Portrayed by
Full Name Alice May Walker
Age 23 (258)
Height 5'3"
Build Small, slender, and athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Blond
Skin Porcelain
Factions Former The Guard (disbanded British team)

Claim to Fame

More like a claim to infamy. Sensation was one of the founding members of the British government super team formed in the 60s, The Guard. Originally named The Royal Guard, everyone kept shortening it and it took.

The Guard isn't so much disbanded, as they were obliterated in a small nuclear blast that went off in a small, country town in Great Britain. Sensation was the only one who survived, though in a coma, and because of this many blamed her for the death of her team and the town. Despite denying the allegations, once she awoke, the world had mostly decided it was her fault. The British government had no choice and officially disbanded the group ten years ago. Sensation disappeared around that time and hasn't been seen since.


Sensation was not the most beloved or interesting of The Guard. She preferred staying in the background and as such most of the suspicion for the death of her team fell on her head. She is considered untrustworthy and murderer by many. Only her very small fan base ever kept faith and they've mostly evaporated since.


Sensation: No one knows much about her before the 1950s when she started appearing as a British hero working for the government. When British government formed The Guard she was a founding member. She stayed with the team till the end and was ultimately blamed for the nuclear explosion that killed them and a small town. After a lot of anger and uproar from the British people, the government put on a show of placing Sensation into a 'secret' compound. Nothing has been heard about her since.

Alice: All anyone knows is she won the heart of Carl Walker, a Gotham multi-millionaire who made it big in computer design. She returned about ten years ago with him from Britain with their two daughters, both toddlers at the time.
About five years ago Carl was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer and died soon after diagnosis. The family grieved and withdrew from high society of Gotham for a time. When Alice and her now adolescent and young teen daughters reemerged they seemed as close a family as ever. Then recently the older daughter, Kendra, was abducted. The police have had no leads and Alice has been beside herself, once more withdrawing from the public eye.

Character Details

The Jaded Hero, The Matriarch, and willing to Do Bad to Do Good. There's your personality tropes.


RP Logs & Journals

January 15, 2018: Return to Infamy: Captured

Sensation was captured by Batman and left to stew for a day. Now, with a bit of JL backup, he interrogates the prisoner.

(permalink: log:6790 | tags: batman caitlin_fairchild sensation | posted: 16 Jan 2018 08:00)

January 14, 2018: Return to Infamy

Gotham's sewage treatment plant has an alarm set off. But who, or what, could be messing with such a smelly place?

(permalink: log:6784 | tags: alice_walker batman infamy return sensation spoiler witchdoctor | posted: 15 Jan 2018 02:39)

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