Portrayed by LornaDane
Full Name Lorna Sally Dane
Age 21
Height 5'7
Build Tall and slim
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-men

Claim to Fame

Lorna is a known magnokinetic, second only to Magneto in terms of her powers and control. Previously a student of the Xavier Institute and a member of the X-men.


Lorna has a reputation of being a studious student, and steadfast in her dedication to her training. She is known for having a finesse when it comes to control over her powers and for thinking creatively when it comes to their uses.

That said, she has always been given the side eye for how similar her powers are to Magneto's. Yet no one else truly knows of her heritage, and it is not something she's likely to share openly either.

While she was known previously at the Xavier Institute, once she graduated, she went off on her own for several years, and has taken time away from her duties as an active team member.


Lorna Dane was born to Suzanna Dane, and was told to believe, that her father was Suzanna's husband, Arnold Dane. When Lorna was little, Arnold took the two to a private plane, where he used the chance to confront his wife about her not-so-secret affair. This led to a fight between the two. Lorna's powers manifested, and she ripped the plane apart. Both Arnold and Suzanna, died in the plane crash, leaving little Lorna the sole survivor, her hair having changed to green with the manifestation of her powers.

Lorna was then raised by Arnold's sister and husband, and was raised to believe they were her parents until she graduated high school at the Xavier Institute.

She spent her high school years at the Institute after being discovered by Cerebro and spent her time training, all the time wondering why her powers were all too similar to a certain leader of the Brotherhood. Yet she learned to deal with the side long looks and wary glances now and then aimed her way.

After graduating from the Institute she abruptly left, determined to gain a college degree and live a normal life. On her eighteenth birthday her adoptive parents told her that she was adopted, as well as informing her that her 'real' parents had been killed in a plane crash. After discovering that she was adopted, Lorna was led to question her life further, and started to dig into her mother's past. Eventually, she discovered that it wasn't just her powers that she shared with Magneto, but also her blood. Magneto himself confirming this, though it would take a paternity test for her to truly believe it.

She spent a few weeks on and off with him immediately after, but hasn't actually seen or heard from her father for years. This has led to severe abandonment issues, and hasn't helped her increasingly poor attitude.

Character Details

Lorna is a woman of strong emotions and feels everything keenly. She never minces words or tries to keep her temper in check when it comes to topics she feels passionate about. Though shes always willing to listen to advice and take stock of a situation, she isnt one for sitting on the sidelines when people she cares about are in danger.

Lorna is quick to anger, and forgive. Just as easy to gain a smile from her as it is to bring tears to her eyes. She is wary of people that she first meets however (both human and mutant) once you gain her loyalty it's for better or worse. Lorna stands by those that have earned her trust. Her moral standpoint leaving her quick to defend that people can be both good and evil. Never wholly one or the other.


Image Name Relation Information
Eclipse Boyfriend Decidedly the person Lorna trusts the most in the world at any given moment. When she fell for Marcos Diaz, she fell hard. The fact that the young man hasn't run screaming in terror with each new revelation she throws his way, is perhaps one of the main reasons she loves him so. Though Lorna rarely says it outloud, Marcos hold her heart wholly and completely.
Pietro Half-Sibling? Lorna doesn't really know her half siblings, and only through alternative worlds has she found out they might actually be related. Having only met Pietro though, she feels their actions are her responsibility. (It's complicated)
Magneto Father Lorna's relationship, such as it can be described, with her father is complicated. She both despises him, and what he stands for, as much as she desperately wants some kind of a relationship with him in some way. She feels abandoned by his distance throughout her life. All of which is made worse by the fact that she has met alternative versions that aren't horrible people..
Alex Summers Ex-Boyfriend Alex was Lorna's first serious boyfriend and the two dated for some time. However misunderstandings, unstable powers, and shocking personal reveals left the two on unstable ground. The two broke it off and went to separate colleges.

RP Logs & Journals

January 20, 2018: Plushie Kittens Not Knives

Jean follows through on her threat to visit Lorna.

(permalink: log:6809 | tags: phoenix polaris | posted: 21 Jan 2018 04:00)

January 20, 2018: Eisenhardt Family Day

The twins, Wanda and Pietro, visit Genosha for the first time. Revelations happen. Magneto emitted by Nate.

(permalink: log:6808 | tags: greb magneto polaris quicksilver scarlet_witch x-man | posted: 21 Jan 2018 03:06)

January 19, 2018: The Return of Eclipse

Marcos returns and Lorna isn't okay.

(permalink: log:6806 | tags: eclipse polaris | posted: 20 Jan 2018 18:26)

January 19, 2018: Family by Blood

Lorna decides to track down Pietro for a chat. The two somewhat bond over their possible relation and Pietro agrees to come to Genosha

(permalink: log:6804 | tags: polaris quicksilver | posted: 19 Jan 2018 21:37)

January 18, 2018: Chosen Family

Scott chats with Lorna after meeting with Magneto. A little heart to heart follows.

(permalink: log:6803 | tags: cyclops polaris | posted: 19 Jan 2018 21:21)

January 18, 2018: Proven Cycle: Cyclops and Magneto

It is time for Scott to confront Magneto about Genosha. Old enemies meet again. (Magneto spoofed by Nate)

(permalink: log:6801 | tags: cyclops greb magneto polaris x-man | posted: 18 Jan 2018 21:58)

January 17, 2018: Phone Calls To Genosha

Darcy gets a phone call from Jean, to Lorna. Jean talks about coming to Genosha

(permalink: log:6799 | tags: darce phoenix polaris | posted: 18 Jan 2018 17:15)

January 17, 2018: Robot Spiders

While in Genosha the visiting X-men end up fighting a new tech that was designed to target the citizens of Genosha: Robot spiders.

(permalink: log:6797 | tags: colossus darce greb havok magik polaris x-man x-men | posted: 17 Jan 2018 23:50)

January 16, 2018: Sand, Summers and Training

Alex comes to Genosha, Lorna and him talk and train

(permalink: log:6794 | tags: havok polaris | posted: 17 Jan 2018 00:02)

January 12, 2018: We Are Not Friends

Fabian comes to visit Lorna to 'apologize'. Emits by Cyclops

(permalink: log:6785 | tags: cyclops greb polaris | posted: 15 Jan 2018 02:46)

January 10, 2018: Portal to Genosha

Illyana and Nate come for a visit, via portal. And chat about Zealot

(permalink: log:6772 | tags: magik polaris x-man | posted: 11 Jan 2018 23:42)

January 08, 2018: Trouble in Paradise

Marcos tells Lorna he has to go to Mexico for one last job for the Cartel.

(permalink: log:6764 | tags: eclipse polaris | posted: 09 Jan 2018 03:10)

January 05, 2018: A Cloak for a Princess

While on a walk on the beach, Arthur once more chats with Lorna.

(permalink: log:6758 | tags: aquaman greb polaris | posted: 06 Jan 2018 04:28)

January 05, 2018: Chinese Food in the Tropics

Chinese food delivered to Genosha via Nate, Bobby, and Alex. Lorna is thankful.

(permalink: log:6757 | tags: greb havok iceman polaris x-man | posted: 06 Jan 2018 00:29)

January 04, 2018: Have Faith

Marcos finds Lorna a mess and tries to help her cope with the revelations Magneto previous dropped.

(permalink: log:6755 | tags: eclipse polaris | posted: 05 Jan 2018 17:01)

January 04, 2018: You Foolish Child

Lorna had to poke and pry. And she got what she had coming for her. Because the truth can be more painful than any lie. (Magneto spoofed by Nate Grey)

(permalink: log:6751 | tags: greb magneto polaris x-man | posted: 04 Jan 2018 20:39)

January 02, 2018: Psychic Defense 101

Lorna asks Nate about ways to protect her mind from those pesky telepaths. Yes, telepaths are the worst!

(permalink: log:6740 | tags: polaris x-man | posted: 02 Jan 2018 19:38)

January 02, 2018: Ice Skates and Concern

Bobby and Lorna have a chat out on the ice. Scott and Marcos join by the end.

(permalink: log:6750 | tags: cyclops eclipse iceman polaris | posted: 04 Jan 2018 18:50)

January 01, 2018: Not How New Years Should Go

Lorna finds herself sick in the bathroom on New Years and Marcos is there to cheer her up

(permalink: log:6741 | tags: eclipse polaris | posted: 02 Jan 2018 21:27)

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