Portrayed by Cykeem White
Full Name Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Age 18
Height 5'10"
Build Slimly Fit
Eyes Brown
Hair Black/Brown
Skin Chocolate
Factions Titans


Shockin' Your System


Static is a well-known hero from the city of Dakota. In Metropolis? Static is a rising star in the hero community, sticking close to the more troubled and needy neighborhoods, while helping out the bigger heroes when and where he can. Static also, may or may not, have made a few appearances in both New York and Gotham, as well.

Meanwhile, Virgil Hawkins is simply a student attending the University of Metropolis on an academic scholarship for science.


Born to Robert and Jean Hawkins, this little bundle of joy was their second child; they already had a daughter named Sharon. Virgil's younger years were nothing special, as they were spent like most infants that came from normal families. He grew up being the bratty younger brother to his older sister and loved being a pain in the ass, as much as possible. School sucked. He was pushed around and bullied, despite (or perhaps because of) his excellency in the science department.

When Virgil was nine his world was rocked when his mother was killed in a gang war that overtook the streets of his hometown, Dakota. This devastated the Hawkins family and sent V's father into a more active community role. Virgil shut people out with a comedic defense mechanism as he worked his way up and to the fateful high school years.

High school brought all kinds of good and bad things into Virgil's life. He met his best friend, Richie. Made some big enemies, F-Stop and even managed to score some females to crush on. Classic teenage existence that was made even worse by Virgil's exposure to a mutagenic gas that was released at the docks. This came to be known as the Big Bang. This event caused a huge population of teenagers to be gifted and cursed with amazing special abilities.

Virgil was given the ability to control and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum, basically and with the help of his best friend, he came to be known as Static: Dakota's Hometown Hero. Using his abilities to fight against the Bang Babies, who mostly seemed to use their powers for evil or personal gain, Static proved to be a hero and fought to protect his home and the world.

Graduating from high school, Virgil decided it was time to push on from Dakota, though he didn't move too far away. A scholarship to NYU to study Applied Sciences was all he needed to shift his focus towards a bigger city. Not to mention the fact that, well, some of the greatest superheroes he loves are hanging around that city.

It was time to take Static and shock a whole new system!

Character Details

Virgil Hawkins is a confidently sarcastic geek with a whole lot of attitude and just as much soul. Even before he became blessed with amazing super powers, Virgil was always joking around and having a good time. Even still, he was treated as a nerd and dealt with bullies on a regular basis. Underneath all of the jokes and the fun, though, Virgil is has a slightly tragic heart. He's often times a hopeless romantic and even seems to suffer from a hidden sadness within that stems from the loss of his mother at such an early age. At the same time, though, it was that loss that has driven him to become the man and the hero that he's growing into today. Beyond determined and unwavering in his love for the underdog and helping the helpless, Virgil Hawkins lives to help others and fight for what's right as STATIC.


RP Logs & Journals

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