Portrayed by
Full Name Sofia Strange
Age 18
Height 5'6"
Build Average
Eyes Cornflower Blue
Hair Black with streaks.
Skin Caucasian
Factions N/A


Daughter of Doctor Strange - it's not a particularly common surname after all!


New to New York, Sofia's reputation is still amalgamating. However she's known to be friendly and easy going, at least until trouble happens. Which it invariably does.


Born to Doctor Stephen Strange and Clea, a denizen (and once ruler) of the Dark Dimension, Sofia’s early years were spent moving from place to place with Aunt Vesper – herself a trusted retainer of Clea.

Sofia never got to know her Mother, and didn’t even get to meet her father (who knew nothing of her existence), so great was Clea’s fear that Sofia would be targeted because of, or used against her parents in some way. So to keep everyone safe, she was left in Vesper’s care.

In more recent years, she settled in New Orleans – taking the unofficial role of ‘Sheriff of Spookytown’ there and stopping several magical creatures that were causing mischief (if murder could be considered mischief). However things became too busy there for Aunt Vesper’s liking and so they’ve moved again, this time under Sofia’s request – to New York.

Since arriving, Sofia has introduced herself to her Father – who has agreed to teach her and let her learn from the tomes in the libraries under his charge. Still wrestling with feelings of abandonment regarding her Mother, the teen hasn’t deigned to reach out again in that direction just yet. She /has/ however managed to get a job, and pick up her Sheriff duties in a small way. Here’s hoping that this time she won’t need to up and move again!

Character Details

Sofia has a warm and friendly personality at her core. She's got a bit of a wild streak going though and has an issue with order and authority. She's sassy and isn't afraid to let others see it. Anything deeper than the sass though, she keeps hidden unless, by some miracle, you manage to get close to her.


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