Portrayed by Eva Marie
Full Name Koriand'r
Age 22
Height 6'4
Build Amazonian
Eyes Emerald
Hair Flame
Skin Tawny
Factions JLA


Sometimes hardship is what it takes the most demented of villains, and sometimes it is what it takes to make the most steadfast of heroes. | Princess Koriand'r is the second daughter of royalty in Tamaran, and it is a memory she clung to despite when it came to an abrupt end and her own sister sold her into years of servitude to save her own world? A world that later came to an end, making Koriand'r vow to never let the same occur to the planet she had known to now call home. Earth.


From alien princess to a 'fallen star' in the cities. Starfire is not only known for her modelling she has done in Metropolis, but also for the glimmer of glances during heroics where she comes to aid those in need. %r %r Disappearances have lead her back to the surrounding galaxies, but recently she has returned, and although those that once knew her saw her as spunky, perhaps ignorant, and aloof - those that come to know her now see her surface as more business, more stoic, and far more placid. Something happened and she's only showing one side of the new coin. For now.


Koriand'r was born into royalty, only listed as the next in line for the throne due to her sister's illness that crippled her and left Koriand'r the strongest. In her sister's rage she left and allied with the Citadel, bringing the end to life as Koriand'r had known it.
Traded for peace, Koriand'r spent 6 years in slavery and endured torture at the Citadel's hands until the Psion's even began their own practice on her that ultimately enhanced her inherent abilities and lead to her ultimate escape.
Escaping, Koriand'r took on as being the lead of her H.M.S.S. Starship and crash landed on Earth, having made alliances and enemies with her steadfast quick desire to form bonds, and her fierceness in protecting them.
Finding out now, that her home planet has been destroyed, Kory (her model name alias as well as nickname) has taken it upon herself to make Earth her home, and hers to protect, no matter what the cost.

Character Details

Koriand'r is a princess, royalty, and a warrior, all earned through trials and errors be it on her part or someone elses, but they are things she never forgets, that and how it all was forged within her and made her. Her most prominent personality trait is her determination to defend what she finds or claims as hers, and she will do so to her very core, and that is what cannot be changed, is those three key elements that have kept her standing this long when many should/would have broken.


Image Name Relation Information
DC-Comics-%D1%84%D1%8D%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BC%D1%8B-Outlaws-Red-Hood-510674.jpeg Arsenal Before From her new beginning on, Roy and his daughter Lian have held a near and dear place to her. He's the first to ever really treat her real upon her return. Will the memories remain?
captain_marvel_by_uncannyknack-d7zb93w.jpg FemmeCap! Mirrored? You are a different version of myself. I want to get to know more.
75bc1865185645d2db59cbc90fdcddd3.jpg Nightwing The Past Memories and reminders.
nopic-m.png Lunair Too Close This girl can laugh at me, with me, and enjoy the same in return. Never a dull moment and glad to call her a friend.
aa1edd8491b2ebaa612ee33185a3bc0f.jpg Kyle LARP'er? Sometimes a shared loneliness leads to a bond I never expected and am happy with. Flash Gordon? Air Locks? Bloo-Bags… To many more sunrises and scientific amalgams! PS: It's pronounced “πtryrikk’lyrrrifigry¶∆ax. A dish I will never forget - right along with the heartache.
wonder_woman_injustice_by_davidyardin-d5x8i2o.jpg Wonder Woman Ally You asked for my aid in a manner that I have not seen since my home planet. Princess to Princess and for a common desire and goal. I foresee a strong bond… Once this is all over.
green_lantern__hal_jordan__by_timothylaskey-d5w9spj.jpg Hal Jordan Friend Space Toast - Coat to coast. (Sector to Sector?)
martian_manhunter_by_rsapitula-d67duy8.jpg J'onn'z Friend You have shared pain with me, as well as joy and empathy. You came when no one else did. For that I will be forever grateful.

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