Portrayed by Phaethon
Full Name Conner Kent
Age 19
Height 5'7
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin White


Brought the 90s back.


Superboy is another one of those S-brandished people who keeps Metropolis safe from weird aliens and corporate robbers, though he seems to mostly operate independently of the big guy these days. He doesn't really have much have a secret identity, but he also doesn't have a job so it's not a big deal.


Superboy was created as part of a the shady and secretive Project Cadmus. Born from the combined DNA of the Man of Steel himself and human donor (which would turn out be none other than Lex Luthor, the project's true architect), the boy who would one day be known as Conner Kent was intended to eventually replace Superman as an indistinguishable clone who could be controlled and manipulated from the shadows.

Fortunately, these machinations never came to be-Superboy had only been artificially aged to a teenager when he was discovered and freed by a bunch of kids who supposedly sold newspapers (kind of sketchy really-who reads those anymore?). The young clone's mind had not yet come under the control of Project Cadmus, and found himself escaping into a free world with little more than the trademake pair of goggles and leather jacket the 'Newsboys' had given him upon his rude awakening.

Superboy immediately set about to trying to live up to his name by performing superheroics and feats of general derring-do, eventually attracting the attention of both his famous father figures. Ultimately he decided to side with the S on his chest, and became an adopted member of Superman's family, christened with the Kryptonian name of Kon-El (or Conner Kent for his earth pals) and send out to the Kent Family farm to spend a few years tilling the earth, practicing humility, and learning what it truly means to be a hero.

Nah, just kidding. He ditched the farm as soon as he had the opportunity and kicked back into city to get in on the action. These days he flies around with his best pals Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark, righting wrongs and trying to keep Krypto from murdering mailmen.

Character Details

Conner is pretty devil-may-care about most things, using his powers to help people out and keep them safe, but also to have fun. Gregarious and outgoing, he's certainly the member of a young superhero group most likely to get the team in over their heads, or mouth off and start something that didn't need to happen. At the same time he's fiercely dedicated to those around him and won't flinch in putting himself on the line for their well-being. He can be a bit egotistical at times, perhaps spurned on by his heritage and the fact the he is relatively young (Not a day of three years old, really!).

In fact, much of Conner's more outlandish attitudes can be linked to his quiet insecurity over not being worthy to the 'Super' branding, both for his status as a clone of the genuine article and the fact that half his genes belong to the guy who's made himself the personal enemy of the whole household. Thus, he's always looking to prove himself with one challenge or the next, though he's generally content to let someone like Tim Drake handle the actual leadership role while he gets to take point where all the action is the thickest.

For now, at least, Conner is set to continue seeking the limelight until the world knows who he is.


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