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October 01, 2018: Thieves

The Red Hood stops some thieves from a pawnshop robbery, but not all is what it seems.

(permalink: log:8064 | tags: from_the_ashes red_hood | posted: 01 Oct 2018 22:58)

September 05, 2018: A Deli Undone

Damian's workday is interrupted by a very lame message.

(permalink: log:7919 | tags: damian_wayne red_hood | posted: 06 Sep 2018 04:21)

September 01, 2018: A Knife With Your Name On It

The Red Hood comes after Batgirl, and leaves a message for Batman.

(permalink: log:7898 | tags: batgirl red_hood | posted: 02 Sep 2018 05:29)

July 31, 2018: The Teamup That Wasn't

When Red Hood goes to try to get a lead on the Joker from his ex-girlfriend, it goes sideways. Because, of course, it does.

(permalink: log:7759 | tags: harley red_hood | posted: 31 Jul 2018 16:36)

May 20, 2018: In the Witching Hour, Part 1

Alice Walker, with Red Hood as escort, comes to strike a bargain with Enchantress.

(permalink: log:7422 | tags: alchemist enchantress_m gotham red_hood sensation | posted: 21 May 2018 00:30)

April 24, 2018: Catharsis

Bruce meets Jason in the Batcave as agreed weeks before. The two beat each other down (Or Jason does, at least). Alice stows away and watches.

(permalink: log:7300 | tags: alchemist batman red_hood | posted: 24 Apr 2018 09:31)

March 30, 2018: Revelations Over Bacon

Alice lets Jason and her daughter know she's allied with the Justice League to protect their family.

(permalink: log:7188 | tags: alchemist red_hood | posted: 31 Mar 2018 05:53)

March 23, 2018: For a Fix

Personalities clash as Owen Mercer goes back to Alice Walker for a fix, Jessica Jones goes to try to clear up Walker's status, and Jason Todd mostly tries to stay out of everyone's way.

(permalink: log:7150 | tags: alchemist boomerang jessica_jones red_hood | posted: 24 Mar 2018 06:28)

March 04, 2018: The Wayward Son Returns

Jason has issues with Bruce. LOTS of issues. Like any good father, he wants to talk… and it turns into a gunfight.

Only in Gotham.

(permalink: log:7047 | tags: batman red_hood spoiler | posted: 05 Mar 2018 19:54)

February 18, 2018: Secrets

Jason Todd visits Alice in the hospital. And shares some secrets.

(permalink: log:6956 | tags: red_hood sensation | posted: 19 Feb 2018 02:34)

February 11, 2018: Fancy Meeting You Here

Alice meets Jason Todd for the first time. She doesn't know he's the Red Hood, but he knows her secret.

(permalink: log:6954 | tags: red_hood sensation | posted: 19 Feb 2018 00:17)

February 11, 2018: 'Recruiting' Sensation

Professor Zoom needs to do more with less time. Sensation is recruited to help.

(permalink: log:6921 | tags: breaking_the_universe monet professor_zoom red_hood sensation | posted: 12 Feb 2018 15:31)

February 05, 2018: Kansas Girls Are Easy

Kara meets potential new friends while admiring the Empire State Building.

(permalink: log:6889 | tags: m red_hood supergirl | posted: 05 Feb 2018 07:10)

February 02, 2018: The Worm in a Big Fat Apple

Batman learns the Joker has been busy in New York, and goes to take him down…. and ends up in the middle of pure Gotham exported Gang War.

(permalink: log:6884 | tags: batman joker red_hood resurgence sensation the_worm_fat_apple witchdoctor | posted: 03 Feb 2018 13:15)

January 31, 2018: HoM: Hub One

Batman, Red Hood, and the Sensation family work to deal with the aftermath of the prison massacre, with round the clock rescue efforts in the middle of a crackdown

(permalink: log:6875 | tags: batman hom red_hood sensation | posted: 01 Feb 2018 04:44)

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