Portrayed by Tara Holt
Full Name Kara Zor-El
Age 18
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Golden Blonde
Skin Fair
Factions [Forthcoming]


Only having just arrived on earth, Kara is not famous, though she will begin a new exciting life as Supergirl soon enough.


Only just arrived on Earth, few actually met her, but those who will do so will find Kara quite the charming young woman. Full of good will and cheer, to the point she might appear detached from a harsh reality that doesn't often allow such optimism.


Kara Zor-El was born and raised in Argo City on the planet Krypton, her parents were Zor-El and Allura In-Ze. She had a relatively normal childhood for a Kryptonian, until Krypton's impending doom was discovered. While Jor-El sent his infant son Kal-El to safety on planet Earth, Zor-El had sent his teenaged daughter Kara after him, the idea being that Kara would look after her cousin on this new alien planet. After all, how could a baby be expected to manage on his own? Let alone on an alien planet.

Things turned out quite differently when Kara's ship deviated from course due to Krypton's explosion, leaving her in stasis for decades, while her cousin made it to Earth. When Kara will finally arrive on Earth, she's about to find out the baby cousin she's so eager to look after, is a grown man. Not only that, but one of the foremost heroes of her new home planet. Now she'll have to cope with her cousin suddenly being older, the world being utterly alien, and herself somewhat alien too as she'll realize she has tremendous new powers that defy reason.

Character Details

Kara is a young girl of 18 who had her entire world rocked when her home planet exploded, everyone she knew died, with the exception of her baby cousin which she was sent to protect.

The one thing that keeps Kara sane is that last mission bestowed on her by her parents, arrive on Earth and keep Kal-El safe! One would expect such harrowing events to do a number on a person's mind, especially a young one.

Surprisingly, Kara proves to be made of stern stuff. Not only is she focused on her mission and desparately looking after her cousin. She's determined to live life to the fullest and enjoy them. The only way she can make her parents proud, is by struggling to stay alive and enjoy life.

Outwardly she puts on a happy front, and she intends to force it into a reality. She has many distraction to help in the form of a new world to explore.

She is also a caring soul and true bleeding heart, if anyone appears in trouble or need, she will be there for them. She can't help herself. The only problem is that some people might take advantage of her candid, caring, carefree nature. But as they say, smile and the world will smile with you. She may yet turn to be a bright spot to brighten everyone's day.

However, just like any teenager, emotions can run wild, and she's not a perfect little angel. When hurt, or pushed to anger, she could very well lose her calm and seek to get even.


Image Name Relation Information
superman.jpg Superman Cousin Kal-El is Kara's cousin from Krypton, he was supposed to be a baby, and she was supposed to go to Earth after him to protect him and look after him. Boy have the tables turned!

New Player

A new Supergirl since 11/02/2017, the character has been rebooted as newly arrived on Earth.

RP Logs & Journals

March 04, 2019: The Great Train Heist

Supergirl tries to stop Gorilla Boss from robbing a train, while Ghost watches on, but things don't work out quite as expected.

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