Red Hood
the Red Hood
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
Full Name Jason Peter Todd
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Greyish Blue
Hair Black with a White Streak
Skin Caucasian



The Red Hood is an uncompromising vigilante who is likely to put bullets in you as look at you. He has a particular hatred for those who prey on kids and seems to be even more brutal than the Batman. Word on the street is he's more like that Punisher guy, I.E. He kills people! Has a penchant for guns and explosions, rather than the hand to hand combat the rest of the Bat Family uses.


Jason Peter Todd was born on the streets of Gotham to Willis Todd, a small-time criminal, and Catherine Todd, a drug addict. Willis was in and out of lock up constantly, and Catherine was always looking for her next score, so Jason had to fend for himself. He grew up fast, engaging in petty crime just to survive. When he was old enough, Jason began to boost cars to take them to chop shops or steal a part of them while the owners were away. This practice would change his life when one night he found the Batmobile parked in crime alley. Jason managed to get two of the wheels off before the Batman arrived to see what was happening to his vehicle. Impressed by Jason's audacity, Batman took the young boy to an orphanage and set him up there, but they both found the Orphanage wanting as the place was a front for a drug ring. Seeing as Jason had nowhere to go, and if he continued on this path he would go to prison, Bruce Wayne took Jason in as an adopted son and turned him into the second Robin.

At first, Jason seemed very similar to the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Yet over time, Batman noticed Jason's higher brutality and extreme rage. He was a talented crime fighter but seemed to be almost relishing the opportunity to lash out at the criminal element of Gotham City. Batman still valued Jason's work though, referring to Jason as his soldier.

The partnership of Jason and Bruce would come to an end, however, thanks to the machinations of the Joker. Jason was tricked into following the Joker to the middle east, following up on a lead relating to Jason's supposed birth mother. Jason left Bruce behind, attempting to prove he could handle the Joker by himself. Unfortunately, he was captured by the Joker, who tortured him for days before beating him almost fully to death with a crowbar and then blowing up the building Jason was in just as Batman arrived to save him.

Batman brought Jason's body home, burying him in the family graveyard on the Wayne Manor estate. Unbeknownst to Bruce, the League of Assassins, working under orders from Talia al Ghul, smuggled Jason's body away. Talia, wanting to do something to relieve the pain Bruce was going through, put Jason into a Lazarus pit and brought him back to life. Jason took a long time to regain his full faculties, and in that time Batman had found a new Robin. Jason was enraged. He convinced Talia to train him as an assassin, giving him all the training they imparted to Bruce during his time before becoming Batman. In this time, Talia gave Jason his Kris blade, the knife of the Assassin's made from a sharp alloy of steel and forged in the shape of a flame.

Jason has now returned to Gotham as the Red Hood, where he has made a name for himself as an uncompromising vigilante. In an attempt to control the growth of crime in Gotham, he has killed several of the larger drug lords, stealing their money and resources for himself. He tangled with the Bat Family multiple times in the past, and then seemed to disappear. Now he has returned though, proudly wearing the Bat Symbol on his chest. Time will see what his plan could possibly be now…

Character Details

Loud, Proud, Angry, and sardonic. Jason likes to talk and make fun of his opponents. Bull-headed and headstrong, but very capable.


Image Name Relation Information
Lena Snart Complicated Can't figure out if I want to run away with you or arrest you
Batman Mentor You trained me, and taught me everything I know. You failed me. Now it's my turn to grow better than you.

Theme Song

RP Logs & Journals

February 06, 2019: No Mercy

A group of Gothamites, plus the Punisher, investigate a missing persons case in the Narrows. They find far more and far worse than they expected. Language warning. (Emits by Nate).

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February 05, 2019: Coming Back To You

Jason and Lena continue to deal with their relationship. Badly.

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February 01, 2019: No Redemption

A cold winter night someone, something attacks Ryker's Island. Supervillains are expected loose and heroes are called to assist. (Emits by Nate)

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January 24, 2019: Cuddly Is A Word

After the shootout at the Big Belly Burger, Jason and Lena have some talks.

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January 23, 2019: Cheeseburger Standoff

Fun times are had at the local Big Belly Burger.

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January 19, 2019: A Walk in the Park

Jason and Lena take a short walk before he goes on patrol. Lena asks him a very important question.

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January 17, 2019: The Things You Want

Begrudgingly, Jason accepts some aid from a stubborn Lena.

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January 16, 2019: Peter Gabriel Would Have Been Better

Dinner turns exciting (and frustrating) for Jason and Lena.

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January 15, 2019: Tin Roof Adoption

Jason visits Selina for some advice. Ends up with a new pet.

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January 15, 2019: Nice Chat

Red Hood meets with someone who's asking specifically for him.

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January 06, 2019: The Middle of the Cinnamon Roll

In dire need of a drink, Lena runs into Jason Todd.

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January 04, 2019: Now You Know

After Jason and Lena escape the Hand, Jason realizes something the Bat could never fully explain.

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January 04, 2019: Super Awesome Ninja Party

After the horrible events that went down during a botched thieving against Sionis, Lena runs into two very unexpected allies. Oh, and there are ninjas.

(permalink: log:8326 | tags: captain_cold_l deathstroke gotham red_hood | posted: 06 Jan 2019 06:43)

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