Samuel Kathman
Samuel Kathman
Portrayed by Adam Sandler
Full Name Ulysses Samuel Kathman II, Esq.
Age 47
Height 5'9"
Build Average
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian


D.U.I.? Dealing drugs? Caught dodging child support? Securities fraud? If 'I didn't do it' is the name of your game, U. Samuel Kathman is your right hand man.


Kathman has the public persona of a sheister lawyer who gets crooks out of jail without passing go. He seems to have a penchant for winning even the toughest of cases, and it's rumored that a number of New York's finest have him on retainer. Gotta love client-counsel confidentiality. And yeah, he's Jewish, stereotype or not, it goes a long way in this town.


In progress.

Character Details

Sam Kathman has a singular personality. He's your best friend of you're being charged, at risk of being charged, or have decided to engage in criminal activities of any sort. As weak willed as he may seem when confronted with fisticuffs directly, he's not the kind of guy you want to fuck around with, considering the 'acquaintances' he's made over the years.


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