Portrayed by Malcolm Lindberg
Full Name Mattias Valter Larsson
Age 21 (Immortal)
Height 6'2"
Build Tall and muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Asgardians, X-Men


An Asgardian hybrid by way of Malekith's treachery.


Born a demigod on Midgard, Mattias is the son of Erris Valtirsdottir and a Midgardian, born through the treachery of Malekith the Accursed of Svartalfheim. He is known by those closest to him to be brave and headstrong, the latter assisting him greatly when he crashes headfirst into learning the cultural intricacies of the many societies he is trapped between.


Mattias Larsson is a child born of treachery and the nefarious plotting of Malekith the Accursed, the famed Dark Elf enemy of Asgard. Seeking to gain a foothold on more than the Dark Elven realm of Svartalfheim, Malekith waited far too long for an opportunity to expand further into the realms of Midgard and Asgard. It wasn't until coming into contact with Erris Valtirsdottir, a trained Asgardian warrior, that Malekith finally had his chance.

Erris wanted a way to save Arn from the realm of Hel. Malekith had much of the information she needed. The trade? Just a little sliver of her being to save one lover. Erris agreed, and while Erris walked away with the means to save her lover, Malekith walked away with the mystical means to manipulate an Asgardian bloodline.

He would create a soldier. A demigod. An Asgardian. A Midgardian. A hybrid that would give him the -chance- to dominate many realms and have the strength to wear the famed armor of Kurse.

Malekith disguised himself as a doctor in a fertility clinic, where Olivia and Annika Larsson were seeking an in-vitro pregnancy of a baby who would be born bearing the X-gene. With the expert application of dark magic into what he described to be "pitiful Midgardian Apothecary practices", he laced said sliver of Erris's soul, one of her ovum, melded it with Annika Larsson's x-gene carrying ovum. One anonymously selected donor later…and Erris Valtirsdottir unknowingly was born a son, and Annika Larsson was unknowningly born a demigod.

Mattias and the Larssons were none the wiser. That is, until they realized that Mattias was not a normal boy. He was rarely sick. He was stronger than the other boys. He never came home with scraped knees, and when he began to suddenly move from one room to the other, they reached out to their doctor for help…


Malekith was all too eager to take Mattias for "testing". From the age of sixteen to nineteen, he spent occasional weekends with his doctor, learning how to use his mutant powers and testing his hybrid Asgardian strengths. Mattias was lied to. The self-defense training, exhaustive physical tests, and blood samples taken were not for his better. He was being trained, and worse yet, wrapped in the magics of Dark Elven sorcery to keep Asgard blind to his existence, unseen by Heimdall the Watcher. He was being prepped, trained, and warned to keep his strengths a secret.

At the end of his nineteenth year, Mattias, by providence or chance, witnessed a flicker of Malekith's true self in a mirror. Seeing the Dark Elf for what he was, he escaped Malekith and fled into the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden. A great commotion was caused, with reports of overturned cars and a young male "exploding" across the streets, being chased by a shadow. Eventually, Mattias evaded Malekith, gathered his mothers, and fled deeper into the Swedish mountains. It was in this flight that he appeared, first, on the Xavier Institute's radar.

A few phone calls later, and the Larsson's were on a plane, bound for the Institute.

Malekith…unknown to Mattias, had planned for the boy to migrate into the midst of some of Midgard's most powerful, all along.

Character Details

Somewhere within Mattias is the soul of his mother, Erris Valtirsdottir. Somewhere within is the soul of the warrior and the heroism of the ruling family of Asgard, if only it were to be unlocked and fostered. Unfortunately, Mattias has spent twenty years without such knowledge, and has been led to grow into the role of a normal, post-teen who has seen more disappointment than happiness in his life. He's strong, bold, brave, and loyal to those who are close to him, but is careful and watchful for liars and those who would deceive. He's been manipulated before, and through his attempts to make friends and share bonds, is prone to paranoia. At times, life is only waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On a mundane level, he's a young man of his age. Seeking to GO places and DO things, he's ready to set out into the world and experience life. He often has a hard time keeping track of the social intricacies that come his way, so he's prone to being a "Bull in a China Shop" that says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He asks awkward questions. He's often blunt when he should be subtle. Sweden? He fits right in back at home, but having viewed the world through a lens of social media, MTV, and stupid television shows, takes a bit longer than most to grasp things like slang, localized social graces, and why you don't wear scuffed-up blue jeans to five star hotel dining rooms.


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