size.

However, she would be betrayed several times, and each time, it only angered her more, pushed her to study harder, grow her own power, take lovers to amass armies until she finally was able to sink the scabbard of Excalibur, taking it’s magical protection from Arthur in the process. In the years to come, she and her nephew Mordred would continue to oppose Merlin and Arthur. She would study and gather a magical army to her, which would include her sisters Morgause and Elaine to whom she also taught magic, amassing texts in the form of tomes, scrolls, pages, et cetera that would eventually allow her to summon Chthon, using scrolls created by the Elder God himself to form the Darkhold tome, only for her to be forced to imprison him in Mt. Wundagore because he was uncontrollable.

Later, Morgana would learn of an affair between Arthur’s wife Guinevere and Sir Lancelet, a Knight of the Round Table in Arthur’s Camelot. When she couldn’t seduce Lancelet, a very rare occurrence for her, she settled for exposing his affair with the Queen and plunging England into a civil war, which she and Mordred took advantage of to war openly with Arthur. This ended in Mordred’s defeat, possibly his death, and Morgana’s imprisonment. An imprisonment that was accidentally undone by Merlin’s Black Knight. Nimue, Morgana’s former student, would later trap Merlin in a crystal cave.

When Atlantis sank, two islands of it remained and didn't sink for thousands of years after. One of these islands was the famed isle of Avalon. Having been a High Priestess there, Morgana sought refuge there upon her escape which was granted by her sister Vivienne. With the war mostly over, and many of ‘her people’ in hiding or slaughtered, Morgana used the powers available to her to link the island to the actual realm of Avalon in Otherworld. There, all the magical creatures who wished to, could seek refuge and the powers that be in that Realm endowed Morgana with more power, allowing her unlimited access to it and placing her on the throne to rule over Avalon.

However, enraged by being imprisoned, bitter and hateful towards the humans for all that they had done, Morgana sought revenge. She would wield the Asgardian Norn Stones to unleash a horde of Asgardian monsters on Earth. When that failed, she moved on to the next plan.

Morgan has used her Astral Form, in modern times, to battle the some of Earth’s mightiest heroes as well as ancient foes. For a time, she was able to alter the world to the way she envisioned and these heroes would serve her under the name Queen's Vengence. It would with Doctor Doom that she would travel back in time to help her obtain a victory. However, things with Doom did not last.

Despite her virtual omnipotence; she found herself being pushed back in time to around 1,000, 000 BC. Since then, she has once more traveled forward in time to a separate reality entirely.

Note: This character is a combination of both Marvel and DC's take on Morgana.

Character Details

Like her reputation, Morgana’s personality seems almost fluid. Who she is in Avalon is different than one Earth. On Earth, she comes across as dark, cunning and manipulative. A high class socialite who believes she’s above everyone else.


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