Portrayed by James McAvoy
Full Name Tom Judge
Age 28
Height 6'1"
Build Tall and thin
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Occult


Bad ideas, bad decisions: these are the things that Tom Judge's life is made of.


Tom Judge really doesn't look like much, and he's about the least heroic that anyone might choose to apply the word to — but if things go to Hell, literally — he's exactly who you'd want to help you. He might ask you to pay, though. A man's got to eat.


It wouldn't be difficult to look at the sum of Thomas Judge's life and observe that, from his birth, to his training in the priesthood, to his eventual running of a parish, life probably hummed along at an excitement and 'unusual events' level of about a one. Maybe a two on particularly thrilling sermon days.

That all changed the day he met a man who asked him a simple question. Tom gave him a simple answer: "Look into your heart. You know what to do."

And things quickly spiked to one hundred.

The man killed his wife in a brutal attack, then himself and his children. Tom's perfect life fell apart — he lost his faith in God, left the church, and hit rock-bottom, becoming a dirty, unshaven, drunken womanizer that, a year earlier, he himself would've deplored in any number of sermons — unable to cope with the guilt of what had happened.

This lead to what could be best described as a bizarre series of events, starting with finding one of the Thirteen Artifacts — the Rapture — to demons trying to kill him, possibly because of that self-same find, and the meeting of a woman who would go onto instruct him on just what it was he had acquired and how to use it.

The Rapture 101, if you would.

Shit's gotten real since then. Sure, he can transform into a nigh-indestructible brimstone creature and slay demons with his bare hands. He can step into Hell at any time he desires (sidebar: he tries very, very hard to avoid doing that). He set himself up as a barely-functioning private detective, using his ability to see the last moments of the dead to get a leg up. But none of that helps with the guilt, and it definitely doesn't pay the rent.

On the plus side, he's at rock bottom. There's only upwards from here — right?

Character Details


Tom is a man who has been utterly, thoroughly broken. He's trying to claw his way back into something that could be described as 'remade', but it'd be a half-truth at best. The truth is, despite the powers he's been recently bestowed, he still relies on the old hat to get by — drinking, womanizing — to dull the pain and guilt surrounding his parishioner's violent murder of his family.

There's still a great big hollow — and a lot of anger — about his loss of faith. The fact that Hell is real (and he can now go there and save souls) is a considerable stone-into-a-pond situation that he hasn't quite dealt with yet. It's all just too much for a man that until recently lived a life of comparative shelter from the violence and realities of the world.


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