The Dark Devil
The Dark Devil
Portrayed by Nem S.
Full Name Azalea Lee Kingston
Age 21
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


One of Gotham's newest vigilantes. A Devil in the Dark.


Small in frame but big of heart, it's unknown if this vigilante runs with the Batling crowd or not, but she fights with a fury and vigor that contradicts her size.


The Dark Devil is a creature of myth and shadow, a symbiotic spirit that has lurked in the minds of humanity's worst throughout the ages. What it began as, it does not even know. Perhaps once it did, but the ages have inflicted as much madness on it as it has on the hosts it chooses to carry it. Vile and aggressive, it stokes the fire humanity's worst instincts, reveling in debauchery and violence and the unique sensation of conquering one's enemies and making them plea for mercy.

Warlords, Generals, Thugs, and Serial Killers have all been home to it, and it might have continued it's reign of reaping the rewards of other's actions if not for the Order of Almeus. Witch Hunters and pious Knights, they survived through the ages and killed a great many monsters, but only tracked this 'Dark Devil of the mind' through rumor, innuendo, and whisper, at least until the late 80's, when Theodore Morris, Knight of Almeus, encountered it first hand.

Theodore struck a killing blow against the creature, after hunting it down with a number of men. Though all of his companions had died and he had been wounded, he revelled as he choked the life from the creature, and never imagined his victory would turn to bitter defeat.

The Dark Devil grappled in his mind, and tried to take him as it had taken others in the past, but Theodore has the mystical power of the Order of Almeus on his side, and held the creature in a cage in his mind. But it was not an action without consequence. Madness followed in the Devil's thrashing, for Theodore and the creature both. Their memories jumbled, and Theodore became a raving madman who gibbered his way along the streets of Gotham for more than twenty five years.

Until the night he ran into Azalea Kingston - or more specifically, she ran into him. While Theodore's sacrifice was a noble one in the end, and he kept the Dark Devil's vile urges from inflicting another warmongering super-psychopath upon the world, it could not last forever.

Azalea had been waiting tables when the men had first hounded her, and though the manager threw them out, they waited in the rain for her as she walked to her bus stop. Her walk became a run when they started after her, and when she ran into the vile smelling old man in ragged, fetid clothes, she barely noticed his wild eyes or gibbering words.

Theodore faltered in the vulnerability he saw before him, in the devil's desire to violate her, and his desire to help her. His palm pressed to her hand, and Theodore's watch ended.

Azalea's began the moment the The Dark Devil poured into her mind. The men fell upon her, and she showed them what twenty five years of withheld violence looked like. She was a slip of a creature, and the Dark Devil had never inhabited a body so very small or weak, but it used every ounce of her frame to show these would be predators who the lion was to their hyena, and left them a broken but breathing heap in the rain.

Covered in blood and triumph she staggered home and watched the beginning of the end of her life as she knew it. Once she had aspirations to write music, to sing, maybe compose. She had finals to prepare for and a break to look forward to with her boyfriend, Tommy, who might have been the one.

She was just barely nineteen when The Dark Devil became part of her. By twenty, the late nights had long ruined her relationship. Grades seemed meaningless against the thrill of the hunt, and what was Gotham, but a jungle of all flavors? Liquor, tail, and a good fist fight. Soon she'd graduated from working out her frustrations with hours in the gym to haunting rooftops and looking for victims in the form of would-be predators. The Devil screamed for more, but it had never encountered a mind so lacking in the natural tendencies that let it thrive throughout history, and after years of maddening containment, it lacked the ingenuity or patience to bend Azalea to it's will, or even the strength to find a more suitable host.

Stuck in her mind, it was a waxing and waning tide of violence and debauchery that tested her limits of self control, but she found that letting the devil have it's due somehow let her survive. Now, at twenty, she is a creature in crisis. While she's done her best to survive, to use Gotham's petty criminals as her release for her most violent frustrations, she lacks true direction, and risks becoming yet another extended visitor of Arkham every day she ignores the untenable nature of her situation.

Character Details

The combined personalities of the kind-hearted, driven girl and angry, debauched spirit that now inhabit the Dark Devil are a confusing mix of solemn determination and naked aggression. While often projecting stoic, sometimes grim exterior, the fury of her demons are not far below the surface. She is quick to take subtle mirth in the comical, though always with a sadistic bent, more inclined to laugh at someone's harmless misfortune than someone's witty pun. In a crowd shes's the long stare across the room that can melt steel or someone's insides, in a party she's the vibrant, violent life, and if she's got the money then drinks are on the house.


Image Name Relation Information
S4cKFU3.jpg Batman BatPrime An ideal to strive for.
jqq6dji.jpg Nightwing Batling Batman's son? You fight like him. I like you.
cd4HoCD.jpg The Winter Soldier Kindred Spirit When I touched your mind I found someone else who had a nightmare that rivaled. I thought I could never break free of my darkness, but now that I have I will walk the path of redemption with you.
oBye2PE.jpg Zatanna Zatara Sun Through my nightmare you were the light, even when I was a danger to you. I exist because you didn't give up on me, and I promise I'll make sure I was worth it.
KH7XnDk.jpg Jessica Jones Big Sister I basically did everything wrong when we first met, but you still don't hold it against me. When I'm a volcano, you're cool as ice. You'll probably never know how much it means to me to be taken under your wing.
iRgAJOL.jpg John Constantine Moon I threatened that which was most precious to you and you still risked it all to help me. I will not waste it.
D4jDXP6.jpg Peter Parker (Spider-Man) Spider-Horse We didn't get off to the best start. I /know/ my code name sucks. I /know/ my costume is garbage. THANKS FOR HURTING MY ONE FEELING SPIDERGUY. Despite it all, I respect your morality.
h0sh3xk.jpg Tim Drake (Red Robin) Batling You seem like a cool dude. I only recently met you, but you 'loaned' me some gear when the stakes were high and my spirits were low. I hope you can help teach me the rest of the trade.
elJASis.jpg Stephanie Brown Batling You're showing me the ropes, and giving me hope that you don't have to be grim as fuck to work this beat.
WnEWgga.png Trish Walker Ticking Timebomb You're the thrill seeker, and I'm the ultimate thrill. Thank God for your sister, or I'd have burned you already.

RP Logs & Journals

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January 03, 2018: No Lesson At All

Azalea Kingston manages to track Wilson Fisk down to a club he'll never visit again, all to confront him over the fate of one Trish Walker.

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January 02, 2018: Treble and Bass

Alias Investigations has a new neighbor. Azalea Kingston has her groove back. Jessica Jones makes a promise.

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