Portrayed by Will Tudor
Full Name Simon Lasker
Age 21
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Skin Light
Factions X-Men



Having once been mind-controlled into being a mutant terrorist, there's quite a few bad marks on Simon's sheet. That said, it was confirmed he WAS being controlled, so he only gets the odd look every once in awhile in his new position as Good Guy.


Simon was born 21 years ago to a pair of nice, well off reform jews— Rachel and Adam Lasker. For much of his childhood, things were easy and peaceful with him. He was popular at school, did sports, had decent though not exceptional grades, and had very little in the way of drama in his life. Then again, he grew up in a west coast liberal bastion so when he cameout as 14 no one really cared a lot, especially since he was a jock who could take care of himself. That all changed when he was 16, when someone decided to really try to get a bully on, and… it did not end well. It did not end well for anyone in the school, as the whole school burned down and most people didn't survive.

That haunts him to this day, in more then one way: he's wanted, and he grieves.

But he didn't grieve right away. A mysterious figure approached him as he fled, and convinced him to join his organization, an organization whose purpose was to free mutants and mutantkind. Unknown to himself, Simon— who the figure named Pyro— was being mind-controlled to join. That began the dark years, Four Years of Terror, where Simon was the terrorist. Not the whole time, of course, he had much training to do, in how to master his powers, control them, but… every so often, he did the unthinkable.

Until the X-Men captured and broke up the organization, and it was found Simon was under mind control. He was taken into Xavier's for psychic recover and eventually allowed to stay and train with the team; recently, he's been named one of them.

Character Details

Simon laughs easy and enjoys life, until something reminds him too much of the darkness and then he begins to brood. If kept out of brooding, things go well; if allowed to settle, he will be apt to boil over. But those are unusual circumstances. He's more often then not either relaxed or watching goings on with a curious smile, at least when its not time to settle business: that he takes very seriously.


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