Portrayed by Aigue-Marine (Deviantart)
Full Name Stephanie Brown
Age 21
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue-Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions BatFamily, Avengers, Justice League


YouTube Channel: Steph's How-To: Ready for Anything! - A how-to channel for just about everything.


Hot Dumb Chick, but she doesn't know it.


Growing up in the right part of Gotham, everything was roses. Stephanie had almost everything she ever wanted, and was far enough from the grit and the crime that urban myths of the Batman were romantized. Growing up, the only thing Stephanie ever wanted was more time and attention from her father, Arthur. Her senior year, getting ready for Homecoming, where she was named Homecoming Queen, Stephanie discovered that her father was none other than the Batman villian, The Cluemaster. Upset, Stephanie called the police, but that only ended in no repetance from her father and none of the attention from him she had wanted. He grounded her, yelled at her for betraying him, ignored her, and continued his life of crime. Undetered and spurred by anger, Stephanie turned to her Girl Scout Sewing Badge and her favorite YouTube CosPlayers and How-To-Sew channels to help her create a Batman-esque caped vigilante whose sole mission was to spoil her father's criminal activities. Not sure how to get the information she was all too certain she'd find about her father to Batman - since Gotham PD was corrupt and worthless - Stephanie turned to the only media with which she was familiar: Social Media. Creating the Twitter handle @Spoiledbat, and matching Instragram account, Stephanie is ready to go out into the night and make a name for… her completely fictional, not real at all, caped vigilante superhero whose look she hoped was a close enough match to the descriptions she'd heard of Batman's as to inspire the same sort of romantic terror.

Stephanie's meeting with the Batman as she worked to stop her father's activities went exactly the way Stephanie did NOT want to admit that it did. Namely, that he chided her about her shoddy attempts to help and then brushed her off. With this not sitting well, Stephanie redoubled her efforts, making a mess of Gotham's Crusaider's attempts to clean up the city, getting herself into situations too sticky for her to cope with alone. Enter Tim Drake, Robin. Tim works to try to help train Spoiler, getting her to fall in line, but their trainer/trainee styles clash horribly. So horribly that the moment Stephanie hears that her father is behind bars once more, she hangs up her cape without telling anyone and walks away in a move that most other heros who knew her would take as her falling victim to the dangerous life of a caped vigilante. Leaving town to go to college, Stephanie assumed that she'll be able to pick right back up where she left off in her education and that college would be almost exactly like high school. The time spent heroing with the Batfamily in Gotham didn't do her academics any favors and Stephanie's forced to attend a two-year community college for her basics instead of Harvard like she assumed she'd go to. It doesn't take long before Stephanie manages to get enough credits built up for her to transfer to Gotham University. It's not Harvard, but at least it's home again. Maybe Dad will finally be proud of her and willing to make his life better the way she has. Stephanie's either too arrogant or too optimistic to realize that she's been wrong about her father before.

Character Details

Perky Cheerleader from Gotham. So.. Perky Cheerleader Goth. With a touch of Rich Girl Preppy.


Image Name Relation Information
flash.jpg Flash Ex-Boyfriend They dated. Shenanigans happened. Now he's missing. What's a batling to do?
redrobin.jpg Red Robin Friend / Ex-Boyfriend They met as young teens, when Steph first took up the Spoiler mantle. It was a challenging relationship that didn't end well. And while Stephanie won't lie, she won't be forthcoming about the mixed feelings that still exist where Tim Drake, the Red Robin, is concerned. But regardless of whatever she's feeling, nothing would stop her from coming to Tim's aid in any way that she can.
Batman #Sempai-sama! OMG he's real and he's talking to me and ohmygod!
Deathstroke #Stalker Of all the people Spoiler could have as her personal stalker… This one is not the safest one to have.
Drake Riley #Boyfriend Dating. He makes her smile again and puts up with her complicated.



RP Logs & Journals

July 01, 2019: Exploding Heads.

Spoiler Alert - no one's head ACTUALLY explodes. But there is some mouth melting curry, a violent sneeze, and talk of death-touch pay-per-view matches.

(permalink: log:8500 | tags: bakeneko fairchild spoiler wasp | posted: 02 Jul 2019 13:01)

June 11, 2019: Flushing Security

(permalink: log:8496 | tags: ozymandias spoiler | posted: 12 Jun 2019 04:33)

June 10, 2019: A guided tour at G.I.R.L

Nadia Van Dyne gives Spoiler a little tour around the lab at G.I.R.L

(permalink: log:8495 | tags: nyc spoiler wasp | posted: 11 Jun 2019 22:06)

May 09, 2019: A Wasp in the vents

Spoiler and Katsumi catch up at Titans tower and then Nadia interrupts unexpectedly from an air vent.

(permalink: log:8484 | tags: bakeneko spoiler wasp | posted: 14 May 2019 16:34)

May 02, 2019: Gomen nasai! Q.Q

In which Katsumi apologizes for breaking Spoiler and Spoiler ends up giggling.

(permalink: log:8474 | tags: bakeneko spoiler | posted: 03 May 2019 03:09)

April 27, 2019: Teams Are Complicated

As Katsumi prepares to leave the Titans Tower, she runs into the eye of the veritable storm: Spoiler. At last, they get to the heart of the issues that have been troubling the newcomer…

(permalink: log:8472 | tags: bakeneko nyc spoiler | posted: 01 May 2019 04:20)

April 26, 2019: A New Monster, Bakeneko!

Katsumi has had to make some tough choices to get by in Gotham, and it's lead to her becoming an underground pit fighter. And through that, Katsumi adopts the "Bakeneko" moniker. When suddenly, Spoiler crashes the party…

(permalink: log:8468 | tags: bakeneko gotham spoiler | posted: 28 Apr 2019 00:06)

April 23, 2019: Can't I Be Both?

Following her fight with Spoiler, Katsumi flees New York to the next city over: Gotham. Ironic. There, she attempts to lay low while Herukage explains more about her role and destiny. When they find Spoiler fending off a group of thugs, Katsumi must choose a path: human or beast. In the end, the answer seems inescapable.

(permalink: log:8466 | tags: bakeneko gotham spoiler | posted: 24 Apr 2019 03:24)

April 22, 2019: Cat Fight!

While Katsumi ponders her situation, Spoiler decides it's time to push some buttons. Things get hairy in a hurry, resulting in one runaway Kat.

(permalink: log:8465 | tags: bakeneko nyc spoiler | posted: 23 Apr 2019 03:20)

April 21, 2019: Regrets

Spoiler enters the Titans Tower and catches Katsumi watching the news recapping the riots in Mutant Town earlier that day…

(permalink: log:8462 | tags: bakeneko nyc spoiler | posted: 22 Apr 2019 01:15)

April 17, 2019: Making Nice

Katsumi is going for some milk. Nadia arrives. So does Spoiler. A certain cat is instructed to make nice. Everyone wants to shoot the messenger.

(permalink: log:8449 | tags: bakeneko nyc spoiler wasp | posted: 18 Apr 2019 03:09)

April 11, 2019: Dark Horse (Pt. 2)

At long last, the extremely woolly calico cat arrives at its destination: Katsumi's temporary abode in Titans Tower. There, in the wee hours of the sunless morning, she learns the origins of her powers.

(permalink: log:8442 | tags: bakeneko nyc spoiler | posted: 15 Apr 2019 02:53)

April 11, 2019: Dark Horse (Pt. 1)

Katsumi has decided she, along with Caitlin Fairchild, are due for a girls' night out. Nadia Van Dyne and Stephanie Brown are invited, and the latter also makes it!

(permalink: log:8437 | tags: bakeneko fairchild nyc spoiler | posted: 11 Apr 2019 04:23)

April 02, 2019: What's Happening to Me? (Pt. 2)

Following the show, Katsumi texts Caitlin to tell her how the meeting went. Spoiler alert: It didn't go well. Caitlin insisted she come to her apartment, eat, and talk it out.

(permalink: log:8431 | tags: bakeneko fairchild nyc spoiler | posted: 06 Apr 2019 04:42)

March 03, 2019: Crimes Against Food

Late night at the mansion, three Avengers met to chat briefly about current events. Tony crazy food tastes are unveiled.

(permalink: log:8402 | tags: avengers iron_man kang nyc spoiler sup | posted: 03 Mar 2019 19:14)

January 27, 2019: Raining Vampires

Blade and Moon Knight are forced to land a glider in Gotham while evading vampires. Spoiler is on patrol and offers them support, short-term and long-term.

(permalink: log:8374 | tags: blade gotham moon_knight ouroboros spoiler | posted: 28 Jan 2019 03:58)

January 16, 2019: A Small Delivery

Nadia Van Dyne drops her findings from the rift expedition off with Spoiler at the Avengers Mansion.

(permalink: log:8355 | tags: nyc rifts_in_reality spoiler wasp | posted: 20 Jan 2019 00:08)

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