Power Man
Power Man
Portrayed by Mike Colter
Full Name Luke Cage
Age 34
Height 6'6"
Build Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Black
Factions The Defenders


Protector of Harlem


Level-headed and down to Earth, with a heart that's loyal to Harlem and future wife.


Growing up on the streets of Harlem breeds miscreant children. Thankfully, Luke (or Carl Lucas at the time) grew out of it and thought to improve and protect the streets he grew up on. Unfortunately, all his good deeds got him was framed for a crime he didn’t commit and thrown into Seagate Prison. There, he was forced into sport fighting if he wanted his incarceration to go smoothly. The only saving grace was the prison psychologist who won his heart, Reva Connors, whom after he got into a spot of trouble that left him near-dead, ended up saving his life by getting him included in meta-human testing that left him (after some sabatoge) with super strength, impenetrable skin, and in the wind.

She helps Carl Lucas become Luke Cage, respectable bar owner before dying in a questionable bus accident that left him gutted. In the meantime, he’s still protecting Harlem the only way he knows how: as a vigilante.

Character Details

Warm and even charismatic, he's generally just a Nice Guy. Though he's had a shady past, he genuinely seems intent on doing right by his neighborhood of Harlem even if that means bending a few standard rules to get things done. Even with a propensity to put others before himself, he's still guarded and slow to trust. Oh. And don't mess with his bar. He's really defensive of his bar.


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