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Full Name Robert Bearclaw (Berresford) (Barrington)
Age 28
Height 6'2"
Build Muscular (235lbs)
Eyes Red
Hair Dark
Skin Pale White
Factions Current: X-Force, Formerly: Primal Forces, CDI Private Army


Mine is the way of the warrior. Although I am a cyborg —- my flesh fused with alien machinery — the blood of my ancestors flows warm in my veins. The brave and bold spirits of my people inhabit me, guiding me with their wisdom, their vision, their *patience*.
I am not a man who is given to *fear*.

Robert Bearclaw is a Native American mutant and anointed champion of man and spirit world known as the Ghost Warrior. While a young man after his transformation in to the chosen one Robert was captured and reconstructed as an Ares III model cyborg by the megacorporation Cyberdata to serve as one of their deadly S.H.O.C. troopers codenamed; Ripclaw. He is now free and on a path of redemption and vengeance.


Past: The CDI Special Forces soldier Ripclaw is known to some circles as a killer, warrior and feral mutant cyborg. A weapon of the Cyberdata's corporate army.

Present: To the world at large Robert Bearclaws is a relative unknown but his name is recognized and spoken of amongs the tribes of North American abroginals (to some extent South America and Canada) and carries it's own story.
Within the Tri-Cities and surrounding area Ripclaw has been acting as a rather violent vigilante since his freedom and though he chooses not to kill it does not mean he will not or has not.


Robert Berresford was born with pale white skin to a poor family stricken with alcoholism and toxic complacency. He was denied knowledge of his real heritage, culture and upbringing until a violent event caused him to reveal his mutant origins.

Running away from home Robert traveled from reservation to reservation around the United States and Canada on a journey of self-discovery. It is during this time he would meet his mentor Oedha, an Iroqious shaman who would enlighten Robert to his family's real story and name. That of Bearclaw not Berresford (or Barrington). From there began the adventure of a pupil and the awakening of Robert Bearclaw the Ghost Warrior. This was not only a physical transformation but a spiritual one. Robert Bearclaw now had a purpose.

After another violent encounter with ignorance Robert Bearclaw found himself in trouble and soon awakening to another transformation at the hands of Cyberdata. They'd removed his hands and fitted him with one of Dr.Corben's brainboxs. Robert Bearclaw was now Ripclaw, a deadly cyborg Ares III model S.H.O.C. trooper specializing in infiltration, tracking, assassination and combat. Darkness envelopes Ripclaw's existence and he becomes little more than a killing machine.

In time Ripclaw is able to climb free of the Abyss surrounding his psyche, to free himself of Cyberdata's brainwashing and reclaim his own identity again. With a new sense of self Ripclaw escapes Cyberdata and ventures back in to the world on his continued path of self-discovery, enlightenment, love, strife, death and tragedy.

Character Details


Ripclaw is often viewed as the strong silent loner type. He is very intelligent, well read, loves to learn and embodies many of the classic virtues of honor, respect and compassion. He prides himself on being a warrior but also a hero.



Founded in the 1960's by Emil Zadrok, Cyberdata is a mega-conglomerate responsible for countless technological advancements far beyond modern theory their secret is supposedly of alien origins.

In the early 1960's the company of Cyberdata was formed by Emil Zadrok after the discovery of an undocumented alloy, speculated to be part of an extraterrestrial vessel. Cyberdata at the time was a leader in cutting edge technology far ahead of many competitors and one of the forefathers of modern day technology.

Cyberdata appears as a very professional, highly competitive yet legal even at times benevolent business to the outside world.

Secretly the company is responsible for countless crimes and cover ups against humanity, many that occurred during Vietnam. Despite it's advanced alien technology Cyberdata has kept it's business ventures tied to this planet. Keeping it's more sophisticated and advanced technological breakthroughs out of the current timeline to keep things at a manageable medium, thus maintaining a safe buffer for the company. It allows it to operate openly just as any other mega-conglomerate like Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries, LexCorp, Halo, Roxxon and so on.

Cyberdata is a corrupt organization ran by evil individuals who employ the use of cybernetic S.H.O.C. (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg) troopers who are usually brainwashed and cybernetic-ally reconstructed in to murderous soldiers.

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