Portrayed by
Full Name Unknown
Age 30
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes None
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian


Reader usually works behind the scenes for stuff, so doesn't have a real Claim to Fame


Not really known to the general public. Is known among the Inhuman community, mostly known as a loner, he does jobs for people, and then just goes off on his own again. Inhumans do know, you do not mess with Forey though.


  • Born in the city of Orollan, Reader lived an average Inhuman lifestyle.
  • When he underwent terrigenesis, it was unknown what his powers were at first. No one was able to figure them out.
  • That night he was reading Fahrenheit 451, and accidentally started a fire in his house because of that, he was the only one to survive.
  • Once the elders of the Lor Tribe realized what his powers where, they ended up taking his eyes, preventing him from reading.
  • Of course after that he ended up learning how to deal with the blindness for a while after that. And he even managed to find a dog that was wandering around Orollan, that ended up being his Seeing Eye Dog, Forey.
  • Once he learned enough that he could for Orollan, he ended up leaving that place, cause F them, they took his freaking eyes!
  • Reader spent time wandering around the world after that, and eventually found a way to read once again, using braille.
  • He did some more wandering, and eventually found Ennilux and started working for them.
  • Then the Terrigen mist happened, and Reader ended up being a recruiter for Ennilux.

Character Details

Reader puts on his the just doing a job act a lot. But he has been shown to actually care about people. He has been willing to sacrifice himself for others in the past, and yes is willing to do it again. Sure it takes a while for him to get close enough to a person to do that, but hey he is willing. He tries to keep himself calm at all times, especially under pressure. He does like to keep his own emotions locked away, essentially making Reader tough to read.


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