Phil Coulson
Portrayed by Clark Gregg
Full Name Phillip Coulson
Age 54
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Skin White
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D.


High-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.


A man of great integrity.


Anyone who met young Phil Coulson when he was just a boy in Manitowoc, Wisconsin probably wouldn’t have marked him as anyone who would have grown up to be anyone special. He was the only child of the Coulson family, though he lost his father at a young age and his mother before he was done with college. They were a respectable Christmas-and-Easter Catholic family. He played baseball and he was really good at it. Like many boys, he loved tales about heroes. He did well in school.

His destiny changed in college. He was a student of history with a particular interest in one organization: SHIELD. He wrote long, impassioned papers about how SHIELD had shaped history for the better. He scoured history books and old reports looking for evidence of the organization’s invisible hand behind things that had gone well. He didn’t expect this interest to go anywhere at all—he’d been prepping for a teaching career…but then agents showed up at his dorm the day before graduation and recruited him. Someone had noticed his passion.

Even as a young agent it didn’t necessarily seem, to look at him, like he was destined to be a superstar. He learned fast, and he was a solid performer, but his scores were never off any charts. He was never the best at anything nor the worst (though his reflexes, courtesy of his baseball talent, were quite good). But he soon became very good at what he did. More than that, he started showing a real capacity for leadership, the kind of integrity that can’t be taught, and an ability to roll with the punches. Over the years his clearance level continued to rise ever-higher as he became a fixture on more and more high-profile assignments.

Today, he is a level 8 agent and Nick Fury’s right hand man.

Character Details

Compassionate, warm, and laid back, with a smiling, mild-mannered demeanor and a penchant for alternating between low-key sass and dorky jokes, Phil Coulson is an easy man to underestimate.

Yet those who look beneath the surface would find a steel beneath that gentle, fatherly demeanor. Coulson has the grit and the wit to do what must be done.

Resilient and resourceful, he manages to make the best of any situation one throws him in, even situations that seem like they should be too much for him. He is adept at looking for the opportunity in the problem, whether he’s staring at a problematic person that most others would dismiss or a problematic situation that would beat most others down. He carries himself with a certain inner steadiness; while he’s not above showing a flash of temper or sharing a moment of sadness, he nevertheless gets back to center quickly so that he can get on with the next thing that needs to get done.

He’s also a shameless fanboy, but really, who’s going to hold that against him?



Mission Impossible - Lindsey Sterling and the Piano Guys

Thunderstruck - 2Cellos

Back in Black - 2Cellos

Live and Let Die - 2Cellos & Lang Lang

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Party in the CIA - Weird Al

And, highly unofficially, this.

RP Logs & Journals

October 20, 2018: The End of a Phase

Agent Rin Nakano has been trapped in a non-corporeal state for too long. Phil Coulson calls Kitty Pryde in to help.

(permalink: log:8215 | tags: agent_nakano coulson implosion shadowcat | posted: 02 Nov 2018 05:35)

October 18, 2018:

When trouble finds its way to Phil Coulson's neighbor, Rocket, Groot, and Coulson are on the job. More or less.

(permalink: log:8148 | tags: coulson groot implosion rocket | posted: 18 Oct 2018 05:11)

October 16, 2018: It's No Tahiti

Rocket and Groot find their way to Phil Coulson's safehouse. Absolutely nobody cried. Not even a little bit.

(permalink: log:8138 | tags: coulson groot implosion inferno rocket | posted: 17 Oct 2018 04:54)

September 25, 2018: Nothing's Biting but the Circumstances

Peggy and Phil talk after his violent and confusing revival.

(permalink: log:8041 | tags: agent_carter coulson implosion | posted: 26 Sep 2018 23:37)

September 24, 2018: Sufficient for the Day

Emma visits Wisconsin. Wisconsin. Wisconsin. What lengths she'll go to for one Phil Coulson.

(permalink: log:8145 | tags: coulson implosion white_queen | posted: 18 Oct 2018 01:30)

September 20, 2018: O, Lazarus

He's back from the dead, but all is not well with Phil Coulson. Agent Rin Nakano checks in.

(permalink: log:8011 | tags: agent_nakano coulson implosion | posted: 21 Sep 2018 00:58)

August 22, 2018: Ground Control to Major Coulson

Dani Moonstar and Emma Frost—the epic team up that gets Major Coulson's soul back from… wherever it went.

(permalink: log:7846 | tags: coulson moonstar white_queen | posted: 23 Aug 2018 01:44)

July 16, 2018: A Night at the Met

Backscene. The year is 2014. Coulson and Courtier are forced to intervene when a routine package pickup goes sideways.

(permalink: log:7681 | tags: coulson courtier | posted: 17 Jul 2018 01:11)

June 23, 2018: Implosion: 444

Flashback. 1993, Failaka Island, Kuwait. Phil Coulson is a 29-year old field agent rising quickly through the ranks. He and his partner, Benjamin Palmer, investigate an 0-8-4 in a mission that goes rapidly sideways. Betrayal and blood mark the night.

(permalink: log:7557 | tags: agent_carter coulson implosion seneschal | posted: 23 Jun 2018 06:37)

June 15, 2018: Deathly Deals

Dani makes a deal with Death.

(permalink: log:7548 | tags: coulson marbas moonstar | posted: 19 Jun 2018 00:17)

May 26, 2018: Unchained Melody of Freedom

Faora-UI decides to make an example out of Captain America. A certain ghostly SHIELD agent offers an assist.

(permalink: log:7440 | tags: captain_america coulson faora implosion tnp | posted: 26 May 2018 05:11)

May 25, 2018: Stars Bright and Unending

One of Phil Coulson's ghostly fugues takes him to the terrace of one Emma Frost. Her unique gifts give her a lot of insight into the state of the spy's spirit.

(permalink: log:7437 | tags: coulson implosion white_queen | posted: 26 May 2018 00:39)

May 07, 2018: Narnia Lacks WiFi

Agent Rin Nakano is still struggling with her incorporeal state. She gets a little unexpected help from an unlikely source.

(permalink: log:7363 | tags: agent_nakano coulson implosion | posted: 08 May 2018 04:03)

April 30, 2018: Deathly Visitations

Azazel, Angel of Death, drops by to casually let Dani know that Phil Coulson's soul has escaped.

(permalink: log:7326 | tags: coulson imp moonstar | posted: 01 May 2018 02:20)

April 24, 2018: Friends On the Other Side

A not quite dead Agent Phil Coulson finds himself in an unusual situation with equally unusual company.

(permalink: log:7302 | tags: coulson gentleman_ghost implosion | posted: 25 Apr 2018 04:43)

March 30, 2018: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This is during the Warehouse 13 log - Dani, after being zotted, finds herself battling for Coulson's soul.

(permalink: log:7199 | tags: coulson implosion moonstar | posted: 03 Apr 2018 03:43)

March 30, 2018: Warehouse 13

The Brotherhood attacks a secure SHIELD Warehouse. SHIELD suffers an incredible loss.

(permalink: log:7189 | tags: agent-13 agent_carter agent_nakano brotherhood coulson implosion merrow moonstar quicksilver scarlet_witch seneschal warehouse_13 | posted: 31 Mar 2018 07:25)

March 29, 2018: A Little Prayer

Forewarned of his impending death, Agent Phil Coulson chooses a particular Hell's Kitchen church to seek his Last Rites. Matt Murdock finds him there.

(permalink: log:7201 | tags: coulson daredevil implosion | posted: 03 Apr 2018 05:22)

March 28, 2018: The System is Down

A SHIELD team enters Gotham following carefully constructed clues Rin Nakano has found by tracking hackers attempting to access SHIELD personnel files.

(permalink: log:7170 | tags: agent-13 agent_nakano coulson implosion moonstar | posted: 28 Mar 2018 06:06)

March 23, 2018: There Are Two of Them

Phil Coulson plays diplomatic attache for the day. Shuri and Tony Stark meet. Tensions rise.

(permalink: log:7149 | tags: coulson implosion iron_man shuri | posted: 24 Mar 2018 05:48)

March 21, 2018: A Day in a Life Well Lived

An improbable situation prompts a sudden rescue from Ms. Marvel. Phil Coulson finds a kindred spirit.

(permalink: log:7136 | tags: coulson implosion ms._marvel tnp | posted: 22 Mar 2018 04:44)

March 15, 2018: The Department of Transitions

Sometimes, an angel hovering over a man's shoulder is a good thing. Sometimes…not so much.

(permalink: log:7103 | tags: coulson implosion moonstar tnp | posted: 16 Mar 2018 03:33)

March 15, 2018: If Anything, He's a Bother Figure

Phil Coulson goes all Triskelion Dad on Agent Sloane Albright.

(permalink: log:7098 | tags: coulson merrow | posted: 15 Mar 2018 06:15)

March 13, 2018: Cookie?

Phil and Deadpool talk over why Deadpool is at the Trisk.

(permalink: log:7093 | tags: coulson deadpool implosion | posted: 14 Mar 2018 18:58)

March 09, 2018: Phil, Eat a Snickers

A SHIELD team evaluates the evidence surrounding the threats against Peggy Carter-the-Elder's life.

(permalink: log:7073 | tags: agent-13 agent_carter agent_nakano coulson implosion | posted: 09 Mar 2018 06:54)

March 07, 2018: Anachronisms

Old Peggy Carter calls Phil Coulson and Agent 13 to visit her under mysterious circumstances.

(permalink: log:7063 | tags: agent-13 agent_carter coulson implosion | posted: 08 Mar 2018 04:27)

March 02, 2018: Sometimes It's the Little Things

Agent Coulson pays a visit to the Titans to speak with the resident Speedster about serious business. …and overgrown cats.

(permalink: log:7039 | tags: coulson impulse | posted: 03 Mar 2018 05:15)

February 28, 2018: It Ain't Taco Tuesday in Genosha

Darcy Lewis' crimes have been discovered. Phil Coulson and Sharon Carter arrest her.

(permalink: log:7028 | tags: agent-13 coulson darce greb | posted: 01 Mar 2018 04:29)

February 27, 2018: Groot's On First

Confusion reigns supreme when Phil Coulson comes face-to-face with baby Groot at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

(permalink: log:7022 | tags: coulson groot rocket | posted: 28 Feb 2018 05:09)

February 26, 2018: The Shape of Coexistence

Phil Coulson tries to calm the waters of mutant-human relations by meeting with Magneto, with perhaps mixed results. Magneto emitted by Pietro/Wanda.

(permalink: log:7021 | tags: coulson greb magneto quicksilver scarlet_witch tnp | posted: 27 Feb 2018 04:53)

February 23, 2018: Why COs Need XOs

Sharon Carter takes a moment to update Phil Coulson on recent events. Orders are issued and plans are set into motion.

(permalink: log:7008 | tags: agent-13 coulson greb tnp | posted: 24 Feb 2018 05:44)

February 10, 2018: A Path Forward

After a series of SHIELD staging warehouses are raided for supplies, Phil Coulson stakes out the likely next target, and thereby meets a certain notorious pair.

(permalink: log:6915 | tags: coulson greb implosion quicksilver scarlet_witch tnp | posted: 11 Feb 2018 04:16)

January 24, 2018: Minds Like These

Phil Coulson and Sharon Carter meet up to discuss the latest mission, family matters, and Taco Tuesday.

(permalink: log:6831 | tags: agent-13 coulson molehunt rodb | posted: 25 Jan 2018 04:19)

January 18, 2018: All The King's Men

SHIELD with the Teen Titans as backup has a plan to capture the corrupted JARVIS. Phil Coulson has a plan. Which naturally falls apart as soon as everyone starts shooting

(permalink: log:6816 | tags: agent-13 atli coulson hulk impulse iron_man merrow red_robin rodb rusalka_stojespal static_shock zatanna_zatara | posted: 23 Jan 2018 02:33)

January 13, 2018: Processing, Please Wait

Phil Coulson responds to Tony Stark's distress call. He and Lola get up close and personal to an event that knocks out large portions of the city's power grid.

(permalink: log:6783 | tags: coulson iron_man rodb | posted: 13 Jan 2018 21:28)

January 03, 2018: Asp 1318

This log begins on December 30, 2017 and ends on January 03, 2018. Agent Bobby Morse has been deep undercover for months, running an angle on Phil Coulson's molehunt that only the two of them know anything about. Now it's time for all that hard work to pay off.

(permalink: log:6745 | tags: coulson mockingbird molehunt | posted: 04 Jan 2018 00:24)

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