Portrayed by Cassie Ventura
Full Name Ororo Munroe
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Build Majestic
Eyes Indigo (White)
Hair Alabaster
Skin Sable
Factions X-Men


"When I was just a girl, I called myself a Goddess and I lived in the Sky. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left. I'm a mutant with the power to control the weather. Here is where I belong."


In Cairo, Ororo is a known former student of the old leader Achmed el-Gibar. In Kenya, The Goddess is known as their mother and protector. In the United States, Storm is an X-Man, and a former Avenger.


Ororo's life began during a storm, or at least the very beginnings that made her the woman she is today.

Born to a journalist and a Kenyan Tribal Mystic, Ororo's birthright was already set, but a move to Cairo during a war ended a family upbringing suddenly when a plane was shot down and landed upon their home, killing both her parents and leaving Ororo buried alive in the rubble beside their bodies.

Climbing free and living within the streets of Cairo had her stumbling upon a formidable man and a heavy handed ruler of those without homes and family. Achmed el-Gibar. Tough love is what came of him fostering her into the ways of thievery and survival, becoming a father of a sort that she first witnessed 'rule' from. But then also the kindness of a strange that caught her stealing from him also touched home, though those questions will be answered later..

Although years passed, more was sought, Ororo set to move on and find her true home so questions could be answered, and within that travel an attack upon her instilled a grief upon her so deep that it also set her belief - She will never kill again.

Also in this travel her powers manifested for survival, just enough to get her home and for everything to be revealed, as well as a new tutelage coming from the Village Elder that lead to her years as being worshipped and honed into a 'Goddess'.

Once more a familiar voice came to her, one from her childhood that called to her now for recruitment among his people and those he sought to protect as well. Mutants. Like her but not. Xavier's Institute was visited and New York made her new Village although a vast City.

The name Storm was taken and friends were made, deep connections formed, and her skills with leadership as well as that with being a guiding hand to those unsure are ones she left behind when she returned to check on her people in Africa, and that is when the fall of the Green came.

The Terrigen bomb sought to land, threatening her land as well as her people, and Storm responded in kind with a strike that dispelled the threatening mists in a massive gust to return it in the path it had come from. The exertion left her exhausted, slumbering within the safety of her villaige hut until word arrived that while one home was safe, others were not and it had struck very close to home in New York.

Storm returns.

Character Details

Storm is a force of nature in all senses and terms.

Most often she is seen as warm and nurturing, serene, calm, and placid like a lake placed within the cusp of mountains. Not only has her upbringing aided in this, but it is also something that is a -must-. Her stature is of poise, a regal flow with the aid of a simple breeze, and her presence is one that shows her charisma and stance with a warmth like a summer sunrise.

But if the wrong strings are pulled that sun can become blotted out and the waters can crash and threaten to erode those mountains, and what seemed to be a calm display of awe, can become a destructive force that will bring surroundings to their knees, or end over end.

This is all that rests behind those cerulean eyes framed in arctic waves, and sandy plains.


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