Portrayed by Famke Janssen
Full Name Jean Elaine Grey
Age 29
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men


"We come into this world alone, and we leave the same way. The time we spend in between — time spent alive, sharing, learning together — is all that makes life worth living."


To the world at large, Dr. Jean Grey is a mutant rights activist with a Doctorate in Medicine (specializing in genetics) and a Master's in Education. She is a faculty member at Xavier's School.
To the students, she is a caring person who always has an open door for them. She listens and empathizes. While she is not a pushover, she is a well-liked teacher who can be trusted.
To the X-Men, she is a core member who can be relied on in every way, even to the point of sacrificing herself to save others.


Jean Grey was born at Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, the daughter of John and Elaine. She was a happy child, living a good life. Until she turned ten. At that time, her best friend Annie was struck by a car. Jean's powers manifested as she held her dying friend and she felt every moment of that death. She was traumatized to say the least. With the newly awakened powers, she was constantly assaulted with the thoughts of everyone nearby and she tried to hide away. Her parents tried everything to help her then finally reached out to Professor Charles Xavier.
He was able to help her by building barriers in her mind so she could cope with the trauma as well as blocking some of her powers since they were too much for her to deal with at that time. As time passed, she came to study at his school and she was one of the original X-Men, a team he created to help try to protect other mutants.
During her time with the X-Men, she sacrificed herself to try to save them. Only, she wasn't killed but replaced by the Phoenix. In time, that entity went Dark and was supposedly killed but it it difficult to kill a Celestial being. Jean turned out be alive and was found then returned to the X-Men.
Through the years, she has been through many adventures with them. Her powers and skills have grown. The barriers that had been placed in her mind are gone and she can use her full potential in their continuing pursuit of equal rights for mutants.

Character Details

Jean is a person who is willing to do anything to help others. It's almost like a compulsion that she has to try to help. She's a good person with a big heart. She has taken on the role as hero, placing herself between the evils of the world and the good people. She does what she can but has to break the law often to do so, yet that is for the greater good. This is not to say she's a saint as she has quite the temper . But she does her best to lead by setting a good example.


The Summers-Grey Family

Image Name Summary Information
42WYtOr.jpg Scott Summers Slim You are a rock in the current.
QrYfahd.jpg Nathan Summers Nathan The future made a soldier of the child I knew.
BWxMlLf.jpg Rachel Summers Rachel Such pain follows my children across the worlds.
dOsfUX2.jpg Nate Grey Nate A well of untempered anger.
z1OecJX.jpg Hope Summers Hope Aptly named — and perhaps what Nathan needed.

The X-Men

Image Name Summary Information
ylORGiS.png Danielle Moonstar Danielle She wears strength as well as she wears her sorrow.
lPNpEDQ.jpg Lorna Dane Lorna What becomes of the lodestone that does not know which way to point?

It's Complicated

Image Name Summary Information
FiN05dW.jpg Emma Frost Emma I pity her. Perhaps that is my worst crime, in her eyes.


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