Portrayed by Meng Jia
Full Name Hikari Hataori
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Build Dancer's
Eyes Brown
Hair Pastel
Skin Fair Asiatic


Her family has owned various textile-related businesses for more than two hundred years, with some branches specializing in weaving, sewing, dyeing, and even fashion.


A dutiful daughter, a daydreaming classmate, a cheerful friend, and a talented seamstress who wants to launch her own fashion line when she's graduated design school.


The only child of Mirai and George Hataori, Hikari grew up a normal girl with a normal life. The strangest thing about her was always her family's long-standing textiles business. Raised at the foot of her father's sewing machine, she can't remember a time that she wasn't excited to one day join the family business. Some children might have eventually chafed at the thought of growing up to do the same thing as her parents, and their parents, and their parents… but Hikari is proud of her family's long legacy of craftsmanship.

An only child, she has never really wanted for any material comfort. A bit of a strange girl, she makes friends easily but people have never really been able to get 'close' to her. She had a blessed life, and balanced the idea of a bright future with her natural tendency to daydream her way through life.

And then, when she was fifteen, her X-gene activated. Though she knows her parents love her, she still hasn't been able to bring herself to tell them. After all, she's heard so many stories of people whose families turned on them…

Accepted into a prestigious design school after graduating high school, Hikari tries to balance her responsibilities to her family and her future with the knowledge that she's probably going to get dragged into crazy misadventures by fate or friendship. At least she'll always go into battle looking fabulous.

Character Details

The Anti-Nihilist

This is the sort of character that goes by doctrines along the lines of "Don't cling to pain. Don't expect happiness. Don't fear loss. Accept reality as it is. Enjoy the good. Endure the bad. Don't make a big deal out of anything. Be selfless, and unconditionally kind and just, without ever expecting a reward. We're all going to end up as piles of dust, so why not be nice to each other and get those pleasant fuzzies?"

Kicking Ass In All Her Finery

Who says that being an ass-whupping Action Girl means you can't wear feminine, pretty, opulent clothes? In some works, the two can go hand-in-awesome-but-elegant-hand.

Wannabe Yamato Nadeshiko

Being a yamato nadeshiko revolved around the Confucian concepts of Feudal Loyalty and Filial Piety, which in the latest wave of Confucian revival meant acting for the benefit of one's family and obeying and assisting authority figures (father, husband, sometimes father-in-law or older brothers, as well as older and/or more respected females). Virtues include(d) loyalty, domestic ability, wisdom, maturity, and humility. Hikari would like to be that kind of admirable woman.


Image Name Relation Information
Caitlin Fairchild Client/Friend "I … no one's ever asked me to model before. I mean, fashion model. I do modelling on my computer, I mean."
Captain America Client "What's it like, in Mutant Town? I mean, we had places like Little Chinatown, which people liked and preferred, but I wanted to make sure it was that and not people feeling pressured to make their home here against their will or something."
Constantine Mysterious Stranger "So've you got people teaching you how to manage this? Because it's dangerous, luv. Putting those bits of you out where people — things — can get at them, it's just begging for accidents."
Groot Happy Tree Friend / Spiritual Leader "I am Groot?"
Rocket Raccoon Technical Mastermind "…oh, guess that was the wrong bomb. I should really label these things."
Star-Lord What the Hell, Man "Well. That went well!"

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