Spider-Man (O'Hara)
Spider-Man 2099
Portrayed by
Full Name Miguel O'Hara / Michael O'Mara
Age 29
Height 6'0"
Build Lean, Athletic
Eyes Brown (Red)
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Light
Factions Avengers, Justice League



The S-Man, Spider-Man of 2099, one of the Slingers, Black Spider, the handsome webhead… also that one Spidey no one really knows. So fame is no such thing.

Often he is just confused as Spider-Man.


The Spider-Man of Tomorrow has no reputation in the now. He hasn't been on Earth-626 long enough to develop a rep. Most people just think hes Spider-Man in a different outfit.

Mike O'Mara thanks to false records is an accomplished scientist. Though, if you really dig in to it no one has ever met him.


2099 - Origin: Miguel O'Hara is a brilliant and gifted scientist employed by the mega-corporation Alchemax as a head of their bio-engineering division straight. During his time in Alchemax under Tyler Stone's orders to create an Alchemax brand "Corporate Raider" Miguel began manipulating the human DNA code. A live test subject named Mr.Sims is eventually used and the results are less than peasant. Miguel decided he was done at this point but Alchemax and Stone being what they are manage to get O'Hara hooked on a gene level bonding and highly addictive super hallucinogenic drug called Rapture. An addict now and tied directly to it's supplier Alchemax Miguel goes the opposite route and uses his own research on himself to purge the Rapture from his system. He is unfortunately sabotaged in the process by Aaron Delgato, a co-worker. The result? Spider-Man of the year 2099.

2099- Adventures: Early on Miguel was reluctant to act as S-Man but it proved to be unavoidable countless times. On the bright side the world believed Spider-Man was Delgato, who had fallen to his death prior, this allowed O'Hara to act relatively free of suspicion. During this time he would begin to meet a new host of enemies, lose loved ones, make a few allies and find himself prime pawn in a corporate war between Alchemax and their competition Stark-Fujikawa.

Time Anomalous: Information is distorted as is Miguel's memory about the events all he recalls of this ordeal is that Tyler Stone was behind it or would benefit from it or… something? It's a mess of confusion that he hopes will unravel eventually so he can figure out exactly what transpired. His holographic assistant doesn't even recall what truly transpired.

Present Day Earth- 626: Michael O'Mara finds himself in a past that doesn't resemble what his future recalls some things are the same many are not. He has created himself a false identity, taken on the Spidey shtick again because its just part of who he is and made sure to set up roots close to the people he needs to watch over, like his grandfather Tiberius Stone. Lets see what this world has to offer.


Character Details

Miguel has been described as arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, condescending and smug. These things were him in a nutshell until the responsibility curse of being a Spider-Man struck. Since that fateful night Miguel has become a more reliable, empathetic and humane individual. Although, he is still full of ego, snark and heckling and will always be a bit of a hothead.


Name Relation Notes Theme Song
Agent Samantha Argent DEO Kind of a bitch but we got some chemistry. FINDING
Black Widow Avenger A smoking hot mystery. FINDING
Captain Marvel Avenger Straight laced, tougher than nails. Still forming an opinion but I think we can grok. FINDING
Doctor Strange Justice League Wizard Not seen any Doctor stuff yet but I'm going to assume thats his day job. FINDING
Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) Justice League Sponsor Oddly I think shes more likely to be my AA sponsor over my superhero friend team sponsor. FINDING
"Iron Guard"/Nathaniel Richards (Kang) Avengers Leader The guy pushing the Avengers in to action. A fellow time traveler. FINDING
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Inspiration I have vague memories of meeting him once maybe twice but those may be fake. Stories and old news footage of him inspired me to become what I am today |https://youtu.be/Okn0WpJqgHE | Alicia Keys - It's On Again
Spider-Woman (Julia Cornwall) Fellow Slinger Shes hot and shes arachnid style. Whats not to like? FINDING
Tiberius "Ty" Stone Grandfather Pain in the neck but unfortunately if he dies or something bad happens to him I might end up erased from reality? Shock if I know it's best not to take chances |https://youtu.be/mmkYGWZiGM4 | Marcy's Playground- Devil's Song
Name Relation Notes Theme Song
Tyler Stone Biological Father/Enemy Along with Alchemax that bastard is instrumental in making my life and my future hell |https://youtu.be/-Vv02Pm-_-4 | Hadouken - House is Falling
Kron Stone Half-Brother/ Enemy Dumbass |https://youtu.be/B3J6CyeFUds | Trapt - Headstrong
Gabriel O'Hara Half-Brother/ Best Friend Annoying nerdy kid brother with high ideals and high hopes |https://youtu.be/B3J6CyeFUds | Weezer - Buddy Holly

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