The Joker
Portrayed by Mark Hamill
Full Name Unknown
Age 32
Height 6'3"
Build Thin as a whip
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Skin Bleach white
Factions [Forthcoming]


According to him, he's the funniest guy in the room.


He's the clown prince of crime, they say. Unhinged, unstable and more than a little bit egotistical, he is notorious for being one of the most frequently escaped maniacs in Gotham. He loves mass homicide like a dog loves spaghetti. There probably isn't a person in the world he hasn't at least flirted with the idea of killing, and there aren't really many people who believe there is a person in the world that he can't kill, if he really, really set his mind to it. Most people like to stay out of his way. See, the Joker is a consummate showman, and thinks in strange and unpredictable ways. He is infamous for his preference for grandiose crimes with bombast and flair. The Joker goes for acts that terrorize hundreds, even thousands. He is a people-pleaser at heart, after all.


The world is always a little more interesting when you can laugh at it, isn't it?

Someone might have mentioned that he must have been a comedian down on his luck. Just some guy working long hours and a chain of increasingly more derelict array of unwholesome side jobs. Maybe he was just a criminal, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone overheard him talking about a jilted wife, one time. Wait, or was she dead? Maybe she was in deep with loan sharks… Wikipedia at one point quoted a website that said he may even be ex-military. That one caused an edit war.

Really, the truth is, all it takes is just one bad day, one really bad day.
One bad day to go from normal to…

But hey, cheer up, a dip in some incredibly toxic chemicals is a real discount price to pay for a hell of a good time, isn't it? There's been loads of laughs along the way! A lot of men, women, and children… a lot of bodies. A lot of minds twisted beyond the point of recovery! Of course, he would have to admit After all, what's life without the added spice of a funeral or two? Maybe he's attended a few of his own. There have been more than a few crackpots who claim that he's not even the original Joker. How very Calvin and Hobbes.

In the end, who really knows where the Joker came from? If he had a past, he'd prefer it to be multiple choice. After all, the cape and cowl crowd have their own secret identities and their perfectly manicured little double worlds to cover up the fact that they're just as crazy as the rest of us. It's just about honesty, and honesty in this case is being a little ahead of the curve. There's no point to it, none at all. That's the funny side.

It's all about putting a smile on your face. Heh. heh heh heh.

Character Details

Define psychosis.

On the outset, it's pretty easy to write the Joker off as crazy, as insane. A lot of people use the term much like they use their microwaves on some dismal cellophane-wrapped abomination of a frozen dinner - casually, and with no conception of what it is and how it works. All too often they're ready to fire and forget, like the word explains everything.

But that's the funny thing. 'Crazy' is a bit of a cop-out. It's a cheap excuse. It doesn't really explain anything, does it?

The Joker is a consummate showman, an entertainer by wit. From the toe of his wingtips to the last curl of lime green at the top of his head, the Joker has spectacle in the blood. With a flair for the dramatic and impeccably good taste, the Joker is the kind of guy who lives to captivate, amuse and amaze, all while keeping it classy.

It would be nice, if he didn't kill so many people in the process. Really puts a crimp in his Nobel Peace Prize prospects.

A disorderly antisocial personality in full practice, he has sociopathy's number on speed dial. Really, nothing at all is important to him but amusement. His amusement, mostly. He sees the world as a twisted joke. Society being the biggest punchline there is, based off of a group of people either too small minded or pain compliant agreeing to rules decided by a group of people who have more paper than others. It's a bunch of bears wearing bowties, in a system comically easy to exploit and disrupt. The established order is just anarchy waiting to happen.

And anarchy is very, very important.

Building his entire world out of the games he sees in it, unfolding the mise en abyme that is the Joker's relentlessly nihilistic worldview is the sort of thing that has caused more than one person to politely misplace their mind. Though sly and charismatic in a very apex predator kind of way, he is still manipulative in the extreme, and has no qualms about killing anyone and everyone in the room when the mood strikes, literally knocking them dead.

As long as most of his audience gets to the punchline, it's all in good fun, right?


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