Portrayed by Maisie Williams
Full Name Atlee
Age 18
Height 5'4"
Build Petite
Eyes Violet
Hair Black
Skin Fair
Factions [Forthcoming]


On Strata, Atlee is the famed Champion! Everyone admires her, she's like a celebrity! Like Superman almost! On the surface world of the Earth, however, she's probably seen as just another wannabe hero, albeit one unreasonably concerned with the well being of the Earth.


A uniquely passionate young hero who is dedicated to the well being of the Earth.


Many years ago, before humans came to be, a sole survivor of an alien race crashed on the planet Earth. Centuries have passed, and the alien's dead body sank deeper beneath the surface of the planet. The space suit the alien wore has somehow managed to perserve its DNA, which brought about the evolution of an entire civilization of intra-terrestrials who came to call their surrounding Strata.

Strata has a Council of Elders that governed their underground city, and over the years they have also observed the evolution of humans — the surface dwellers. As the humans further progressed, some proved to be harmful for the planet, whether for greed, evil, or simple ignorance. Thus the Council of Elders decided to send a Champion of Strata to the surface, to serve as a protector.

Quixium metal proved to be an element that when infused with a Stratan can alter their genetics, giving a rare few the power of Geokinesis — control over the earth itself.

Currently a young girl by the name of Atlee, who exhibited the rare gift of geokinesis was choosen to become Strata's Champion. As is traditional for Champions of Strata, Atlee has taken the codename Terra. Atlee was very enthusiastic about her mission and took to the surface with eager determination to do all she could to become the Earth's greatest protector, making sure to look after sub-terranean species as well as the surface dwellers.

But there is much that Atlee doesn't know about the surface world, and arriving there exposed her to a world of new experiences and unfamiliar customs. In her eagerness to blend in, Atlee often stands out most, but that's just one more challenge she has to undertake, albeit an unexpected one.

Character Details

Paragon: the people of Strata are very advanced, both in technology and their thinking, they have essentially eliminated all flawed motives from their way of life. There is no greed, no ambition for the sake of gaining power, everyone just gets along and live as one united, cohesive society. As a result Atlee isn't really familiar with bad motivations, and desires, she is infused with goodness and truly believes in her work as a superhero. She is out to first and foremost protect Strata, protect the sub-terranean species, protect the Earth, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. She will stop at nothing to help all she can, and will try to avoid inflicting more harm than necessary to down a villain, though when pushed she can definitely give a fight in the name justice.

Culture Clash: Coming from an entirely different race, different world, and different culture, Atlee is essentially an alien to life on the surface of the Earth. While she knows some general things, she is largely unfamiliar with customs, habits, mannerisms, laws, and what at times may seem obvious to most isn't very obvious for her at all. She is generally guided by doing what she knows or feels to be good. But coming to the surface, she'll find a whole slew of new experiences: arts, entertainment, foods, people who are very different from Stratans. This could all lead to potentially embarrassing or awkward situations.

Naieve: Coming from Strata, where there are no bad people, Atlee can be a bit too naieve for the surface world. She would tend to take people at their words, although she is bound to learn about lying and lesser qualities to be found on the surface sooner rather than later. Her cheerful nature, honesty and gullibility may lead others to think she's younger than her apparent 18 years of age.

Smart: While she may be young, may behave childish at times, and may certainly look stupid for her lack of familiarty with most basic things on the surface of the Earth, Atlee is actually a very bright girl. She tends to have good insight, and be able to come up with good suggestions as to how to handle certain situations.

Unabashed: While Atlee doesn't make it a habit to run about naked, not being raised on the surface, but rather in the utopian, sub-terranean, Strata, she doesn't understand the need to be ashamed of one's own body. Should her costume get ripped in combat, or should she otherwise find herself naked for whatever reason, Atlee is capable to keep on fighting or otherwise behaving as if everything is normal. So unlike some who could be distracted from fighting by suddenly finding the need to cover up, Atlee would simply keep fighting until the battle is decided.

Clueless: Atlee has lived in the subterranean world of Strata, deep within the Earth. She is not a human, but wears the form of a human in order to protect the Earth on behalf of Strata, as Terra. She is utterly clueless about life on the surface, and is prone to make inappropriate comments, or exhibit inappropriate behavior simply as a result of not knowing any better. She'll learn over time, but it's hard to adjust to life on an alien world, and the culture and customs on the surface of the Earth are a complete unknown to her.


New To Surface World

Terra is brand new to the surface world, but she's an eager hero who is used to being the Champion of Strata, so she carries herself as if she were Superman while being utterly unknown on the surface world. She also pretends to understand a lot of the stuff she doesn't, because she doesn't want people to think she's stupid. She's eager to learn, develop, and keep the Earth safe! Let's have some fun!


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