Portrayed by
Full Name Pietro Maximoff
Age 26
Height 6'0"
Build Lean
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Skin Caucasian
Factions Brotherhood

Claim to Fame

The son of Magneto, the twin of Scarlet Witch, and a really fast guy.


Among certain mutant communities — the ones not so friendly towards the base human race — there is talk sometimes of the twins. One's a witch, they say, and the other just a silver blur, and they're never seen apart.


Born in a village in Transia in 1991, the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff grew up under the shadow of the region's intolerance and instability following the dissolution of the USSR. They were raised by a single mother who refused to speak of their father, except that he had left shortly after their birth.

Life in rural Transia was not kind to a single mother, nor to the children of one, but the small family muddled along well enough until the twins' teenage years. This was when their mutant abilities first began to manifest. At first they were understated enough that they could hide — intolerance towards mutants was a real risk — but eventually and inevitably, they were discovered.

It was Wanda they came for first. Their mother tried to defend her, but in the struggle she was hurt — and Wanda, seeing this, lost control of her nascent powers.

Hex-fire burns faster and hotter than normal fire, and Pietro was still young and new to his own powers himself. He saved Wanda from the flames, but he could not also save their mother.

The village drove them out, calling Wanda a witch for what she had done. Alone now in the world except for one another, the twins survived their way across Europe for years, relying on no one but themselves, and growing increasingly hardened against a world that seemed to reject their very existences. In time they made their way to America, and by their late teens were living underground among the mutant community.

It was there that they first began to hear of the Brotherhood and its fight for mutant rights. Pietro and Wanda eventually fell in with the group, running with them up until Magneto's withdrawal from the idea of war splintered the faction.

After Magneto's departure, the organization was a shadow of what it had been, its membership split between those who wanted to carry on war against humankind, and those who espoused Magneto's new creed revolving more around a fight for mutant rights. After the persecution they had suffered, the twins rejected the latter, and remained with the more extremist factions of the Brotherhood.

They are currently embedded in a militant cell of the Brotherhood, unaware that they are in truth following the legacy of the father they never knew.

NOTE: New player as of November 2017.

Character Details

The nature of Pietro's mutation informs his personality. When you're able to live life orders of magnitude more quickly than everyone else, impatience is an inevitable result. Trapped in the midst of people who move, think, act, and speak way too slowly, Pietro has become an abrasive and irritable young man, quick to anger and often immensely frustrated by the smallest things. His ability to stay hundreds of steps in front of everyone else has also bred in him a cocky, overconfident arrogance, which can often be turned to his disadvantage.

The only person who escapes his tendency towards impatient callousness is his twin sister. Wanda coaxes out the expression of the other major facet of his personality: fierce loyalty and devotion, which sees him dedicated slavishly to her well beyond any healthy closeness, and into the realms of severe codependency.


Image Name Relation Information
eAOsull.png Wanda Maximoff Twin Everything.
bls43sn.jpg Everyone Else Who? Losers.



RP Logs & Journals

January 20, 2018: Eisenhardt Family Day

The twins, Wanda and Pietro, visit Genosha for the first time. Revelations happen. Magneto emitted by Nate.

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January 19, 2018: Family by Blood

Lorna decides to track down Pietro for a chat. The two somewhat bond over their possible relation and Pietro agrees to come to Genosha

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