Portrayed by
Full Name Izel Caballero
Age 25
Height 5'5
Build Curvy
Eyes Hazel
Hair Onyx
Skin Tan
Factions Unternet


"If there's two things I hate in this world, it's cockroaches and crying babies!

Well, a crying baby cockroach would be truly terrible? So don't you dare cry."


The skull-faced female, glitter, bows, frills…. And to hell if anyone knows half of what she says.


Izel was born in Hidalgo, Mexico. Her mother a Nahuan Indigenous, her father a Corto Maltesian there on business. Business that had him staying for the woman carrying his first child. The first female with the last name Caballero to live, as her birth took her mother and her father then took her.

Childhood in Corto Maltese is not like it is in Mexico, or America but even as she remained with a Niñera and other children with their own, behind closed doors she was educated in scholastics and a waltz… Swans, while in the open beside her father and the men/women known as Tio/Tia she learned to keep those ballet-pointed feet in place.

The buck and recoil of a weapon can knock you out of your Keds', and awaken you into…

Gunfire. Explosions. Screams.

The same children trained, fought, and bled together, but after the first few months your forget to cry together. What's outside the walls was a horrific echo and they had nothing to cry about.

What is in the rucksack? Don't worry about it, the surroundings shadowed Izel and her target village was 20 yards out, the location of delivery 3 rows inside of the outermost shanty-rise within the underground bootleg.

Nothing gets passed the chokehold of a 'Family' in Corto - in Mexico known as the Cartel. Afterall it is why a Caballero found love for a /Trejo/ Nahuan woman.

Debts are made, and debts must be paid… Eventually during an exchange gone South, Izel showed up, the rucksack dropped before her father only to see the Dead make bitter demands in exchange for payment.

Welcome to America.

Character Details



Noun: A sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, especially sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drink. (Can cause the 'beetus, and kill you.)

Verb: make more agreeable or palatable. ( …or kill you when laced.)

Izel is quiet, almost withdrawn, but quick to laugh once that protective bubble is popped, social in ways of a detached practice.

Sugar laughs a lot, at least in perception, but how much can you trust anyone in a /masquerade/?


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cm-shield-sq.png Muertos Green Card Dear Diary, ——


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