Portrayed by Peyton List
Full Name Kara Zor-El
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Build Slender
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Justice League: Avengers

Claim to Fame

Last Daughter of Krypton, Superman's Cousin, the Girl of Steel


Supergirl is world famous as Superman's cousin and one of Earth's most powerful heroes in her own right. She's a member of the Justice League and makes Metropolis her home alongside Superman. She's had several mistakes at the start of her heroic career, but has come through and shown that she is every bit the hero Superman is.


Kara Zor-El was born into the House of El, one of the oldest and most respected of the Noble Houses of Krypton. Her father, Zor-El was a respected scientist and her mother Alura was a renowned artist. For the most part, Kara had a happy childhood, doted on by her parents. While hailing from a House known for it’s scientific achievements, Kara never really caught the science bug and only achieved an ‘acceptable’ level in the science program of her primary education. What Kara did latch onto was her mother’s art. Even as a young girl, Kara showed an aptitude for art, working in crystal sculpture and holographic imagery like her mother, Alura. As the years progressed, Kara’s artistic talent was honed and her works were often shown alongside those of her mother in galeries. It was generally acknowledged in the Art Council that Kara would one day surpass Alura as one of Krypton’s greatest artists.

Shortly before her 18th birthday, however, Krypton began entering a period of instability, leading to ground tremors that became a near constant part of daily life. Kara’s uncle, Jor-El, the most respected scientist on Krypton and head of the House of El, argued that the quakes would continue to grow until they eventually destroy Krypton. Despite Jor-El and Zor-El’s warning, the majority of the Science Council believed in the advanced computer simulations that showed that the phase would begin to subside eventually, returning Krypton to normal. When Jor-El and Zor-El began speak their concerns in public, the Science Council rebuked them, threatening to charge the brothers with inciting unrest and treason.

With their warning falling on deaf ears, Jor-El and Zor-El began working on a program of rockets that could be used to evacuate some of the population of Krypton to a small planet with a yellow star. Two prototypes were created by the time the quakes accelerated suddenly; Krypton had entered it’s terminal stage and only had days left. With time running out, suspension capsules were fitted in the rockets, designed to keep a single occupant in a state of suspended animation during the long trip to Earth; it was decided that the last two children of the House of El, Kara and her newborn cousin Kal-El, would be the ones to escape Krypton. Kal-El’s rocket was launched first, and Kara’s rocket barely launched before it was too late. The shockwave of Krypton’s explosion knocked Kara’s rocket off course; and while Kal-El’s rocket arrived safely on Earth as planned, the guidance system in Kara’s rocket had to make a course correction that caused her to reach Earth decades after her infant cousin had. When Kara finally arrived (crashed) on Earth, the first person to discover her was her now adult cousin, Superman.

It took time for Kara to adjust to her new powers, much less the alien culture that she found herself living in; Earth was definitely not Krypton. But her cousin stood by her, helping her make the adjustments. In time, Kara came to appreciate much of what Earth offered, namely personal freedom and the amazing variety of cultures to learn and explore. The more Kara learned of what Kal did, the more she wanted to join him and help him protect Earth. At first Superman was against such a prospect, but as Kara started sneaking out and performing acts of heroism, he realized that she wouldn’t give up. Months after she crashed on Earth, Supergirl was revealed to the world.

Character Details

Loyal: Kara has a dogged loyalty to her friends and teammates. If someone she cares about needs her, she’s there for them faster than a speeding bullet. She won’t leave anyone behind or taken captive if she can help it. And even then, she’ll be pushing to form a rescue party as soon as possible; sooner, even.

Brave: No matter what the odds, Supergirl will always stand up and fight for what is right and good. Even when overpowered, she’ll keep pressing on. Sure, she might have a moment of doubt at first, but when she’s up to bat, Kara will push aside any fears she might have and do what it takes to keep people safe, no matter the risk to her.

Protective: Having lost so much in her life (her home, her family, her entire planet), Kara is determined to keep what she does have safe. The quickest way to get her angry is to threaten someone or something she cares about. Earth is her new home, the Kents her new family, and the Titans her new friends; she’ll fight to the end to keep any one of them from harm.


RP Logs & Journals

September 04, 2017: The Girl From The Sky

An alien crashes in the worst place on Earth.

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March 20, 2017: Everywoman Interview

Kara (in her day job) goes to Everywoman technologies to interview Kazumi St. Germain about her product Butterfly Wings

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January 09, 2017: Flerken for Sale!

Kara goes to the pet store to check on getting things for her new puppy, and runs into Carol Danvers dealing with a question of interspecies relationships and justice.

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January 04, 2017: Parks and Recreation

Wolverine was chasing an albino Gorilla with a ray gun through Centennial Park when Supergirl saved the day.

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