Professor Zoom
Professor Zoom
Portrayed by Matthew Letscher
Full Name Eobard Thawne
Age 35
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde, white when using the Negative Speed Force
Skin Caucasian
Factions None, yet.


The only currently known user of the negative Speed Force; one of the fastest men alive


A New Speedster on Earth-626, Professor Zoom is a relative unknown. He's fast, though.


Eobard Thawnes life from the moment he was born… was struggle.

Growing up in an apocalyptic future of Earth-65869, Eobard learned early on that their Kree Masters had taken Earth as a strategic outpost in their war against the Skrulls centuries ago, after a costly war between the Justice Lords and Galactus ruined Earth.

One thing had led to another, and the Flash ended up making a costly mistake, which ruined their strategy. Realizing their mistake too late, the Justice Lords released their 'supervillain' prison (what was left of them) to give the team a chance against Galactus. In the end… they both lost, and the planet became a Kree outpost within the year, the Empire rebuilding the planet with their terraforming technology… but keeping the humans as slaves.

Eobard Thawne was born four hundred years after the Earth was conquered, into one of the few free colonies, and from his early teens, dedicated his life to finding a way to saving his lost planet. Finding the history of the Flash an inspiration, Eobard spent the next decade traveling on the surface and below it, finding the lost history of Earth… trying to piece together the event which created the Flash. Eventually, his search struck the holy grail; an original holographic diary of the Flash himself under the ruins of the Hall of Justice. Eobard eagerly started the process. Or rather, he tried to start it… but he couldn't hope to have access to the same chemicals the original Flash used, so he had to substitute. When he tried to run, his energy was /red/, not the yellow of the original Flash. It was a strange feeling, going at superspeed. Taking the original Flashes ring, Eobard repaired the ring, and modified the suit within. Now, Eobard had to learn how to use this new power, and who better to practice on?

For the next several years, Eobard spent his time hiding, running, and fighting a one man war against the Kree garrison. The Kree became easy practice over the years, with a resistance movement eventually forming out of the wreckage.

None of it mattered. The war was long since lost.

Taking his power, Eobard went back to the original war against Galactus… and found that no matter what he did, The Justice Lords would not accept him, and the Flash was locked into his actions. Hundreds of time jumps, failed.

Eventually, Eobard came to realize his Earth… was doomed.

So he left. He opened a dimensional rift, and hurled himself into the chaotic landscape of the multiverse, content to find a world where Galactus was galaxies away.

Character Details

Driven, capable… hateful. Eobard Thawne comes across as cold and calculating. Professor Zoom has a deep hatred for superheroes and their shortsightedness. He enjoys torturing and ruining the lives of superheroes, gaining deep satisfaction in getting substitute revenge… but he's particularly revenge obsessed with the Flash; all of them. He particularly loves to ruin their lives, torture them… and kill them, in the end.


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