Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Portrayed by
Full Name Pamela Lillian Isley
Age 26
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic and Curvy
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Varies
Factions None


World known professional criminal, eco-terrorist, true identity secret


Poison Ivy is a notorious criminal who seems to split her time between classical heists if with an occasionally grisly plant-themed edge and grisly quasi-eco-terrorism. But everyone's the hero of their own story.


Pamela Isley was an aspiring botanist on the West Coast who had the great misfortune to be the recepient of a deranged fellow's plan to see what happens when you shoot up an intern with deadly toxins. Whether due to luck, the intervention of the cosmos, or subclinical mutancy that the toxins expressed, Pamela pulled through, although her medical ordeal was enough to render her clinically dead not once but twice. After this, she attempted to piece her life back together, but things were just too erratic. She transferred to Gotham University…

And in Gotham she found out who and what she REALLY was.

After cracking open the meek-and-mild egg shell, Poison Ivy undertook a crime spree against the enemies of nature that has, really, not stopped so much as ebbed and flowed as events continued. She sees herself as a misunderstood hero. Others' opinions may vary, of course.

Character Details

Poison Ivy is, in the first case, a reaction to a normal and controlled and stable lifestyle in the pressure cooker of a STEM field coming from a high-achievement lifestyle and mentality. Pamela Isley was a tight-wound super-professional person who did everything right in life and existed under extreme stress and fear of doing the WRONG thing. Poison Ivy gives zero cares and does whatever she wants, because she has self-confidence now.

In the second case she is strongly motivated by her personal vision and feeling of protectiveness regarding the Earth and in particular its plantly residents. This is maddening in some ways for her - a source of tension and stress that motivates her, because even with all of her great power over plants and her vision, she can only do so MUCH. She CAN'T fix it all on her own, she CAN'T stop EVERY problem. Can she?

In the third case she has seen the lousy side of humanity and thinks that it is not worth much; her humanity isn't worth much; that people are cruel and vicious and mean. Any variations from this norm are just the inevitable accidents, the four-leaf-clovers in the field… but four-leaf clovers are mutants or damaged, not lucky at all, in the final sense of the word. This miserable perspective drives her to lash out, even as it also pushes her to cling desperately to the few people who do seem to have something more in them.

And finally is the soft and tender sprout at the center of her heart. She is ultimately moved by empathy and by sympathy, even if it is strange and aimed in the "wrong" directions. In the face of real innocence, a pure heart, a genuinely innocent and vulnerable person, she will back down - she will give in. Every time. And she HATES it - it feels like weakness!


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