Renee Montoya
Detective Montoya
Portrayed by Mercedes Masohn
Full Name Renee Maria Montoya
Age 31
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Amber
Hair Brunette
Skin Olive
Factions GCPD


More homicide convictions than the rest of the GCPD combined.


Hard-boiled detective who never takes no for an answer. Often in trouble with her own police department. Drinks and smokes like she's racing to see whether liver failure or cancer will kill her first.


Renee Maria Montoya was born to two second generation immigrant parents in Jersey. In other words, she's American through and through. She grew up in a neighborhood that was a little rough and discovered that she both had the desire to clean it up and astrong fondness for sticking her nose into other people's business.

Growing up, after numerous times of having her butt kicked, Renee decided to join the polce department. She was a very successful beat cop and recommended quickly for detective training, went to college while she was working, and soon ended up solving real crimes for the GCPD. They haunted her and not being able to solve them all haunted her more so she turned to drinking.

Having been reprimanded and lost a promotion due to her drinking Renee fell in with the Question. She helped him solve some of the bigger mysteries of the city and he got her training in unarmed combat and offered support in her dealings with organized crime.

Right now, Renee is still drinking and still on the beat. That might not last long.

Character Details

Renee is a quietly sarcastic, serious woman with a dry sense of humour and a bit of an asocial personality. She'll sometimes ignore what a person is saying because she's seen a clue and she isn't the biggest socializer. She's also devoted to protecting innocents and can't let a mystery go, something which has caused her a lot of distress.


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