Plastic Man
Plastic Man
Portrayed by Ben Schwartz
Full Name Patrick "Eel" O'Brian
Age 27
Height 6'1"
Build Swoledier Boy Tell 'Em
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Plastique Magnifique (White Boy Wasted)



A constantly reforming crook, Patrick "Eel" O'Brian is attempting to turn over a new leaf while coming to terms with a new lease on life that's allowing him to stretch the limits of the law as the Pliable Paladin… Plastic Man!


Patrick O'Brian was born right in the heart of Cole City. He clashed with his parental units and ended up on the streets as a child. He fell in with the wrong crowd, learned their thieving and hustling ways and grew up with a criminal's mind and intent. He became known as Eel due to his slippery nature, finding himself capable of slipping in and out of places. It also has a lot to do with his gift of gab and that slippery tongue of his. It's definitely how he managed to get himself out of trouble as a kid.

Eel worked the streets with his gangster buddies for a few years, earning a solid reputation and pulling heists that didn't involve violence or hurting others. It wasn't until they decided to pull a job at an Ace Chemicals facility did they finally hit a speed bump on their chosen professional criminal career path. Eel worked on cracking the safe while the others kept an eye out. The sudden arrival of a guard spooked the entire gang, shots were fired, the guard was killed and a tank of who-knows-what was shattered by a stray bullet. By fate or destiny or just bad luck, those wacky chemicals drenched Eel and his open gunshot wound. The gang scattered with Eel in tow but the loss of blood and their spooked nature caused the gang to toss Eel out into the elements, leaving him to die right there in the streets.

Left for dead by those putrid punks that Eel thought were his best friends in the world, Eel woke up in the care of a monastery on the outskirts of town. The monks there helped him come to terms with not being dead and the fact that he had been given extraordinary abilities. Abilities that turned him into living rubber or taffy! He found that he could stretch and contort himself in ways that were far beyond the limits of the human body.

Moving back to Cole City, Eel found out that as far as the criminal underworld knew, he was dead. Or, at least, missing. He scored himself a gig to live on and decided that he could lead the double life of Eel O'Brian and the new coming-of-age hero known as… Plastic Man!

Character Details

Patrick O'Brian is a liar, a cheat, a loser and apparently trying to be better than all of those things. A tortured soul that's been given a second chance at a life he never believed he deserved in the first place, the amount of self-awareness that Patrick has about himself is on another level. He knows that he has a lot to atone for and strives every day to make the world a better place… in his own small way. An individual that, since he's found a new purpose in life, believes that deep down inside, there's a man that just might be worth the air that he breathes. Used to breathe.

However, when Eel allows himself to fully embrace the 'Plastic Man', he becomes more of the living embodiment of a cartoon character. He's wacky, zany and filled with varying levels of humor ranging from dark to light. He fights crime with a smile on his face and lives to be the butt of all the jokes. He doesn't understand his place in the grand scheme of things, not even sure he has one, but knows that he's probably destined to use his powers for more than just killer abs and making jokes. Being the Plastic Man gives him an opportunity to fight for everything he never fought for. To care about someone other than himself. To take this second lease on life and do something good with it.

Whether it's Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian or Plastic Man, there's a light in the darkness of this jokester's soul. And he's going to spend the rest of his life trying to let it shine.


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