Stepford Cuckoos
Five in One
Portrayed by Skylar Samuels
Full Name Sophie, Phoebe, Irma, Celeste, and Esme Cuckoo
Age 20
Height 5'6"
Build Slender
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men


Trouble In Quintuplicate.


The Stepford Cuckoos are known among the mutant community as being powerful, bold, and kind of eerie. These girls are attached to one another at the hip and have since birth. They are exceptional telepaths and also skilled social engineers. Not everyone really believes that they are five separate people.


The story of the Stepford Cuckoos is a curious one owing to the fact it is actually quite short. They were ccreated using ova cloned fromEmma Frost's DNA and a variety of genetically perfected donor samples, engineered to be the perfect human girls and reminiscent of their new biological 'mother'. The girls, in particular, inherited her powers but with an additional gift - the ability to to link their minds and use their enhanced powers to affect others.

After being perfected the girls were given a false background and childhood, their names, papers, money, and a weakness to the Project's attemptss to control them then released to the Xavier Institute to be taught. Their job was to learn anything they could and ingraciate themsselves with the people there.

It was hard. The Cuckoos were young, inexperienced, and… Different.Even by the sstandards of Xavier's students. They worked hard to learn how people work and to make friends, defeat enemi9es, and master their powers. Their triumphs exposed how different they could be if they tried. They grew well beyond what was programmed into them in the process.

Years later, the Cuckoos are alumni of the school and well-known - even liked - among the students. They are starting out on their own, prepared to work their way into powerful positions in society, make their own wealth, and be their own people. They have no idea what is in store for them in the future but are determined to find out.

Character Details

Though they have a hivemind and have never been truly apart the quintuplets are far from identical in personality.

Sophie is a type A Personality. She is often domineering and is also the noble 'leader' of the quintet. Sophie wants to be a hero and pursues her idea of justice quite seriously.

Phoebe is aggressive and outspoken. She is often on the attack and when things go very, very wrong it is Phoebe who lashes out to defend her sisters. She wants to have power and is decisive when wielding it.

Mindee is the dreamer. She's quiet, thoughtful, and artistic. She's the one who wants to have a normal life and likes to interact with other women her age and get her sisters out into the world, dating and shopping. She hates her given name, Irma.

Celeste, on the other hand, is the quiet one. She's the most likely to confess if they do something wrong and prefers to follow rules and respect authority. Her voice is often drowned out by her sisters but when she's heeded Celeste is undeniably the group conscience. Her sense of compassion keeps them grounded.

Esme is the wild card. She's independent-minded and rebellious. Like Mindee she wants to live a real life. However, Esme understands that she'll have to fight for it and is constantly trying to work her way into people's confidence and secure their position through manipulation. She often undermines Sophie to try to get the group out from underneath her thumb.



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