Portrayed by
Full Name Cliff Steele
Age 33
Height 6'4"
Build Athletic Robot
Eyes Black
Hair None
Skin Gold Paint



Cliff Steele, the 'Robotman,' is a former semi-pro daredevil whose career was cut tragically short in a horrible car wreck. Since then, he has emerged from the shadows of obscurity as a golden robot-thing that seems to deal exclusively in the most unbelievable of situations.


Cliff Steele spent much of his life pursuing the greatest thrill he could find - in sports, in romance, in danger. A semi-professional skier, skydiver, pilot, and race car driver, Cliff sought meaning by cheating death however and whenever he could.

One day, his thrill-seeking brought him closer to the edge than he wanted. His race car crashed spectacularly, and Cliff's body was mangled beyond recovery in the wreckage. Only the man's brain could be salvaged, and it was hastily transplanted into an experimental robot body.

Cliff, struggling with his new existence in a dull and clumsy artificial form, found himself horribly depressed - although he was convinced to pursue a life of superheroics, since his body enabled him to survive conditions that would kill a normal person.

Grudgingly, Cliff agreed to help the world as he could, dealing with the weird and strange situations that freaks like him were best suited for.

Character Details

Cliff is a fundamentally conflicted person. He longs for the excitement of his former life, when he could enjoy the hedonism of sensory existence. However, all he has to work with is a numb metal apparatus that allows him an attempt at sight and hearing but little else.

At the same time, Cliff can do so much more now than he ever could: withstanding intense temperatures, lifting incredible weight, traveling to alternate dimensions. The 'thrills' he encounters as part of a daily basis shame his former selfish pursuits - but Cliff knows his experiences remain limited from what he once had, and he's not quite capable of letting that past go to fully embrace his more recent state of being.


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