Portrayed by James McAvoy
Full Name Tom Judge
Age 28
Height 6'1"
Build Tall and thin
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Occult


Bad ideas, bad decisions: these are the things that Tom Judge's life is made of.


Tom Judge really doesn't look like much, and he's about the least heroic that anyone might choose to apply the word to — but if things go to Hell, literally — he's exactly who you'd want to help you. He might ask you to pay, though. A man's got to eat.


It wouldn't be difficult to look at the sum of Thomas Judge's life and observe that, from his birth, to his training in the priesthood, to his eventual running of a parish, life probably hummed along at an excitement and 'unusual events' level of about a one. Maybe a two on particularly thrilling sermon days.

That all changed the day he met a man who asked him a simple question. Tom gave him a simple answer: "Look into your heart. You know what to do."

And things quickly spiked to one hundred.

The man killed his wife in a brutal attack, then himself and his children. Tom's perfect life fell apart — he lost his faith in God, left the church, and hit rock-bottom, becoming a dirty, unshaven, drunken womanizer that, a year earlier, he himself would've deplored in any number of sermons — unable to cope with the guilt of what had happened.

This lead to what could be best described as a bizarre series of events, starting with finding one of the Thirteen Artifacts — the Rapture — to demons trying to kill him, possibly because of that self-same find, and the meeting of a woman who would go onto instruct him on just what it was he had acquired and how to use it.

The Rapture 101, if you would.

Shit's gotten real since then. Sure, he can transform into a nigh-indestructible brimstone creature and slay demons with his bare hands. He can step into Hell at any time he desires (sidebar: he tries very, very hard to avoid doing that). He set himself up as a barely-functioning private detective, using his ability to see the last moments of the dead to get a leg up. But none of that helps with the guilt, and it definitely doesn't pay the rent.

On the plus side, he's at rock bottom. There's only upwards from here — right?

Character Details


Tom is a man who has been utterly, thoroughly broken. He's trying to claw his way back into something that could be described as 'remade', but it'd be a half-truth at best. The truth is, despite the powers he's been recently bestowed, he still relies on the old hat to get by — drinking, womanizing — to dull the pain and guilt surrounding his parishioner's violent murder of his family.

There's still a great big hollow — and a lot of anger — about his loss of faith. The fact that Hell is real (and he can now go there and save souls) is a considerable stone-into-a-pond situation that he hasn't quite dealt with yet. It's all just too much for a man that until recently lived a life of comparative shelter from the violence and realities of the world.


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RP Logs & Journals

September 15, 2018: Jackie's Narco Playlist

It's nothing close to a party, when the Angelus attacks The Darkness, The Rapture, The Magdalena, Doctor Strange, and Ripclaw. Except, you know, music.

(permalink: log:7979 | tags: chip darkness dewm doctor_strange magdalena nyc rapture ripclaw | posted: 16 Sep 2018 23:41)

August 25, 2018: Your Own Personal Hellmouth

Flamebird tries to stop what looks like an everyday theft which quickly gets out of control when the stolen item in question is Tom Judge's mystical demon summoning artifact.

(permalink: log:7863 | tags: flamebird rapture | posted: 26 Aug 2018 12:02)

July 28, 2018: Visitations

A stone, a spear, a cross. And angel makes four.

(permalink: log:7748 | tags: adara_hong dewm magdalena nyc rapture | posted: 29 Jul 2018 13:38)

July 02, 2018: Smoke and Alcohol

Dani goes looking for Tom after the majority of the blowing up in HK has completed.

(permalink: log:7629 | tags: moonstar rapture | posted: 07 Jul 2018 00:52)

July 02, 2018: The Boy Who Chose the Chase

A poor kid, late teens to early twenties, was hunted down and killed in the streets of the East End by a myserious new killer. Heroes and vigilantes appear to investigate.

(permalink: log:7618 | tags: arrow_and_claw batman catwoman grifter gwen_bell nightwing rapture scandal_savage | posted: 04 Jul 2018 19:03)

June 30, 2018: Waystation

Vivienne comes across Tom Judge and offers him a temporary port in the storm.

(permalink: log:7591 | tags: know_my_name magdalena nyc rapture | posted: 01 Jul 2018 03:31)

June 29, 2018: Blowin' Up the Kitchen: Part 3

Death and destruction reign in Hell's Kitchen as a mass bombing rages. These are the tales of the heroes who took the top of the kitchen.

(permalink: log:7587 | tags: angela boomerang dr._jane_foster foggy_nelson hercules kingpin know_my_name moonstar punisher rapture sister_grimm spider-man the_winter_soldier | posted: 30 Jun 2018 05:13)

June 10, 2018: What You Believe

Vivienne meets up with Tom Judge, Caitlin arrives and the women sit and talk of faith and the faithful.

(permalink: log:7516 | tags: fairchild magdalena nyc rapture | posted: 11 Jun 2018 04:22)

May 18, 2018: The Magic Sword

Ne breaks into Tom's apartment to steal a magic sword, but gets a job offer instead.

(permalink: log:7421 | tags: neon rapture | posted: 20 May 2018 00:34)

May 06, 2018: A Seat at the Table

Tom's trying to work. Donna invites herself to his table.

(permalink: log:7359 | tags: donna_troy nyc rapture | posted: 07 May 2018 04:31)

May 05, 2018: The Doctor and the Judge

Tom is looking for a thing he carelessly lost. Vivienne helps despite Tom's unwelcoming nature.

(permalink: log:7352 | tags: lotl rapture | posted: 07 May 2018 00:36)

April 15, 2018: Gunshots & Groceries

Lara Croft and Tom Judge run into one another on a New York street. Soon after they're assaulted by a Demonic creature!

(permalink: log:7264 | tags: lara_croft rapture | posted: 16 Apr 2018 04:52)

March 30, 2018: Apropos of Nothing

The Magdalena and The Rapture talk at cross purposes. As they do.

(permalink: log:7191 | tags: magdalena nyc rapture | posted: 01 Apr 2018 04:19)

March 23, 2018: The Absent-minded Curator

Ripclaw takes The Magdalena to meet the Curator. Later, they run into The Rapture. Waffles are had.

(permalink: log:7195 | tags: dewm magdalena nyc rapture ripclaw | posted: 02 Apr 2018 21:36)

March 23, 2018: Face Value

Following a conversation with Magdalena, a morning with Robert and Tom

(permalink: log:7179 | tags: dewm rapture ripclaw | posted: 30 Mar 2018 15:10)

March 18, 2018: You're a Tilly

Tom and Vivienne have some questions for Robert.

(permalink: log:7125 | tags: dewm magdalena nyc rapture ripclaw | posted: 20 Mar 2018 14:21)

March 17, 2018: Pub Crawl / Its Raining Heads

A St. Patrick's Day Pub crawl turns into a fight between mystical mayhem and nightmares and things!

(permalink: log:7116 | tags: dewm lara_croft magdalena nyc rapture ripclaw witchblade | posted: 19 Mar 2018 18:30)

March 16, 2018: Leggo My Eggo

Now with less breakfast food and more demon. The Magdalena and The Rapture run into each other.

(permalink: log:7109 | tags: magdalena nyc rapture | posted: 17 Mar 2018 23:13)

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