Portrayed by Henry Cavill
Full Name Clark Joseph Kent/ Kal-El
Age 34
Height 6'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Fair
Factions Justice League


There is a right and a wrong in the universe. It's not a hard distinction to make.


Superman is one of the world's foremost defenders and arguably it's most popular hero (at least in the top 5 according to the last polls). Ever since his first arrival, the S emblazoned on his chest has been a symbol that the innocents of the world could look up to and smile.

The Symbol of Hope.

No matter if it is through the eyes of a Hero or Villain, Innocent or Guilty, when Superman arrives on the scene, only powerful emotions prevail. Whether it is of brilliant hope or raging hatred.



A dying world about to be destroyed. Two scientists, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, saw no hope for their planet, and instead saw a chance for their newly born son, Kal-El, to survive. Thus, in an act of secrecy, Jor-El built an escape pod for Kal-El with a target destination for a planet where he knew Kal had the best chance of survival. A planet with a yellow sun:


Krypton met it's fate while Kal-El landed in Smallville, Kansas and was soon discovered by Jonathon and Martha Kent, a loving family who decided to adopt him and raise him as if he were their own son. Relatively speaking, the newly-christened 'Clark Kent' had begun is not-so-normal life as a not-so-normal not-human kid. However, as he grew older, the more his powers began to develop. He could lift a full grown cow when he was seven years old and his invulnerability came to light as well in very minor ways.

As they noticed him growing into his powers, The Kents finally decided to reveal to Clark his true heritage when he was 18 years old, revealing to him the pod that he was sent in which contained memory crystals and the House of El suit he'd later don as Superman.

With his strong conviction and morals, coupled with his great power, Clark decided that he needed to leave to use his gifts to help the world. A few years after his discovery and decision, Clark left the farm and made way to Metropolis to pursue life and be able to help people at the same time. His first job?

The Daily Planet as a Journalist. Where he'd stay for many years.

Regardless, it was around this time that Clark donned the suit for the first time and became the Man of Steel, going on a host of adventures and growing in both wisdom and experience. His famed Fortress of Solitude was built not long after.

Even to this day, Superman remains one of the foremost defenders of earth and beyond, standing for Truth, Liberty, and a lovely serving of Justice.

Character Details

Superman is righteous, good-willed, brave, and warm-hearted. He's extremely loyal to his friends and he maintains an extremely rigid moral code of honor and beliefs thanks to his humble origins. He has a deep respect for the law and often operates within it's confines unless he asbsolutely must go against it. To that end, he's known as the Big Blue Boy Scout by both heroes and villains alike, who often find his strong moral center annoying at different intervals.

To live among humans and more or less pretend to be one of them, Superman used his human name 'Clark Kent' and became an active member of the community. Though as Clark, he maintains his strong moral sense, but instead of being outwardly fearless or brave, he's more reserved and shy. Impossibly clumsy but acting a 'Journalist drive', Clark is well-liked in the community for his inquisitive nature.

But beneath it all, Clark is very lonely on earth. As the Last Son of Krypton and one of the very, very few Kryptonians alive, Kal-El lives on a planet where he is almost completely and entirely alone. Because of this, he's very protective of the planet he's called his home, and would do anything to protect it and those who live upon it.


Image Name Relation Information
Supergirl Cousin Kara is Kal's cousin from Krypton, though thanks to some Dimensional time displacement, he is much older and she is still in her youth. He's so happy not to be alone! He considers her to be like a little sister already.
Power Girl Reality-displaced Cousin An older version of this world's supergirl….from an alternate world. Regardless, she is my blood and has the purest heart of gold, even if her temper gets the better of her sometimes. Kal is happy to call her family.
Wonder Woman Dear Ally Diana has always been one of Clark's dearest friends and allies. While there may be potential for it to be something more, Clark has always been close with Diana. They share much in common, and if Diana needed him, he'd be there.
Martian Manhunter #AlienBros Kal and J'onn have always got along splendidly. With the added comraderie of being fellow Justice League members, Kal finds an interesting bond with the Martian Manhunter that proceeds a deep understanding of one another…They both know the pain of losing their homeworlds, yet finding earth to welcome them as a new home. Kal considers J'onn to be his Martian brother.
Green Lantern League Risk-taker Hal and Kal have an interesting relationship aside from rhyming names. Where Kal can be more humble and reserved, Hal is the exact opposite, more often than not loud and boisterous. They share a very brotherly and familial friendship.
Batman The World's Greatest Detective There are many people Kal is an absolute opposite to. But the only one who tops the list is the Batman. While they've become brothers over the years of superheroics, they differ so much they've come to blows on so many occasions. There are times when Kal just sees Bruce as a man in a Bat costume…but then he remembers just how gifted he truly is, and how lucky he is to be able to call on him.
Darcy Lewis The Girl Darcy is Clark's girlfriend. In many ways, they are different, and yet the same. He trusts her with his life, and she has a very special place in his heart. He will protect her above all. She's his firecracker.

This is a new Superman as of October 10, 2018

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