Portrayed by
Full Name Anne McKenzie
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Build Tall and Lithe
Eyes (v) Solid White / Blue
Hair (v.) Pale Blonde / White Fur
Skin Pale Caucasian


Daughter of Arctic Goddess, Magical Shapeshifter.


Snowbird, while seemingly cold and arctic in powers, is warmer in person once you get to know her.


Short Version - Longer to come.

  • Born of a Goddess mother and human father, raised by a shaman named Michael Twoyoungmen
  • Grew quickly, and was soon apparent that she had supernatural abilities from her mother - shapeshifting, mystical senses, healing, and more.
  • Grew to 'adulthood' within six years after her birth.
  • Eventually took on human form of Anne McKenzie. Took position as Records Officer with the RCMP.
  • Was initially stuck to Canada's borders until Michael managed to correct his ritual to release her from those borders.
  • Has come to the US to follow the mystical sense of some big evil possibly in the area.

Character Details

Winter Royal Lady
From her appearance - whites with soft blues and pale white-blonde hair, to her quiet ways, most would likely consider Snowbird to be cold and unfeeling, and yet the exact opposite is true for the demi-goddess. She feels quite a lot.
Animalistic Nurturing
Because of her quite personal ties to the animals she becomes - such as taking on their traits, Showbird champions enviromental and preservation causes, and cares deeply about the environment and man's impact upon it.
Human Goddess
Heavy is the burden of responsibility upon Narya. She knows eventually she will have to follow in her mother Nelvanna's footsteps and become a proper Goddess of the North. However, for now, she's trying to etch out something of a bit of humanity in herself, to understand, to fit in. Her time on Earth as a human is limited by cosmic standards, and she's also coming to terms with this idea and intent on cramming as much of the human experience into her as she can. She wants to fall in love, have a fight, eat a corn dog, try to drive a car.. everything that humanity takes for granted she wants to try. However, in her own occasional naiveity, she forgets sometimes to have truly human reactions to things, such as being barefoot in the snow is supposed to make her cold.


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