Portrayed by Pauline Nordin
Full Name Jennifer Elizabeth Walters
Age 30
Height 5'3" / 6'6"
Build Petite / Powerhouse
Eyes Brown / Green
Hair Brown / Green
Skin Caucasian / Green



As She-Hulk, she is known as a hero. She's been an Avenger and a member of the Fantastic Four. As Jennifer Walters, she's known as a lawyer who is very good at what she does. She will often take cases defending superheroes.


Jennifer Walters was born to loving parents, Morris and Elaine. She was a native Californian, born in LA, and loved her lifestyle there. She lived her life as a beach bum as much as she possibly could. She was intelligent and got good grades, making sure to give her studies the attention they deserved. Her father made his living as a Sheriff and that led to her love of all things to do with law. She never had any siblings but she was close to her cousin, Bruce Banner. When she earned her scholarship, she chose to become a lawyer. She went on to Harvard for her Masters. She passed the bar on the first try.

One of her cases led to a crime boss seeing fit to remove her from the situation. She was shot. Her cousin was there and managed to save her from the suspects, but she was losing too much blood. Despite knowing the gamma irradiation in his blood, he chose to perform an emergency transfusion to save his cousin by sharing his blood with her. He had hoped she wouldn't suffer his curse. He was wrong.

At the hospital, they killer tried to finish the job and Jennifer transformed into She-Hulk for the first time. At first her mind wasn't fully what it had been but as time passed and she transformed more often, she learned she retained her mental faculties, unlike her cousin.

From that point on, she began to spend more time as She-Hulk and eventually became a superhero. She has worked with a lot of heroes off and on through the years, including with SHIELD from time to time. She still works as a lawyer as Jennifer Walters with the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway in their Superhuman Law Division.

Character Details

Uninhibited: As She-Hulk, she is all the things that she wasn't as Jennifer Walters. Strong, bold, snarky and completely confident in everything about herself. She tends to speak her mind and can be a little crass. If she thinks it, she may just say it. It isn't that she doesn't know better, it's just she doesn't care. If she wants to do something, she does it. She doesn't allow others to influence her decisions and she isn't shy about voicing her opinions.

Afraid: This trait is more Jennifer than Shulkie. After her near-death experience, the already somewhat withdrawn woman got worse. She is afraid of dying, afraid of not being good enough, afraid of so many things. And because of this fear, she hides within the powerful form of She-Hulk. By doing so, she believes she will be safer since that side is nigh indestructible.

Strong Willed: She-Hulk tends to be strong willed and has very firm opinions on things. She will voice those. She will argue those. She will try to get others to see her point of view and she isn't one to back down from a fight. It's part of what makes her such a good lawyer but it can be annoying outside the courtroom.

Champion: She believes in helping those who cannot help themselves. This was a trait for Jennifer long before she became She-Hulk. It's why she became a lawyer, why she stood up to the criminal that were willing to have her killed to stop her and why she is a hero now that she has the powers to back it all up.


Image Name Relation Information
brucebanner.jpg Hulk Cousin Bruce Banner is her cousin and saved her life with a transfusion of his own blood. Which led to her becoming She-Hulk, which has proven a blessing instead of a curse. She will do anything she can to help him.

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