Portrayed by Santiago Cabrera
Full Name Emery Mathias Papsworth
Age 29 (107)
Height 6'0
Build Lean and Fit
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Swarthy
Factions Forthcoming

Claim to Fame

Enigmatic Butler/Personal Assistant


Irishman and Father, with a mysterious past and good taste in fashion.


Born in 1910 to a nun and a 'priest' who was never actually in his life, Emery was born Eamon Mathias Pearce. World War 1 took place when he was a child, his mother would always tell him and the other orphans that the war they heard about was not the real war. But you can be crazy religious as a nun so they just nodded. Emery was…quite rebellious. Highly intelligent, filled with energy. He snuck out of the orphanage alot, ran with the rougher street kids quite a bit. Learning Greek and Latin and being trained for a priesthood, he was kicked out the choir for making fart noises…but he did spend alot of time reading old and dusty books…

In more Modern Years, he attended the Ivor Spencer International School for Butler Administrators, Personal Assistants. This has left him with helpful skills such as flower arrangement and how to greet people in 5 different languages. When he graduated with his lovely ability to match suits and ties and organize maids…he served as the butler to a Egyptian ambassador for several years, working at night and on 'vacation' times on less savory positions until he accidentally knocked his daughter up and 9 months later was FIRED and given custody of a child and paid money to keep it hush hush seeing as she was engaged to be married. - Oops. That's how he got his daughter, Kennis Amelia Grace and tried to clean up his act enough to keep her safe. He stopped going out after dark or away on quite 'missions' for the more elite, or taking those quiet jobs from Mr Grace. His Butler/Personal Assistant jobs were no longer covers for his 'destiny' fueled extracurriculars. Granted, as the only one of his kind left that fact that he has offspring has certain forces stirring again. That's how the bad men in black suits ended up trying to kidnap her and her Father before Emery fled the country with her to keep her safe. So they are in New York. He's looking for work after explaining/formally resigning from his previous position, apparently he got a better one. Which…he really hasn't gotten yet so he has to find one.

Character Details

Emery Papsworth can be charming and posh, cheekily subservient and sarcastically humble. Its in the Job Description to become whoever he has to be to best serve who he's working for. He hides his deep empathy and care for people behind being a smart ass, and he's been through alot of pain and loss throughout the years so he's reluctant to truly let people get close to him. Flirty and not afraid to speak his mind, his religious upbringing has done nothing to curb his worldly appetites and he's unapologetic about them.


Image Name Relation Information
huntresscomics2.jpg Huntress Angel of Italian Catholic Ninjas Met Helena after Mass. The mafia attacked and she is apparently an Italian ninja.
nopic-m.png Black Canary Angel of Fishnets and Attitude Insert a description of the relationship here.
nopic-m.png Aesh Astro-Boy Insert a description of the relationship here.
nopic-m.png Darcy Lewis Angel of Sass "Sounds like a plan then Miss Darcy. Ye text the location, I'll show up real covert like and we'll do an exchange. Do you accept Irish Whiskey in exchange for gel pens?"
nopic-m.png Danny Rand Current Project (Employer) "This? This is no trouble at all lad. If ye 'ad shown up coked out ye mind havin' just married a stripper named Cinnamon after sellin' yer car for an apple pie and a bottle of gin…/that/ would be a wee bit a trouble. This? This is just growin' pains."
nopic-m.png Demon Bear aka Smokey Dick Insert a description of the relationship here.
nopic-m.png Emma Frost Angel of Snow 'Milady' "Tere's a balance that must always be maintained, light…and darkness if you want to get metaphorical. So the question remains, while playin' chess…milady. Do ye take more pleasure in playing against an opponent who sacrifices his pawns before admitted defeat, or are ye the type that enjoys gettin' to meet the King and Queen headon? That's what I can deliver to ye. A bloody good game and a diamond in the rough."

Throughout Time

RP Logs & Journals

November 19, 2017: Demon Bear: A Trap Mislaid

Emery, Owen and Jessica Jones lay a trap for Bear and Company.

(permalink: log:6523 | tags: boomerang dr._jane_foster jessica_jones moonstar rodb samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 20 Nov 2017 06:42)

November 15, 2017: A Doctor Was Needed

After getting beaten up by the Demon Bear Owen and Emery need a doctor. Fortunately Doctor Strange is on the trail of the bear and takes them with him for some patching up and information sharing.

(permalink: log:6507 | tags: boomerang doctor_strange rodb samael | posted: 15 Nov 2017 22:30)

November 14, 2017: Demon Bear: Falling Stars

The Demon Bear searches out its enemies and attacks. Emery is one and Owen becomes another.

(permalink: log:6502 | tags: boomerang moonstar rodb samael | posted: 15 Nov 2017 04:06)

November 04, 2017: Tea after Terror

In the aftermath of the traumatic Gala, Emery makes sure to check on Emma and they talk over 'fortified' tea.

(permalink: log:6471 | tags: samael white_queen | posted: 10 Nov 2017 02:42)

November 03, 2017: All for Charity!

Some of the largest names in New York turn out for a joint charitable gala in the newly refurbished Stark Expo. But one can't have a charity event without having things go terribly wrong…

(permalink: log:6437 | tags: agent_carter captain_america cyclops daredevil fairchild iron_fist iron_man iron_monger kingpin loki merrow old_man_logan ozymandias pepper_potts quicksilver rusalka_stojespal samael scarlet_witch six superboy tnp white_queen zatanna_zatara | posted: 04 Nov 2017 07:08)

October 30, 2017: Remember Berlin

Two 'old' men happen to run into each other and grump about no smoking policies, electronic cigarettes and how throwing car doors at people is rude. Remember Berlin.

(permalink: log:6432 | tags: samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 03 Nov 2017 14:18)

October 23, 2017: Takeout Confession

The number of people Danny's told his (totally awesome, shut up) title to grows to two.

(permalink: log:6387 | tags: iron_fist samael | posted: 26 Oct 2017 00:09)

October 16, 2017: Chips and Kindness

Blackagar ends up mysteriously transported from half-way across the world and is still getting his bearings….so Emery buys him some chips (American Fries) because that's what kindness is all about.

(permalink: log:6351 | tags: black_bolt samael | posted: 18 Oct 2017 01:46)

October 13, 2017: Demon Bear: Meetings

Moonstar locates the man who fought the Demon Bear

(permalink: log:6330 | tags: moonstar rodb samael | posted: 13 Oct 2017 19:10)

October 13, 2017: Snow White, Bodyguard, and Labradoodle

Danny Rand becomes the target of a kidnapping plot, which forces him to reveal his magical glowing fist to Emery Papsworth and Jessica Jones. Of course, Emery and Jess reveal a few new things to Danny and one another, too.

(permalink: log:6328 | tags: iron_fist jessica_jones samael | posted: 13 Oct 2017 05:20)

October 09, 2017: Slip and Fight

Danny Rand gives his driver the slip, ends up back at home bruised and bleeding but still wearing his shoes. Emery is there to greet him.

(permalink: log:6316 | tags: iron_fist samael | posted: 11 Oct 2017 01:22)

October 05, 2017: Setting Expectations

Day 1 of Working Part-Time for Emma Frost. Emery slides into her morning routine and sets a new level of expectation.

(permalink: log:6313 | tags: samael white_queen | posted: 08 Oct 2017 22:46)

September 29, 2017: Winter Plans

Emma Frost receives the resume and referrals of a sought after European Butler (Emery). Emery considers part-time work to help his other client (Danny) and as always, first impressions are made as mutually beneficial plans are made.

(permalink: log:6296 | tags: samael white_queen | posted: 03 Oct 2017 01:18)

September 25, 2017: Demon Bear: Souls

The Demon Bear is on the haunt for Dani Moonstar. It finds Emery instead. Like meets like.

(permalink: log:6275 | tags: moonstar rodb samael | posted: 25 Sep 2017 18:36)

September 17, 2017: My Fair Ninja

Rand Enterprises hires a specialist named Emery Papsworth to help young Danny Rand develop into the CEO butterfly they want him to be. Its not the introduction Danny is expecting. Emery gets a job, Danny gets compared to a homeless person…the start of a wonderful partnership.

(permalink: log:6257 | tags: iron_fist samael | posted: 18 Sep 2017 23:52)

September 16, 2017: The Wall

Backscene. In January of 1962, the young organization SHIELD and its director, Peggy Carter, are tapped to assist a Soviet defector in his attempt to escape through the Berlin Wall. An already difficult task is complicated by the fact the Soviets loosed the Winter Soldier and Black Widow to pursue, and by the intervention of a shadowy third party, 'Samael,' tasked to also keep an eye on the defector.

(permalink: log:6256 | tags: agent_carter black_widow samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 18 Sep 2017 22:57)

September 08, 2017: Craters and Pizza

Emery visits Metropolis, meets a Cyborg and sees on of his stalkers again. He uses positive reinforcement via pizza to reward good vigilante work after scolding.

(permalink: log:6243 | tags: aesh black_canary samael | posted: 13 Sep 2017 23:48)

September 05, 2017: Coffee with Ninjas

Helena and Emery meet and start to enjoy a lovely afternoon of coffee and shopping…and then the Red Hood, Black Canary, and the Huntress all make an appearance when mayhem breaks loose in the form of Ninjas. Lots of Ninjas. (Warning for Violence and Language)

(permalink: log:6219 | tags: black_canary huntress red_hood samael | posted: 06 Sep 2017 23:10)

September 04, 2017: Past Wagers

Emery meets Steve Rogers in the park. Emery loses a fight with a tree, and Steve speaks Proud American fluently. Questions are asked and answers are provided to settle old wagers once and for all.

(permalink: log:6215 | tags: captain_america samael | posted: 06 Sep 2017 03:39)

August 31, 2017: Wait a Meowment

Emery's GPS rebels and Spoiler and Bart rescue some adorable victims of an attempted shooting. Some people are lost.

(permalink: log:6203 | tags: impulse samael spoiler | posted: 01 Sep 2017 18:07)

August 28, 2017: Stranger Danger!

Two of Gotham's vigilantes fall onto the trail of Emery Papsworth's car being tailed.

(permalink: log:6193 | tags: black_canary huntress samael | posted: 29 Aug 2017 16:21)

August 27, 2017: ...and the Scores are in

Chance meeting between Emery and Darcy. Chips are called Fries. Darcy is Sassy. New Mexico is hot. A meeting of minds takes place. (F-Word and Mildly Suggestive Language)

(permalink: log:6185 | tags: darce samael | posted: 28 Aug 2017 02:41)

August 26, 2017: Didn't Ask for An Alfred

Emery Papsworth meets Helena after attending Mass. He's only been in America for 48 hours. She didn't ask for an Alfred. Luckily, they are in front of a church when all hell breaks loose. (Rated R for Brief Language and Violence)

(permalink: log:6179 | tags: huntress samael | posted: 27 Aug 2017 04:44)

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