Portrayed by Christopher Reeves
Full Name Clark Kent
Age 35
Height 6'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Fair
Factions Justice League


Superman; the Man of Steel


Superman is known world-wide as a champion of Truth and Justice. While oftentimes a symbol of hope to the poor and downtrodden he is just as often reviled for the power he wields and the threat he represents to those who would use hatred, fear, or violence to leverage control over mankind.


Rocketed to this world from a distant planet, Kal-El was once thought to be the sole survivor of the doomed world of Krypton. Orphaned to the cornfields of the American Midwest as a baby he was discovered by the kindly Martha and Jonathan Kent whom named him Clark and raised him as his own.

It was apparent early on that Clark Kent possessed powers beyond that of mortal men. He spent much of his youth coming to grips with changes he could barely understand while attempting to live a normal life. As he reached adulthood the stellar lifeboat which had borne him to this world reactivated and gifted him with the knowledge of his origins and the complete record of his world.

Understanding the avarice inherent in keeping his gift to himself he bid his parents farewell and travelled to Metropolis where he capitalized his journalistic capabilities to secure a job writing puff-pieces for the Daily Planet.

It was almost twenty years ago that Superman appeared. Seemingly everywhere at once he captured the attention of the world as a being of infinite power furthering the pursuits of truth and justice. Since that time has had countless adventures and yet there are more tales to be told..

Character Details

Superman is a man of impossibly strong conviction whose confidence and power have inspired an entire generation but whom oftentimes questions his role in the world. His “Fortress of Solitude” is aptly named for there are very few beings in the entire universe that know the whole of his identities and even fewer with whom he is comfortable being emotionally vulnerable enough to discuss the psychological burden he bears.

Utterly self-sacrificing he will press himself to self-destruction to preserve billions of strangers and yet he feels that this world is not truly his making him hesitant to leverage his power override free will. Thus he is caught in a cycle of humanity’s poor decisions placing the world in peril only to have Superman attempting to pull them from the fire. Yet this is the psychology of godly paragons.

As a man, Superman is almost completely without hubris. Socially he is kind, down to Earth, and though willing to defend his beliefs he will not belabor points that might embarrass or upset others. As a man who cannot experience even the mildest discomfort outside of a world ending crisis he is completely at ease most of the time and willing and genuinely interested in other people – his journalistic nature seeking to get to know people and to listen to their stories. Entertain their flights of fancy and genuinely seem like the most politely relatable man who might have ever had cause to alter the Earth’s orbit so that it wasn’t in the path of danger.


Image Name Relation Information
Supergirl Cousin Kara is Kal's cousin from Krypton, though thanks to some Dimensional time displacement, he is much older and she is still in her youth. He's so happy not to be alone! He considers her to be like a little sister already.
Power Girl Reality-displaced Cousin An older version of this world's supergirl….from an alternate world. Regardless, she is my blood and has the purest heart of gold, even if her temper gets the better of her sometimes. Kal is happy to call her family.
Wonder Woman Dear Ally Diana has always been one of Clark's dearest friends and allies. While there may be potential for it to be something more, Clark has always been close with Diana. They share much in common, and if Diana needed him, he'd be there.
Martian Manhunter #AlienBros Kal and J'onn have always got along splendidly. With the added comraderie of being fellow Justice League members, Kal finds an interesting bond with the Martian Manhunter that proceeds a deep understanding of one another…They both know the pain of losing their homeworlds, yet finding earth to welcome them as a new home. Kal considers J'onn to be his Martian brother.
Green Lantern League Risk-taker Hal and Kal have an interesting relationship aside from rhyming names. Where Kal can be more humble and reserved, Hal is the exact opposite, more often than not loud and boisterous. They share a very brotherly and familial friendship.
Batman The World's Greatest Detective There are many people Kal is an absolute opposite to. But the only one who tops the list is the Batman. While they've become brothers over the years of superheroics, they differ so much they've come to blows on so many occasions. There are times when Kal just sees Bruce as a man in a Bat costume…but then he remembers just how gifted he truly is, and how lucky he is to be able to call on him.

RP Logs & Journals

May 19, 2018: Lois and Clark

Lois and Clark discuss recent events.

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May 05, 2018: Juggernauts Gem Heist

Juggernaut wants his gem. Superman does not want people to get hurt.

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April 27, 2018: Cyclops v Superman

Cyclops meets Superman at the antique shop to discuss a threat to the X-Men.

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March 29, 2018: Confidential Kryptonian Matter

Superman visits SHIELD

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March 28, 2018: Saving a Superman

Superman "drops in" to Titan's Tower

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March 27, 2018: Godfall

Superman meets Faora-Ul

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March 26, 2018: Vivienne Joins JL

Vivienne joins the Justice League

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March 07, 2018: The Chase

Superman chases Zoom. A continuation of

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March 19, 2018: Metropolis Under Siege

Professor Zoom comes to Metropolis and takes control, demanding Doctor Miller once more.

(backdated to march 07)

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March 16, 2018: Coffee and Clark

Clark Kent meets Emery Papsworth and is saved from the coffee stain of doom.

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February 18, 2018: An End to Tears

The Empire of Tears comes head to head with the Justice League in a final confrontation and Superman backhands a kitty. (Emits by Starfire and Green Lantern) Language Warning: Rankorr has a potty mouth.

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January 23, 2018: Red Lightning

Professor Zoom visits Stark Tower, collects a few things and menaces more than a few heroes. And Owen.

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January 01, 2018: An Invitation

Terra happens by Superman and Caitlin, winds up with an invitation to visit Tian Tower.

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April 18, 2018: Best Yogurt in Town

Superman and Sun Wukong have yogurt. Do some sightseeing.

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