Portrayed by Chloe Bennet
Full Name Daisy "Skye" Johnson
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Build hourglass
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Skin White
Factions SHIELD



Within the digital world, Skye is a very well known Hacker and activist. She is a known affiliate of the Rising Tide and a well known advocate of the freedom of information. Within SHIELD she is in training to become an actual agent and a valuable asset. Though currently it is known that she has betrayed them and she is trying to re-earn their trust. In the regular world, she's just some strange girl who lived in a van.


Born in China but raised in the united states, Much of Skye's past is shrouded in mystery. Her Parents are a mystery to her as she was taken by SHIELD from them for her own safety. Her life in the United States consisted of being moved from foster home to foster home. As time went on, she began showing a great aptitude for computers. In her Mid Teens, she had enough of being moved around without a home. She saved up money and bought a van. After graduating High School, She would live in that van for a few years. Her pride and joy, A Laptop, She actually won in a bet. She would fall in with a Hacktivist group called the Rising Tide. With them, She became a very well known member and hacker, Finding powered individuals and Identifying super heroes. During this time she began searching for her parents. This lead her to hacking the largest of targets… SHIELD.

Sadly you don't hack SHIELD without drawing attention. Eventually SHIELD would come a callin. She would be tracked down and, given a new life. Skye became an Asset to SHIELD, All the while, she would continue her search for her parents and keep her contacts within the Rising Tide. She began training to become a Field Agent within SHIELD. Sadly In an organization of secrets, secrets can easily come to light. During a mission dealing with Members of the Rising Tide, that is what happened. After coming clean about everything, She was permitted to stay within SHIELD as an Asset and continue training but a bracelet was placed on her wrist which prevents her from using any sort of computer. That is where she is now, working with SHIELD but trying to make up for her mistakes.

Character Details

Joyful, Compassionate and Witty as they come, Skye is a very intelligent young woman who enjoys learning and improving herself. Despite her past, She usually is rather happy and content. This is often seen when she's doing the things she loves, namely helping people and/or hacking. She is very compassionate, willing to help wherever possible. She may not always agree with SHIELD's tactics but she understands why they do things the way they do and supports that in an effort to aide people. Finally, she does have a sharp witt about her and is not beyond making quick jokes and comments but, its seldom with malace (Unless she's dealing with a bad guy!)


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