Portrayed by Jessica Matten
Full Name Kida
Age 28
Height 5'9"
Build Lithe/Sinewed
Eyes Hazel
Hair Blue/Black/Dyed
Skin Tanned
Factions Occult


Spear chucker.


A stranger in a strange land. Nothing is known about this woman. At all.


Picture this: Overlords, powerful hunters that hunt the powerful and those they find unacceptable into a state much like refugees seeking an underground railroad in a desolate wasteland. Tribes have been existent here, they must be, there's strength in numbers and her 'tribe' has been this way since before her world /changed/, but it is the world she grew up in and all she knew until recently…
Magic is a secret, magic is taboo, and Kida was born homo magi of her tribe, a shaman with a storm in her eyes that reflect back to the time of old and the gods of ancient, before lightning was machine borne. Not allowed to show what she was her family raised her amongst her brothers and sister like nothing is different while under the cover of their underground bunker they trained her as best they could… But all that had manifested at first was the lines, born on her flesh in ways that signified their old god the Thunderbird, her hair slowly softening, becoming hollow all while the storm in her eyes raged on, and when she got her first true Haida tattoo her power manifested, and with each subsequent tattoo it grew and became harder to hide.

Fire roared through the family village, their small reservation aglow as soldiers tore through the buildings, looking for the rumored girl who hid beneath a houses floor boards, fire falling in embers on her skin while she muted her cries and sought to mend herself - the damage irreparable - the damage that lead to Kida needing to be sent away.

Far, far away.

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Character Details

If one word can sum her up, Kida is turbulent. Her moods vary as much as her actions, a constant dance that has her skirting a fine line of danger and adventure. She ripped the brakes out of her 'El Camino'.



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