Portrayed by Jessica Green
Full Name Unknown
Age 28 (?)
Height 5'7"
Build Slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men, Mutant, Hellfire Club


Rogue: Think Sage'll tell us what she's got planned?
Shadowcat: When it's time.
Rogue: Don't bother you, her bein' so secret?
Shadowcat: Charley taught her. Charley taught Scott, Charley taught Storm. When it comes to Management Philosophy… some apples don't fall far from the tree.
Rogue: Amen t' that, girl!
Shadowcat: Makes sense actually, when you think about it. Surrounded by telepaths, the most important thing in the world becomes your privacy. Keeping secrets becomes second-nature.
Rogue: Makin' sense, like you said… don't make it right.


(Human) Publicly, Sage has no reputation. She works as independent computer and systems analyst and consultant. She is not a known mutant. (Underworld) A known presence on the black market where she works as a mercenary for hire, though she keeps her true identity hidden. (Net) Renowned in the hacker community though she maintains her anonymity there as well, using only her handle, 0010110. (Mutant) Member of the Hellfire Club, but whatever it is she does there, never seems to make it past the doors of the Club.


Accessing Subroutine…

File Access Granted…

Name: <Deleted>
Species: Homo Sapien Superior
Place of Birth: <Deleted>
Date of Birth: <Deleted>
Known Locations: Afghanistan, New York City, Westchester, London
Aliases: Tessa, Lady Tessa, Diana Fox, Britannia
Codename: Sage
Status: Active

The woman some have come to know as Sage, and others as Tessa exists in no records in any of the data networks in any nation. What few references that exist for those names seem to made mostly of conflicting reports and unverifiable tidbits of information. Some say she was born in the Balkans, others that she was born in the Hindu Kush. None record her true name, only an endless stream of false identities and aliases. Almost all of the reports identify her as a mutant, some claiming that she was discovered by Charles Xavier, somewhere in Afghanistan, when she rescued him after an encounter with the alien known as Lucifer left him with his legs shattered. Such reports go on to claim that she not only rescued him, but that he trained her to properly harness her mutant abilities, which had already begun to manifest at the time that they met. From that point, the stories of her adventures are as variable and changing as the seasons. Her name has been linked to any number of mutant groups, though she has never managed to stay attached to any of them for long enough to be considered more than a roaming member of any. She may have worked for some of them, she may have worked for none of them. In Sage’s case the lies are almost as intriguing as the truths. What is known, is that she operates with total control of every situation, and that she’s only recently returned to the New York City area, mission unknown.

"My X-Men are heroes, Tessa. You are a spy. Their lives will be defined by honor, yours by your capacity to betray." — Charles Xavier

Character Details


In most of her day to day life, Sage is the epitome of cold, controlled, and collected. Some might even call her alien, robotic, or inhuman. She rarely shows any emotion, even when her words are amiable, as if that particular switch was not one that she had turned on. She exhibits a quick, incisive mind and is not fond of banter or witty repartee. Almost disconcertingly, she possesses the ability to transform into completely different women, pulling on and off mannerisms, attitudes, and even accents with ease. As if she possessed a hundred different women inside of her and needed only to flip a switch to become someone else entirely.


Song of the Moment

RP Logs & Journals

June 16, 2019: No Alternatives

The X-Men track down Bastion for a showdown with the cyborg-making sentient Sentinel.

(permalink: log:8497 | tags: beast sage sup x-23 x-man x-men | posted: 16 Jun 2019 20:54)

June 02, 2019: The Code

Sage and Iron Guard met at the Avengers Mansion to talk about the Sentinels programming, the location of the Master Mold and the next steps to end the robot threat.

(permalink: log:8493 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 04 Jun 2019 10:49)

May 27, 2019: Master Mold

Sage and Iron Guard go hack a Sentinel, and find far more than expected.

(permalink: log:8489 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 28 May 2019 00:44)

April 20, 2019: Science Talk

Sage calls Iron Guard to talk about the AIM underground factory and related problems.

(permalink: log:8455 | tags: kang nyc sage sup | posted: 21 Apr 2019 01:19)

April 17, 2019: Toymakers

The X-Men and the Punisher have tracked down the cybernetic technology used during the attack on Mutant Town to a distribution center in Brooklyn. They stumble on an AIM base. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8450 | tags: nightcrawler nyc punisher sage sup x-23 x-man x-men | posted: 18 Apr 2019 09:52)

March 20, 2019: Interesting People

Iron Guard got an accidental mind-link with Sage when they were fighting monsters in the Rift. So he has been looking for her. And he found her.

(permalink: log:8419 | tags: kang nyc sage | posted: 22 Mar 2019 01:15)

March 16, 2019: Spy Run

Sage infiltrates the D.E.O. headquarters in New York to find out what they know about the killer cyborgs and the rogue Sentinels (emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8418 | tags: nyc sage sup x-man | posted: 17 Mar 2019 13:45)

March 08, 2019: Puzzle Pieces

An impromptu war room meeting leads to the X-Men start figuring out what is going on with the Sentinels and the mutant-killing cyborgs.

(permalink: log:8413 | tags: neon nightcrawler nyc polaris sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 09 Mar 2019 02:43)

February 15, 2019: Highway to the Danger Room

Nate runs a Danger Room session with the dual goal of training and talking about the cyborg attack on Mutant Town. But multi-tasking doesn't work like that. (Dumb idea, Nate)

(permalink: log:8391 | tags: hulk magik nyc polaris prestige sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 16 Feb 2019 00:46)

February 10, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Falling Down

X-Men and Avengers free the creature of the Rifts.

(permalink: log:8387 | tags: iron_guard iron_man miss_america psylocke rifts_in_reality sage wonder_woman | posted: 11 Feb 2019 06:12)

February 09, 2019: Aftermath

Sage and Lorna make it back to the medbay, following the attack on Mutant Town. Nate arrives and the events are discussed. Immediately follows: No Escape

(permalink: log:8386 | tags: nyc polaris sage sup x-man | posted: 10 Feb 2019 03:22)

February 09, 2019: No Escape

A brutal attack on Mutant Town and a murder attempt against Lorna Dane have a group of heroes and vigilants fighting killer cyborgs on the streets of District X. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8385 | tags: fairchild magik miss_america nyc polaris punisher rogue sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 10 Feb 2019 02:10)

January 31, 2019: Data Issues II

After Lorna and Marcus leave, Sage and Magneto have a talk about the Magistrates activities and the technology involved. (Magneto spoofed by Nate)

(permalink: log:8377 | tags: ddm magneto sage x-man | posted: 01 Feb 2019 03:25)

January 27, 2019: Data Issues

Lorna goes to Genosha to follow up with her father about the data found in Colombia. Marcos loses his cool, almost literally. Sage is good with computers. Magneto played by Nate.

(permalink: log:8376 | tags: ddm eclipse magneto polaris sage x-man | posted: 28 Jan 2019 17:04)

January 27, 2019: Alone in the Dark

X-Men and Stark allies move to end the rifts!

(permalink: log:8375 | tags: caitlin_fairchild iron_guard iron_man kang miss_america polaris psylocke rifts_in_reality sage | posted: 28 Jan 2019 05:19)

January 06, 2019: Rifts in Reality: Further Between

X-men gather to search the Between.

(permalink: log:8330 | tags: hulk psylocke rifts_in_reality sage wolverine | posted: 07 Jan 2019 02:16)

January 05, 2019: Rifts In Reality: Between

Avengers…and others assemble to hunt the the source of the rifts.

(permalink: log:8325 | tags: black_widow hawkeye_b iron_man kang nyc oracle psylocke rifts_in_reality sage she_hulk wasp | posted: 06 Jan 2019 05:09)

January 02, 2019: Moving Forward

A few of the X-men get together to review the findings from the Magistrate base in Colombia and what to do about it.. Never mind what to do without the Professor.

(permalink: log:8319 | tags: ddm nyc polaris rogue sage x-man | posted: 04 Jan 2019 00:55)

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