Portrayed by
Full Name Sif
Age 26 (Immortal)
Build Athletic/Curvy
Eyes Glacier Blue
Hair Obsidian Black
Skin Light
Factions Asgard


Depending on where you are, the information of Sif will differ somewhat. On Midgard, most of what is known about her can be found in myths. Very little of it is correct however.


Like all things surrounding Sif, it depends on where you are. On Midgard, she has yet to cultivate much of a reputation outside of what is cited in myth. In most of the other eight Realms, she is known as a dangerous foe. Hard, cold and deadly. She is, after all, the Goddess of War.


Born a Princess of Vanaheim, second in line for the throne should her brother Heimdall decide not to rule, Sif knew from a young age that she wanted to learn to fight. To be a Warrior like her father. Much to her mother's displeasure who was a well bred Lady who was known for her skill in the various arts. Granted, she knew that one day she would need to rule the Realm, or wed to secure an alliance or any other number of duties that fell to her shoulders because of her bloodline. Until then, however… Her drive and determination to become a Warrior, among other things, is what finally had her parents caving and allowing her to train. It was a hope that it was only a phase that she'd eventually outgrow. In order to speed it along, they sent her to Asgard with a nanny to be raised and to train with Einhenjar.

As she grew, Sif focused her attention of learning all she could with all the various weapons and the art of War while also dealing with her mother's lesson on being a proper Lady. Despite this, she became known as the Fair Sif, her natural grace and beauty earning her the name even if she spent most of her days with weapons and muddy. Of course, the Princess trying to be a warrior was not something that other girls looked kindly on and young males took seriously. The mocking and sneers and off handed comments only drove Sif to push herself harder. Eventually, she joined the Valkyrie and spent several hundred years with them.

When she returned, she was ready for battle. It was after her first, when she stood at the side of Asgard's Prince, that she would be given the place, honor and title of Goddess of War, acknowledged as Tyr’s equal. Still relatively young, she and her two best friends, who happened to be the very Princes she was raised with, would often find themselves in a great deal of trouble. It never stopped them however.

Years would pass and Sif would prove she was more than worthy of her place as a Warrior and a Lady. She would also find herself drifting further from one of her dearest friends, the rift having started when he cut off her hair in a cruel joke out of jealousy and the wig he was forced, to have made turned black. The plan backfired and instead of dulling her beauty, it only increased it and gave her an exotic look due to that lack of hair color being present among the Aesir.

Throughout time, Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three would find themselves in a bit of trouble due to their adventures… Trips to Midgard or the other Realms… Eventually, it caught up with them and her best friend was banished to Midgard as Odin fell into the Odin-sleep, leaving Loki to take the throne. It was a situation that pushed Sif into doing the one thing she never thought herself capable of… Treason. With Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral, Sif went to Midgard to retrieve Thor and bring him back to Asgard. They had no idea Loki would send The Destroyer… Or that it would mean Thor’s death… And his return to God-hood.

What came next was nothing short of chaos and tragedy. The Bifrost was destroyed by Thor in an attempt to stop the complete annihilation of Jotunheim, Loki was lost and presumed dead, Odin was forced to use his own personal energy to send Thor back to Midgard to retrieve the Tesseract and the errant brother they discovered was, indeed, alive. Afterwards, war raged throughout most of the Nine Realms and though the Bifrost had been repaired, there was still much to do. When things started to settled, the Scion of Asgard once more returned to Midgard and when he came back to Asgard it was with the Aether infected Jane Foster in tow. That was the beginning of the destruction of Asgard.

The Dark Elves followed the mortal woman to Asgard, wanting the Aether. They attacked Odin’s palace. Frigga died defending the mortal woman, Odin’s palace was over taken and destroyed, Thor broke Loki out of prison and they took Jane away from Asgard. What happened afterwards is what has led Sif to where she is now. Thor and Loki were able to pull the Aether from Jane though Loki lost his life in the process. Mortal and Thunderer both returned to Midgard where a battle ensued. After it was done and Malekith defeated, Thor returned to Asgard only to denounce the throne and choose to live on Midgard with Jane. He left Asgard promptly.

Once the palace and city were rebuilt and strengthened, when the shock and wounds among the people had started to mend… Odin called upon Sif. More than once she was sent to Midgard with a mission and each time ended up working with SHIELD.

One day, the All-Father called on her again. In hopes of preventing a very bleak future, he had struck a deal with Karnilla. Through the combination of their magics and the use of the Nora Stones, the Goddess of War would be sent back in time to retrieve the Aether before the mortal could find it.

What Sif didn’t know, however, is that it wasn’t truly Odin but that Loki had lived and taken the form of the All-Father. A side deal was also struck, one the Goddess was unaware of. To get her out of the way and keep her from being a problem, not only would Sif be sent back in time, but she would be sent to a different timeline altogether.

Now, the Goddess of War finds herself in a time not her own with the memories of her alternate self which she ‘merged’ with upon her arrival, and a mission that may or may not be relevant any longer. Until she discovers otherwise though, she will do everything she can to make sure the Aether and other relics like it, never again fall into mortal hands. Whatever the cost.

Character Details

Lady Sif, while she may seem pretty easy to read, is a complex woman. On the surface, she seems hard, cold and her smiles or laughter rare along with an extreme dedication. This is what she shows most. There are some who know the warmth she's capable of. Those ones also know her loyalty and determination. Only a few know that there's a vulnerable side to the Goddess. That she fears losing those she loves. She fears failing in being able to protect them. Those privileged two or three are the ones who have seen and held her as she cried. Seen the pain she normally hides when she's wounded. They are the ones who know her to her core.


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