Silverhawk (ARKA-13)
Portrayed by Charlize Theron
Full Name Rachel Quinn
Age 33
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions SWORD


USAF pilot and aeronautics expert


Recent "graduate" of Project: Archangel.


Captain Rachel Quinn comes from a long family of career military officers, most of whome served with the USAF (or its equivalent). She entered the Air Force Accademy when she was 19 was commissioned four years later, with an engineering degree. She went on to serve several tours overseas, the last of which was a UAV deployment mission to the Middle East. While enroute to the staging area, her convoy was destroyed by ambush and several well-hidden IEDs. The truck she was in was blown skyhigh, and she lost three out of four limbs as a result, and the use of the remaining fourth, thanks to severe spinal injuries.

Rather than being sent to a regular rehabiliation facility, however, she was sent to a secret government medical facility where, because of her outstanding career record and some strings pulled by her own father (a 3-star USAF General, Richard Quinn), she was admitted into an experimental cybernetics program known to those at the highest levels as "Project: Archangel".

She was implanted with the latest in biotechnology, including bioreplicatable nanites and highly sophisticated biosynth cybernetic systems (a.k.a. bionics). Effectively, they rebuilt her from the ground up, giving her a new body made out of the remnants of the old and a whole lot of bleeding edge (sometimes literally) technology. She was, they claimed, "better, faster, stronger" than she had been before.

Of course, from her perspective, "better" was an entirely subjective term. She was alive, yes, and in full use of her faculties. But, she also had no illusion about either the systems that powered her new body nor the risks that came with it. Indeed, her bionicly heightened sense of touch now made it abundantly clear to her that she was very different than before. (Bionanetic skinweave feels different than real skin to those that have heightened touch.)

But, she now owed the government her life, so she felt obligated to continue to serve. She was given extensive training to go along with her new body, not only in how to use it effectively, but in advanced special and technical field operations — including blackops and covert operations. With all the new metahumans emerging and the government's unmistakable understanding that, yes, there are aliens both among us and out there in the stars, it was imperative that operatives capable of handling any possible threat and still loyal to both the US and Earth were trained sufficiently to be deployed anywhere they were deemed needed.

Although not necessarily the first to be pushed out of the Project Archange, Capt. Quinn is considered one of the best and brightest. Consequently, she has been given immense latitude in her operations and is commonly known by her new callsign: Silverhawk.

Character Details

Despite her upbringing and longstanding military history, Rachel Quinn is not a simple yes-man. She's bright, incisive and curious, rarely content to accept the easy first answer. She's always digging deeper, which has certainly gotten her in trouble before now. But, it's inevitably led to outstanding results, causing her superiors to generally commend her for her initiative, rather than condemn her for insubordination. She can and does follow orders quiet regularly. But, the current latitude she now enjoys is something of a huge relief, particularly as she continues to adapt to life as a "transhuman". She's an engineer by trade, an infiltrator by training, and an investigator by nature. She can be extremely diplomatic when she needs to be, and still kick ass with the best of them when she decides she needs to.


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