Portrayed by
Full Name Cindy Moon
Age 20
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Asian
Factions Independent


A survivor of years of solitary confinement and one fateful spider bite.


A young woman with powers very similar to that of Spider-Man, helping to protect the innocent and stop evil.


Born in New York City to Nari and Albert Moon, Sr., young Cindy seemed to have it all— she was bright and intelligent, her mother was a doctor, and the family was well-off. Her younger brother, Albert, Jr. was the exact level of a pain in the ass that one expects of any sibling, but they all were a very kind, normal sort of family.

An excellent student with an eidetic memory and an athlete, Cindy found herself more enjoying her time on the ice as a school hockey player rather than hitting the books. Frequently, she would find the time to sneak out from home in order to visit her teammate and secret boyfriend, Hector.

One fateful day, her mother insisted she attend a school field trip to a special exhibition sponsored by General Techtronics discussing the safe handling of nuclear materials and other highly advanced fields of study. In the middle of an exhibit, she found herself standing next to an unfamiliar boy from another school— one that had a very specific, very special spider land on his arm before a scuttle down to his hand and a bite that would change his destiny forever.

That same spider dropped from his hand before hitting her leg, taking a bite into her ankle before finally hitting the floor. Dead by the time it hit the floor, the annoyance of the bite was quickly forgotten before she moved on with the exhibit and the rest of the day as though it had never happened.

Soon, things changed.

Cindy found herself with abilities that she couldn't explain. Confused and terrified, her strength had increased to levels she couldn't understand. Her senses were sharpened, and there was almost a sort of white noise rattling around in the back of her head. The worst of it was when webbing burst from her fingers, flooding the room with spider webs. Her parents were caught up in the crossfire, stuck to the walls until a sobbing Cindy could figure out what to do.

Her younger brother was scared. Her mother didn't know what to do, digging for a cure. Her father tried to be supportive, but he too was utterly terrified. What if the government wanted to take her away? Scientists or corporations that would be more interested in dissection and study? Or worse, those shadowy organizations of villains that go bump in the night? Then in the middle of their desperation, they met a man willing to help: Ezekiel Sims.

An eccentric man with deep pockets, Sims was able to give Cindy training in how to control her abilities and hone her talents— but he was afraid of something else: Mysterious 'totems,' and the threat of men willing to cross time and space to take Cindy's powers, if not her life. Ushering her to a bunker beneath the building, the code to leave was left with the girl and the door sealed, leaving her isolated and alone.

As years passed, alone in a box, cut off from the entire world, everything could change.

Once again, everything did change.

Character Details

Cindy Moon has undoubtedly led a complex life that has left her with more than a few issues to deal with. Though a well-adjusted child, being subjected to solitary confinement in some of the most formative years of a person's personality has left her an unusual mixture of being curious, withdrawn, alien, and a little invasive of the personal boundaries of others despite a desire to keep others out of her own. Cindy is both comforted and hurt by the thought that she's alone in this world; independent but lacking the feeling of what it's like to go home to her family and with very few people she dares trust or call her friends.

As a superhero, Cindy may lack the experience and skills of Spider-Man but she certainly does at times seem to have his mouth: She speaks a bit too much about irrelevant things, even if it's to the benefit of her learning more about the world she's returned to. She doesn't let this lack of experience stop her, however, often times throwing herself wholeheartedly and headfirst into helping others and fighting to protect those that can't protect themselves. For better or worse, she has a never-say-die attitude and will keep pushing herself until she drops— which, of course, usually ends up being the 'worse' end of the scale…

Silk's greatest weakness is her family: She has no idea where they are, or where to start looking for them. Every single clue or scrap of information is critcally important to her, and she will walk over hot coals, fight tooth and nail, and become so blinded by the desire to find her family that she may hip-fire a deal that may put her further into harm's way to find them.


Image Name Relation Information
dMgXt70.jpg Spider-Man Spider Savior Linked by spider-senses and one fateful spider bite, Peter discovered and released Cindy from the bunker under Sims Tower. He's helping her find her place in the world now, and for some ungodly reason he hates corndogs.
KH7XnDk.jpg Jessica Jones Detective Punch The first person that Peter brought Cindy to after leaving from the bunker, Jessica Jones has taken an interest in Cindy's story… and the link between her and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Kind enough to offer a place to stay until she's back on her feet.
WnEWgga.png Trish Walker Nostalgia Actress Jessica Jones' adoptive sister, radio host, and former TV star. Told Cindy the kind of stories used for embarrassment ammunition. May have accidentally caught the spider-girl sitting on a wall.
I5XJbuw.jpg Squeaks Pokemon He's got a loud, loud, dirty mouth and is mean and likes ice cream in the middle of winter. Cindy is not a fan of him.
n5FG1mp.jpg Groot Friendly Tree Quiet, patient, and basically a giant talking tree that also likes ice cream. If trees can even eat ice cream? Why can trees eat? Cindy is a fan of him.
ivYldtK.png Tony Stark Freakin' Superhero Kind of eccentric, a little bit of a showoff, and has Skynet in his building. And the building has robot arms. Cindy is a fan.
b0ngyAZ.jpg Azalea Kingston Magical Ninja Demon Roommate(?) Meeting Az was a bit of a sudden whirlwind of an experience. She's intense, bold, confident, and crass. Cindy is not sure if she's a fan.
alexiletrash.jpg Juno Hart The Puzzle A girl that feels weird to her unusually sensitive extrasensory abilities, so out of touch it made the spider-girl feel more normal. Cindy is a fan.
cd4HoCD.jpg Mr. Barnes Jessica's Attractive Friend Nobody prepared Cindy's heart for the dark song of the Snow Warrior.
EPv8fRG.jpg Dr. Foster Best Lady Ever "You're— Tony Stank!!"

Retcon Status

Rebooted as of 2017.

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