Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier
Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
Full Name James Buchanan Barnes
Age 32 (101)
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions SHIELD


"I can see now the burden that Steve's always carried. And it feels strange to admit I want that burden back… but underneath it all, what I really know is…. I want to deserve it… somehow."


The name of the Winter Soldier is credited with over two dozen high-profile assassinations over the past sixty-odd years- and that's just the ones he got credit for. Due to this incredible record across an equally incredible span of time, few in intelligence and black ops truly believe he exists as anything but a Soviet boogeyman and ghost story. Those who do believe speak of him as the big gun of the USSR's black ops bullpen, brought out to ensure completion of the most critical jobs.

The name of James Buchanan Barnes conjures an altogether different image: a flash-of-glory war hero who fought alongside Captain America in World War II, and who ultimately gave his life for his country.


James Barnes was the very archetype of what successful young 20th century youth should be. An excellent student and athlete, he was gregarious and well-liked socially by all who met him. He had everything… which was why many thought it odd that his best friend, ever since childhood, was skinny little Steve Rogers. The two were inseparable… up until World War II broke out, and the 4F classification finally succeeded in pushing them apart. Bucky went to war, and Steve stayed home.

Not for long, though. Bucky found himself reunited with his friend before long, except Steve had… changed. Bucky didn't really know it at the time, but his best friend had become the first publicly acknowledged superhero in the world.

Lesser men might not have been able to continue the friendship. Neither men could ever be assigned the label of 'lesser,' however, and their bond only strengthened as they fought through many battles of WWII. It remained strong up until the moment Steve Rogers witnessed his friend's assumed "death"… and shortly thereafter, himself disappeared from the world. The year was 1945.

Their paths diverged. Bucky was found shortly after his presumed death— by Soviet soldiers. In concert with Hydra, they commenced a program that would come to be called the Winter Soldier program. As its centerpiece, James Barnes was revived, repaired, experimented upon, enhanced… and reprogrammed. He was injected with a lesser, imitated version of the Super Soldier serum given to Steve Rogers. He was given a new bionic left arm to replace the one damaged beyond all repair. His fall had left his mind broken, memories scattered to the four winds, with the only sure thing left in his brain all the skills he had learned over the years. Hydra made sure those memories stayed scattered, and piled countless layers of brainwashing and conditioning over top until they created a weapon that could walk invisibly in the Western world, among other Americans— and then, with incisive precision, strike and fade away.

His shattered mind was reformed, his skills honed and reconfigured, a new personality stacked atop his damaged old one. This new man, the Winter Soldier, was a master of espionage and wetwork. He was a faithful blade of the Soviet state.

Like any good blade, he was sheathed when not in use. Cryogenic technology kept him in a state of suspended animation between missions, preserving his youth so successive generations of intelligence directors, aspiring politicians, and corrupt military leaders could put his talents to use. He worked intermittently, but fairly continuously, throughout the Korean War, the Vietnam War, then Cold War. His name became a curse in the intelligence community over the decades, an oppressive ghost felt in the room whenever things went wrong. Then the Berlin Wall came down, and many Soviet programs were officially retired, including the Winter Soldier program.

Of course, however, that was just the official statement, and official statements never did apply to Hydra. They barely even applied to Russia, a country well-versed in saying one thing and meaning quite another. The Winter Soldier remained an option, though largely unused for some time… a relic waiting to be reactivated.

Recently, he was activated by a rogue cell of Hydra operating in New York, only to finally shake his leash after two months of operation in his own place of birth. Freed from his yoke, he must now rediscover his own past, and determine a shape for his future.

IC History

Character Details

The personality of James Barnes is a difficult thing to define, being that it is now tangled irrevocably with the persona of the Winter Soldier. The individual known as Bucky Barnes was a vivacious, outgoing, and gregarious individual, effortlessly popular with just about everyone he met. Above all he was generous of spirit, fiercely loyal, and fiercely protective, unable to stand for seeing weaker individuals being picked on, and willing to defend them when no one else would. Once he counted you a close friend of his, he would always have your back.

Many of these personality traits have survived having to integrate with the Winter Soldier, though in altered form. Much of the way he was is still there, but darkened by decades of forced murder: his vivacity dampened, his gregariousness quashed, his easy humor turned to a much more cynical, sarcastic sort of amusement. There is a gravity, a tension, and a quiet lethality about him now which did not characterize him prior to his 'death.' He projects the preoccupied, bleak air of a man weighed down by acts and sights he cannot undo or unsee.



Image Name Summary Information
EPv8fRG.jpg Jane Foster My Doll Alpha Lyrae.

The '40s Crew

Image Name Summary Information
ltXKlLK.jpg Steve Rogers Bro(mance) And Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.
TBIwFVa.jpg Peggy Carter Bro's Doll Old friend and compatriot in the 'looking after Steve' campaign. We got a lot done together. Steve needs to, you know, have a look in her satchel already.|


Image Name Summary Information
ylORGiS.png Danielle Moonstar Fellow Ex-Herald Went through Demon Bear hell together. Worst kinda bonding experience to have with someone. Has a stupid horse.
KH7XnDk.jpg Jessica Jones Mind Control Bro Always got my back. I just hope she doesn't go somewhere she can't come back from, on my account.
ovrjKlK.jpg Matt Murdock Friend This guy saved my ass. Glad he didn't sink his career doing it. Hope I can save his in return, he's being an idiot about shit.
C0WO1yB.png Phil Coulson SHIELD Handler You didn't survive me in '89 just to die for good now.
ivYldtK.png Tony Stark Howard's Kid It's like still having Howard around, terrifying as that is.
oBye2PE.jpg Zatanna Zatara Giver of Gifts Reminds me, very much, of someone I know.


Image Name Summary Information
vTCP1Q8.png Atli Wodendottir Granddaughter of Thor She certainly takes after Thor.
b0ngyAZ.jpg Azalea Kingston Seer She seems to have found a measure of peace.
LHawQzF.jpg Danny Rand Derp Had to tell this kid if he wanted to be incognito, he probably oughta wear a mask…
pQh5l9t.jpg Emery Papsworth Battle Butler Fellow old man. WON'T STOP FLIRTING WITH ME
xFTnj9L.jpg Foggy Nelson Matt's BFF Owe him for all the hard work he put in during the trial. Wish we could have kept him from knowing more about all the shit we get up to…
n5FG1mp.jpg Groot A Tree Thank God he can put himself back together…
shfO3j5.jpg Kinsey Sheridan Matt's Doll I took off her limbs. It was awkward.
ptJXTTX.jpg Luke Cage Best Projectile Weapon What it says on the tin. One of Jess's, owe him one for Wakanda.
FSG0wNR.jpg Owen Mercer Boomerang?? Emery knows some interesting guys, all I gotta say.
dMgXt70.jpg Peter Parker Ideals Kid I think I remember being that young once.
9rAhvll.jpg Peter Quill Definite Space Alien THIS FUCKING GUY
I5XJbuw.jpg Rocket Raccoon A Raccoon THIS FUCKING GUY
MtKaqKC.png Thor A God At least one of us hasn't treated Jane poorly.
h0sh3xk.jpg Tim Drake Bat-kid Seems kinda wound tight, but a good kid.

It's Complicated

Image Name Summary Information
iRgAJOL.jpg John Constantine ??
cBSQ0a9.jpg T'Challa Angry Catman Kings do as they must.
jRf56pV.jpg Michael Carter The British One Peggy's brother. Tried to kill one another a couple times over the years. Just business, though. Fine now — theoretically — if not friends.


Image Name Summary Information
8RmmMnm.jpg Wilson Fisk Kingpin Did some unforgivable shit to Matt. It's on.
ZDmwST5.jpg Magneto King Magnet Nope.
yH4o9dv.jpg Pietro Maximoff Guy I Never Meet Little magnets don't fall far from the tree.





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RP Logs & Journals

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July 13, 2018: Site #H87

Rami is interrupted by Simon, Jane, and Bucky while analyzing the files on the New Mexico SHIELD facility known as Site #H87.

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June 29, 2018: Fix Everything Pt. I

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June 17, 2018: The Gordian Knot

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May 31, 2018: Prophylaxis

Bucky and Jane talk registration, in mind of all the things which have happened to them in the past year and a half.

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May 10, 2018: Declaration of War

Determined to save Matt Murdock's soul, Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster seek out Wilson Fisk directly.

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May 02, 2018: A Place Called Chronux

Atli (and Toothbender) come to see Bucky and Jane on the matter of a very important Space Quest. And also maybe to find out if Jane might be her forebear.

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April 25, 2018: Role Reversals

Daredevil, driven to the brink, has kidnapped the leaders of the Russian mob in a desperate hunt for Wilson Fisk. It's up to Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster to keep the vigilante from losing himself along the way.

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April 15, 2018: Housecleaning

Dani speaks with Bucky and Jane about hunting down the person who betrayed Coulson.

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April 11, 2018: To Absent Friends

S.H.I.E.L.D. associates and friends gather to lay Phil Coulson to rest.

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April 05, 2018: It Was Supposed To Be Simple

A routine checkup of a lab that has suddenly gone dark by some of the newest Avengers turns dangerous and violent as an old enemy rears its head once again. After all, cut off one head, and two more shall take its place. GMed by Tony Stark.

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March 14, 2018: Who Did That To You?

After catching the news, Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster race to check on Jessica Jones. They come bearing gifts and much-needed aid.

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March 11, 2018: IT'S SCIENCE

Owen, Dani, Bucky and Jane are doing SCIENCE. Magical science. Okay maybe Owen is just sleeping off some alcohol poisoning. :)

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March 11, 2018: Clean Slate

Bucky and Jane work towards making amends with Tony Stark — all in an effort to wipe the last traces of their brief, corrupted mark free from the world.

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March 02, 2018: Penance and Reconciliation

Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster continue their apology tour by paying a visit to Matt Murdock, who has his own thoughts on how they can best make amends and move forward.

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February 22, 2018: In the Grip of Your Shadow

Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster come to issue an apology to one Jessica Jones. But the detective wants something else entirely.

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February 13, 2018: Apology Alcohol

The former Heralds of the Demon Bear, as part of the apology tour, check in with Emery and Owen. There is alcohol and a significant amount of awkwardness.

(permalink: log:6966 | tags: boomerang dr._jane_foster moonstar samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 20 Feb 2018 01:11)

February 11, 2018: In for some Weirdness

Jane Foster and James Barnes visit Dr. Strange to talk about bears, physics and magic.

(permalink: log:6917 | tags: doctor_strange dr._jane_foster the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Feb 2018 23:25)

February 09, 2018: Highway to Hell

Tony Stark makes good on his word to reclaim his weapons tech from the Genoshan Magistrates. Magneto cameo by Pietro/Wanda.

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January 28, 2018: The Strange Case of Dr. Kinsey Sheridan

Newly reclaimed from the Demon Bear, Jane Foster and James Barnes try to undo the damage done to Kinsey Sheridan, her on-board A.I., and (tangentially) her boyfriend and their lawyer.

(permalink: log:6916 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster six solving_for_self the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Feb 2018 04:59)

January 27, 2018: Demon Bear: Finale: Power Sundered


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January 13, 2018: Demon Bear: Clean Slate

Winter comes to Tony Stark, as the Demon Bear's former heralds — now its masters — resurface to pay him a polite call, and take all that is his.

(permalink: log:6781 | tags: dr._jane_foster iron_man rodb the_winter_soldier | posted: 13 Jan 2018 10:48)

January 05, 2018: Demon Bear: The Guardians of the Galaxy

This occurred in December before Dani was freed from the Bear.

(permalink: log:6760 | tags: dr._jane_foster groot moonstar rocket rodb shadowcat starlord the_winter_soldier | posted: 06 Jan 2018 17:19)

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