The Hulk
Portrayed by Mark Ruffalo
Full Name Robert Bruce Banner
Age 36
Height 5'10"
Build Average
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men, SHIELD


As Bruce Banner, he is known as an accomplished nuclear physicist. As his counter part, The Hulk, he is known for causing devastation to buildings and other objects in his path.


The Hulk is a monster that creates impressive amounts of damage. Dr. Banner is a reclusive nuclear physicist.


Bruce had a difficult upbringing, which caused a great deal of the anger problems and fears that he has now. His father Brian was alcoholic and resented Bruce's intrusion into his relationship with his mother. There was a great deal of abuse directed to Bruce and his mother. In a fit of rage, his father murdered his mother, and Bruce moved to the care of his aunt. He grew up in this new caring environment, a quiet and disconnected youth and child prodigy of science. He studied nuclear physics, and attended a number of universities and colleges. He got his doctorate at Caltech. He wanted to do positive projects with his skills, but could only find a job with the US defense depeartment in nuclear research. It was here that he designed the Gamma Bomb, a nuclear weapon. An "accident" in the testing would expose him to extreme radiation: it interacted with a mutation in his body, and the Hulk was created. Originally he had difficulty with the transformations (and there were a number of rampages that the government failed to contain), and still has trouble with them, but has attempted to keep things in check. He has contacts within the hero community, and always does his best to help when needed, if he feels it is worth the risks…

Character Details

Bruce is generally seen as a reserved scientist, creative and mildly friendly. He usually comes across as confident but not pushy or aggressive. He likes jokes, but lends a little sarcastic. All of this is due to keeping his emotions carefully in check. He lives in a sort of mild panic and low key frustration all of the time, that the Hulk could emerge. This tension about being tense makes a bad cycle, though. His self confidence has big problems in reality, he cannot trust his own emotions or to not harm things if he loses his cool, and is extremely aware of that fact. He's aware of it when people treat him like an explosive device, and can joke to a degree because he is smart enough to understand it, but carries the guilt and fear of being what he is like a heavy sack of bricks. He is fully capable of being excited and positive over a project or invention, even enough to forget the Hulk, but he is rarely able to be that distracted.


Image Name Relation Information
Psy1.jpg Psylocke More-Than-Friend A lifeline when things turn green, and perhaps more.

RP Logs & Journals

May 29, 2019: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em?

Betsy and a Confused Hulk watch a robot fight in the Danger Room.

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April 03, 2019: Hulking Shadows

Bruce fights the beast within, while Betsy invites him out to play.

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March 10, 2019: Nonmoving Targets

Bruce Banner takes up a new skill in the Danger Room.

(permalink: log:8416 | tags: hulk nyc psylocke | posted: 11 Mar 2019 04:40)

February 15, 2019: Highway to the Danger Room

Nate runs a Danger Room session with the dual goal of training and talking about the cyborg attack on Mutant Town. But multi-tasking doesn't work like that. (Dumb idea, Nate)

(permalink: log:8391 | tags: hulk magik nyc polaris prestige sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 16 Feb 2019 00:46)

January 17, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Professor X

The X-Men try to revive Professor X, and find many open portals… and more mystery.

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January 06, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Further Between

X-men gather to search the Between.

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